The Good Apples with the Bad

The Good Apples with the Bad

A Story by Easter3

What Future are we Choosing to Warp Towards ?

The First Bite out of an Apple is almost always the Best.  However, sometimes when you get further into that Apple - closer to the Core of that Apple - you can unexpectedly encounter some wriggling, hungry Worms eating away at the Apple from the Inside Out, while you were obviously eating the Apple from the Outside In.

The bright, shiny Apple Technologies are patenting an Application (App) that is one of those nasty, little worrisome Worms.

Oh, it will helpfully Block folks from Video-Streaming live concerts or other live Events they may be attending for Friends or Others who could not afford to attend or get off of work to attend or want to Spy on.  The Promoters, Business-folks and Artists say they all lose Mooh-lah and Control over their Product when that occurs, and so it must be corrected.  Ching-Ching !

Oh, the wormy Apple Application will be using Infrared Light carrying Encoded Data to Block or Infiltrate everyone’s Iphones, and possibly other Apple Devices and Applications.  Ching-Ching !  Ring-a-ling !

And oh, has anyone told the Masses that the Police, and anyone else who can afford to Buy this wormy Application will also be able to Block your Iphones anytime they feel like it ?

No more Video-streaming Police or Criminal Mis-Deeds by the Mis-Deeders anymore.  Nope !

And that this Application (and other Technological Apps which will follow in its well gnawed wormy trail) will also infringe upon the Private and Equal Rights of The Many chosen to be Blocked by those not wanting (for whatever Reasons or UnReasonings) to have their Actions Viewed and Known by Everyone else scoping out and connected to the wide variety of Etherscapes of Humanity.  Ring-a-ling !!

The loss of Human Rights and Dis-empowerment and Future budding grumbling resentments of The Many brought about by these muzzling Apple Apps will eventually prove to be one too many Worm to chew on in the end.

But that’s the marvel of our modern technologies and Data-Driven Machines and Human Beings.  They have already Wormed their way into the Hearts and Minds of Humanity.

There is deep, Wormy Irony in the fact that the very Machines, which have expanded our Knowledge Base, and Humanity's Ability for Outreach to Others for Global Bridge-Building and overall Awareness is now being so Slavishly Controlled and Blocked for A Profit. Ring-a-ling ! 

In the Future, what else will these Infrared Data Encoded Streams of Light be Aimed at ?  Our overall Stream of Consciousness ?  Ring-a-ling !

Oh yes, it’s amazing what Human Beings will do for A Profit that in the end will Profiteth them and Humanity Nothing.  And, oh yes, most good avid and rabid Capitalists will go willingly into that EnSlaving Dark Night for A Profit.  Ching-Ching ! Ring-a-ling !

Hmmm, do you feel that warm spot getter hotter by the nano-second on the back of your Medulla or the Third-Eye of your Cerebral Cortex ?

Oh well, where is that App that blocks Infrared Light ?  Ching-Ching !  And the App that Blocks that App and the App that Blocks that…….?  Ching-Ching !  Ring-a-ling !!

More worms anyone ?


© 2016 Easter3

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Added on July 31, 2016
Last Updated on July 31, 2016
Tags: Apple Technologies, I-phones, Computers, Apple Applications, Human Right abuses, Social Ethics



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