Trump's Hell-Fire and Brimstone !

Trump's Hell-Fire and Brimstone !

A Story by Easter3

What does it take to be a True Savior ?

Betsy May continued to absent-mindedly stir the swirling cream into her strong coffee.

“Betsy May, you are goin’ to curdle the cream in that cup of coffee if you keep stirring it that way, girl.  What in the world have you got on your 
mind ?”  Peggy Joy asked earnestly.

“I’m thinkin’ of Hell-Fire and Brimstone, Peggy Joy.  Hell-Fire and Brimstone,”  Betsy May answered staring at some faraway place envisioned on top of the oakwood kitchen table.

“Betsy May, you and your Family are some of the best Souls I know.  What in the heck does Hell-Fire and Brimstone have anything to do with you or 
yours ?”  Peggy Joy asked shortly.

“It’s the way I was raised, Peggy Joy.  The way most Evangelical Christians are raised.  Every time we had a tent Revival, the Pastor would always hire a Hell-Fire and Brimstone Preacher to preach the Fear of God and the Fear of the Devil into everyone of us,”  Betsy May said, still stirring her coffee.

“We were told that the Heathens and the Evils of the World are after us.  That they’re always tryin’ to seduce us and pull us into Hell.  We were told that if we didn’t do this or that just right or pay our 10% to the Church, that we were goin’ to Hell’s Fires kept hot and alight by the Devil’s Brimstone,”  Betsy May stopped stirring her coffee.

“Well, I’ve been thinkin’ about this hold that Donald Trump has on a lot of Evangelical folks.  A Casino Owner, a Cheatin’ Man divorced three times.  Each time chasin’ after his youth and worldly power by seducin’ young women with what he could give them.  What he could do for them, if only they would marry him right after his divorce to whoever his present wife happened to be,”  Betsy May continued.

“Now, mind you, he’s done right by his children and ex-wives monetarily.  They’re all very comfortable, and well educated and well taken care of.  So, I’ll give him that.”  Betsy May sighed, and began stirring her coffee again.

“But then there’s this Trump University thing, where he seduced money out of folks who couldn’t really afford to enroll and participate in Trump Business Events that didn’t really help them at all.  He had his high falutin’ Sales Folks seduce some Elderly Couples’ retirements right out from underneath them.  And he doesn’t care about those behaviors.  He thinks that those dishonest Con Man Behaviors make him a Smart Business Man.  A Good Business Man.”

“And that all of the money he has earned from other folks just like them all over the world makes him a better person. He thinks it’s the Cost of doin’ Business.  Well, I think it was the Cost of their havin’ his Business done to them,”  Betsy May exclaimed, as she stopped stirring her coffee, and took a sip of it from her stoneware cup.

“Betsy May, you know that Hank and I are plannin’ on votin’ for Trump, and so is everyone else at our Church.  Even our Pastor speaks from the pulpit about how he and his Family are excited about votin’ on someone from outside of the Status Quo,”  Peggy Joy said a bit peevishly.

“But Peggy Joy, that’s another thing.  Donald Trump is not outside of the Status Quo.  He is the Elitist Status Quo. He, and all of his Business Friends and Acquaintances in New York and around the World, are the very folks who took American Jobs overseas so that they could hire cheap labor and aggrandize themselves, while escapin’ givin’ their fair share in Taxes by brazenly hidin’ their monies overseas in Black Hole accounts.”  

“He is not an Honest Man.  He cheated on his Wives.  He does not keep his Oaths.  He changes his Mind as fast as the weather changes.  I get the feelin’ that every time he is asked to make a decision he wets his finger and sticks it up in the air to see which way the Wind is Blowin’,”  Betsy May said with a flourish of her hand up in the air.

“Peggy Joy, he has chased folks off of their property in order to build a Building or a Golf Course or a Casino that he wanted to build.  Their Home was in his way, and he made their lives miserable rippin’ it right out from underneath them.”

“Maybe he should take up the Rug Business.  Because it seems that this man really enjoys pullin’ the Rug out from underneath anybody that he can.  It makes him feel Powerful and Strong.  It makes him feel like a Big Man !  Like a Winnin’ Winner !  Whoo-woo !”

“And then he talks to all of us about Fair Wages, and he has cheated folks out of their wages on the very Jobs they do for him, and he plans to do away with the Minimum Wage altogether.”

“And he works all of us into a frenzy, stokin’ up our Fears over our Economic Slide to the Basement, our Fear of the Other, by talkin’ about how Mexicans are murderers and rapists, and so we need to get Mexico to build or waste a lot of our own money buildin’ a Great Wall down South to divide us from the Brown Scourge.”

“And he talks about how terrible the Muslims are, and how they too, ‘Shall not Pass !’”Betsy May exclaimed.

“And then when all of these mass deaths occur because of all of the War Weapons bein’ legally sold and open-carried on our streets, and Economic and Prejudicial tensions mountin‘.”

“And all of the Middle Eastern Generational Common Folk Enemies the West has made because of the Oil Wars our Children fought for the Global Mega-Corporations and Banks, and their cohorts and cronies, to further aggrandize themselves.  And now we’re all Afraid of Terrorists and of bein’ Terrorized out of nowhere, just like we Terrorized them.”

“War only begets more Wars.”

“And Black Lives Matter groups goin’ up against But White Lives Matter, Too groups.  And Policemen killin’ Black folks because they’re afraid of bein’ hurt or killed while tryin’ to protect Everyone from bein’ hurt or killed by the very things and folks we’re all afraid of bein’ hurt or killed by.”

“Ole Donald Trump sucks all of the juice out of that Hate and Fear that he can, and makin’ himself the Bully-Boy Savior, instead of Asking All of Us to be a part of, and participate in, the Healin’ and Fixin’ Processes that need to take place in America, just so that he can get more Votes.”

“It’s Crazy.  And negative Crazy-Makin’ Energies like these and more will drive all of America Crazy - all of the World Crazy.”

“We have all of us got to Stop and Think.  We’ve got to Calm Down and put our Hearts and Minds Together to Solve all of the Problems tryin’ to tear us all apart.” 

“And Donald Trump is just like the Hell-Fire and Brimstone Preachers we were brought up in the Church with, Peggy Joy.  He works everybody up by callin’ out all of things they’re Afraid of to get their emotions runnin’ high and their Brains put into the back seat of the Fiery Vehicle he’s drivin’ right through the Darkest Parts of their Hearts.”

“Then he tells everybody that he alone has the Remedy to all of their Fears.  That he is their Strong Man, Chest Thumping and harumphing Savior.  And then he passes the Plate and expects everyone to pay him richly for scarin’ them to death, while their Strong Man Savior bows and smiles and panders before he hit’s the road for the next Church on his Circuit.”

“And it all feels so familiar to everyone, ‘cause that is the way we were raised, Peggy Joy.  We were raised to look to the Preachers for the Answers to our Salvation.”

“But Christ kept tellin’ everybody who would really listen, ‘that what is in Me is in You’.  That the Answers to our Salvation and our Escape from Hell-Fire and Brimstone are within Us.  Within Us !”  Betsy May said loudly.

“This Donald Trump is usin’ the very Psychology of our Religious Traditions that we were raised within to get our Votes.  Then, as he usually does, he will do just what he feels like doin’ when he gets into Office.  He’s used to bein’ a Dictatorial Malevolently Capitalistic C.E.O..”  

“He has lived his Life livin’ for Himself, and what pleases him or makes him feel good about himself.”  He doesn’t really care about America, past what America can Do for him.  His past proves that.”

“America has just been another woman for him to take advantage of and leave behind for a new model.  Just like so many other so called patriotic American Business Men and Women have done to America and American Workers and Families in the past decades.”

“He has no loyalty to America.  He has no loyalty to anyone but himself and his expanded Family.  He cannot be Trusted.”

“He is using his Bullying Strong Man Psychology to make all of us think that he will be our Shining Star Savior.  That is not the way this man truly Thinks.”

“He is usin’ all of us as his Angle to get the Deal closed, Peggy Joy.  And, I, for one, am not fallin’ for it.”

“I don’t care what the Pastor says or if I get ostracized or excommunicated from the Church.  I will not vote for that man.  He is not America’s Savior.  He is just another American Judas.” Betsy May declared as she picked up her coffee mug and drained it.

Peggy Joy had been astonished into silence.  She had never seen her best friend so wound up about anything like this before.  Shifting in her chair, ever so slightly, she said, “I don’t know what you’ve got in that coffee cup of yours, Betsy May, but I think maybe I could use a little of it in mine.  I‘m all Trumped Out.”

The two friends looked directly at one another and burst into laughter.

© 2016 Easter3

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Added on July 13, 2016
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