Chest Thumpers versus Thoughtful Peacemakers

Chest Thumpers versus Thoughtful Peacemakers

A Story by Easter3

Tump ! Thump ! Harumph ! Namaste !!

Thump !  Thump !  Thump !  Harumph !  Harumph !  Haramph !  How dare President Obama and Secretary Kerry work so hard with lily-livered Diplomacy to create a New Bridge of Peaceful and Hope-filled Understanding, Better Tomorrows for Future Generations, and greater Expectations and Opportunities of Profitable Prosperity for One and All !  How dare they !  Thump !  Thump !  Harumph !

We Angry, Fear Mongering, Bigoted, Bullying Chest Thumpers prefer mowin’ folks down and plowin’ ‘em under to our whims, desires and wishes.  When we Chest Thumpers want or need somethin’ done or to Own somethin’, we don’t go and talk it over with anyone.  We lay down our law - our Say So - our Ultimatums, and then ‘huff and puff and blow the doors down’ if the folks we’re Bullyin’ don’t decide to See or Do things our way !  It is our way or the highway !  And anyone sayin’, “NO“, to us becomes instantaneous Road Kill !

Peace is overrated !  Thump !  Thump !  Harumph !  Yelling at and insultin’ folks to the detriment of our Country and the World as a whole is far more exciting’ and pleasin’ !  A Sinful Nature - a violent nature is the true nature of the Human Animal !  It’s important that the Pack knows who the Alpha Male is !  It is Human Nature to be mean-spirited, conniving and bestial !  Thump !  Thump !  Harumph !

Those yella-bellied, squeakin’, squawkin’, Kum-ba-ya, Namaste Liberals are as worthless as a bowl of broken nutshells.  They wanna’ convince everyone in the World to try and be Besties instead of Beasties !  Pshaw !  Thump !  Thump !  What a bunch of of do-do birds they are !  They are not in the Real World !  Their heads are up in the clouds and out-to-lunch !  In the Real World Peacemakers become Peace Burgers !  They become the Chest Thumpers lunch-on-a-bunch !

Chest Thumpers don’t want a more Enlightened World filled with better and more sicky-icky Loving and more Humane Behaviors.  We thrive on competitive Adversity, Skimming, Scamming, Chaos and War, because through those negative and individually and socially destructive Behaviors and Human Dis-eases we manipulate and control our Country and the rest of the World with the greatest of well greased Systematic ease !

So, enough with all of this patting on the back of Iran and President Obama and Secretary John Kerry, and everybody else who helped to make the nuke deal, and the prisoner releases, and America, and possibly The West’s, new open channels of Diplomacy and attempts of Good Will between our Nations come to fruition !  Enough already !  Thump !  Thump !  Harumph !

We don’t want to hear anymore about the wonderful aspects of persevering and determined efforts of Minds, Hearts and Souls working and re-working Diplomacy in order to find Common Ground and Pathways to Peace !  Sheesh !

Chest Thumpers thrive on Contention, Deceit and War  !  It’s where we find all of our Power and Glory !  Peace and Harmony are boring !  A World of Peace, Harmony and Prosperity for One and All is for Losers !

Give us heads to Thump !  War Profits !  Business Deals where we hold all of the Winning Cards and Loaded Dice !  Give us Argumentation, Libel and Slanders !  Somethin’ that will get up our dander !  We like and make good use of Sheeple that pander to our every whim and fancy !  And Peace, Harmony and Successful Diplomacy that we have not been able to sabotage get in the way of our capricious, avaricious Wills and narcissistic Ways !  Thump !  Thump !  Harumph !  We are the Chest Thumpers of each and every Nation, and We hate the State of Being of Namaste !

Namaste: “My Soul honors your Soul.  I honor the Place in you where the entire Universe resides.  I honor the Light, Love, Truth, Beauty and Peace within you, because it is within me.  In Sharing these things We are United. We are the Same.  We are One.”

© 2016 Easter3

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Added on January 17, 2016
Last Updated on January 17, 2016
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