Why is it Important that Hillary Clinton to run As A Woman ?

Why is it Important that Hillary Clinton to run As A Woman ?

A Story by Easter3

Women are.........?

Why is it Important that Hillary Clinton run As A Woman ?

How We are Raised is really Important.  It’s what Imprints Us for Life.

Father’s are Important to Daughters as Primary Imprinters of how the Girl will View Boys.  Imprinters of how the Men in their Lives will treat and view Girls and Women - might Choose to develop Relationships and Life Habits with them.

“Baby, you need to tone down your personality around Boys.  Don’t come off as too intelligent or more talented than them or too strong-willed.  Boys and Men like girls and women who are beautiful to look at, and who are always quietly compliant.  A Woman needs to make the Man in her life the most Important thing in her life.  So, just tone it down.  Follow the Man’s lead.  Please the Men in your life and you’ll have it made in the shade.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Baby, you have no right to question Me or what I do.  If I want to see other, younger women and break My marriage vows, and My commitment to your mother and My family, I will do just that.  I am the Man of this house.  Now, go to your room, and wait for Me to whip you, and decide on your other punishments.  I am your father.  You will not question or defy Me without serious consequences.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Baby, you understand why I have to whip you.  You do not have a right to question Me or My Authority.  I feed you.  I clothe you.  I put a roof over your head.  I will make you walk right out the door of My home if you do not tow the line, and do what I say.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Baby, if you would just stand still while I’m whipping you with My belt, you would not get hit so hard that you bleed.  Just stand still, and you won’t get so torn up, and I won’t get so worked up.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Baby, if you would just stop running away from My belt, I wouldn’t break My good leather belt on the table leg trying to get at you.  I wouldn’t have to rip the extension cords out of the wall, breaking My lamps, or stretch out wire coat hangers to whip you with.  Just be still, and take your medicine like a big girl.  Why are you always so hard-headed and defiant ?  Just do what you are told, and stop questioning the things that I do and say, and My Authority.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Baby, I pay you less money to work for Me during the summers to do secretarial work around My office, because you are My Daughter.  I’m already feeding you, and putting a roof over your head.  I’m even thinking about allowing you to go to college, although I’d rather see you married and taken care of.  So, why do you need anything more than a little extra spending money ?  Two dollars an hour is plenty.  And you’re lucky to be getting that.”

“But Daddy, cousin Red told me that you’re paying him fifteen dollars an hour to run errands for you this summer…..”

“Don’t back talk me, young lady !  You don’t need as much as a Boy or a Man.  When you get married you’ll understand.  Now, I better see a change in your attitude or I’ll give you something to complain about when we get back home.”

“Yes, Daddy…..”

Yes, how Human Beings are Raised is very Important.  It’s what Imprints Us for Life.

Why is it so Important that Hillary Clinton crawl, walk or run As A Woman for President of the Great Nation of the United States of America ?

The Reasons are sometimes Invisible and Legion.

You Go, Girl !

© 2016 Easter3

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Added on July 27, 2016
Last Updated on July 27, 2016
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