Bang !  Bang !  Do You Hear Me Now ?!

Bang ! Bang ! Do You Hear Me Now ?!

A Story by Easter3

Thoughts regarding the shooting and shooter of Arizona's representative Gabrielle Giffords and eighteen other citizens.

     No, Jared Loughner, Humanity does not Hear you now.  We Hear the wailing and crying of Arizona’s state representative Gabrielle Giffords’ loved ones, colleagues, constituents and admirers.  We Hear the wailing and crying of the once, active and thriving Citizens you mercilessly gunned down - killed, maimed and wounded.
     No, Jared Loughner, Humanity does not hear you now.  We Hear the explosion of your Glock 19 as you entered a public area and viewed it as an extension of your favorite violent video or computer game, your own personal turkey shoot.  A Mindless, indoctrinated Automaton created by our culture’s (and your inner) confusion and misdirection.
      When We, the American and Global Peoples of the World, see your infamous picture on b**b tube and computer screens, We do not see You, Jared Loughner.  We see shattered bone and blood spray.  Positive Energy and Calls toward Thoughtful and Meaningful Action now in disarray.  So much organic refuse left in medical trash bags, body bags, and surgical trays.
     Bang !  Bang !  Life Lights snuffed out or forever altered over One Young Man’s (who wrongfully thought himself to represent some Nameless Many) Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Fury and Chaos.
     Yes, Humanity could point the Blaming Finger for your Violent Actions at he Radio and Television Shock Jocks.  We could poo-poo all of the vitriolic and manipulative rhetoric and fear mongering within the Airwaves and Pictal Images of our Planet which circle in and out of outer spaces and inner spaces every nano-second of every day.  We could say that anyone you heard say, ‘We’ll use bullets if the ballots don’t work’ lured you into the darker portals of your Mindscape.
     Yes, Jared Loughner, We could all find Excuses and Explanations for the What’s, Why’s and Wherefore’s of your murderous Actions.  People murder one another every day for a myriad of reasons.  They even go to War to murder one another for this Reason or that reason (or to just outright control the population).  But there are always Consequences (intended and unintended) for Our Actions - for your Actions - for the Actions and Reactions of World Violence.
     You, Jared Loughner, remind Us that the Words We Choose to Use really do Matter.  That words Create and Evoke Energy.  Positive, Constructive Energy or Negative, Destructive Energy.
     You made your Voice a Bullet.  An instrument of Death and Mayhem.  A Voice of Nihilism and Impotence.
     Living and Expressing Life, no matter how difficult or arduous that Journey may be, gives each Individual Potency - gives each Individual a Unique Soul Song to Sing within the Rhythmical Dance - the Oceanic Ebb and Flow of Life.
     You, Jared Loughner, stole and/or altered that Soul Song from adult and child Citizens alike.  You even stole and altered your own Soul Song, Jared Loughner.  You deserve no Mercy.
     In the best of World’s, You, Jared Loughner, should spend the rest of your Life in Solitary Confinement listening to, and absorbing, the recorded wailings, crying, thoughts and feelings of all of the Loved Ones of All of your victims twenty four hours every day and night.
     In a world full of Terrorists, you decided to become one.  One too many.  All Terrorists are one too many.
     In order to create a ’more perfect union’ - a more perfect World - Humanity needs the attributes of Civility, Mutual Respect, Courtesy, Responsibility towards and Consideration of one another’s Welfare and Wellbeing, and  Compassionate Action.  We need Civil Discourse and Civil Disobedience.  Not Terrorism and Violence.
     Bang ! Bang !  Do You hear Me Now ?!

© 2011 Easter3

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I heard him loud and clear. His message was one of a man controlled by the conservative, elitist, plutocratic propaganda in this country. All the man ever heard, all we ever hear, is how evil the liberals are. Wouldn't you want to destroy that which you have been taught was evil? Rather than people discussing ideas rationally, our zeitgeist is that of radicalism; you're either a fascist or a communist. There is no in-between. There is no moderation. One or the other, and no one wants to hear anything outside of the very fringes of their ideology. Jared Loughner, I heard you. Your gunshots echoed the cries of every Glenn Beck out there making a fortune controlling the public's minds.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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