When People Become Sheeple and Sheeple Become People

When People Become Sheeple and Sheeple Become People

A Story by Easter3

A few thoughts concerning Reflective Silence and Humanity's evolution toward peaceful revolution.

Baa !  Baa !  The Sheeple tentatively bleat as They fearfully consider the difficult Processes and obstacles involved in treading the Path toward Be-Coming People.  Be-Coming and Be-ing a True Human Being can prove to Be a monumental and painstaking task and Life long Discipline.
Sheeple !  Sheeple who Love People.  Are the Luckiest Sheeple in the World !…..
When Sheeple reach a point in their contentedly pastoral Lives when they Choose to no longer Tolerate being herded around in Circles by the Sociopathic and Narcissistic Profiteers of the World.  The ever hungry Man-Beasts and She-Beasts of the World.  The Wholly Predatory, Selfishly Manipulative, Greedy, Spoiled, Petulant, and Entitled Fear Mongers and Power Mongers of the World.
When the Sheeple Choose to raise their Baas (and Voices) and Hooves (and Hands) high.  When Sheeple Choose to Be-Come People.  People of a Just and Equitable Society.  People who Honor Honest Labor for an Honest and Honorable Wage.  People who Respect and Defend Each and Every Individual’s Rights to Equitable and Justly pursued Life, Liberty and Happiness.
When Sheeple Choose not to accept and lamely (lambly) go along with a Status Quo which thinks that it’s alright to Destroy the Lives of Others for a Profit or merely to Benefit themselves or Others they may deem as worthy.
Then the Sheeples bleats and snorts Be-come Resonant Voices.  Be-come mesmerizing Universal Melodies, Chants and  Symphonies composed of what is Best - what is Highest in Humankind.
An ample example of the Need for Sheeple to Be-Come people is presently in the Making.  A Pharmaceutical Company in San Antonio, Texas recently bragged on the radio airwaves about possibly making billions of dollars in the future by initiating a new international Deal with China to build a very large Research and Pharmaceutical lab and company within China (instead of America) which intends to use Chinese Citizens as Guinea Pigs for their newly made and untried drugs. Of course, the spokesman didn’t use quite those words.  He also saw nothing wrong about revealing that the Researchers and Businessmen (and women) who proposed this New Deal are running these tests on the Chinese populace in order to get drug tests performed and passed more quickly due to their newfound ability to use a greater number of test subjects in a set amount of time.  Who benefits ?  Who is Profit-ing from this tainted alliance ?
Do the Chinese have Laws on the Books which will protect their Citizens from Be-ing possibly damaged or killed by these future proposed drug trials (as the Americans - for the most part- do) ?  Do the Chinese understand that some of them are about to Be used as National and Global Guinea Pigs for the rest of the World ?
The Chinese and Americans involved with this New Drug Deal will make billions while possibly sacrificing thousands (or even more) of Chinese Individuals.  Is this an Act of Fair Trade?  Of Good Faith ?
The Sheeple, who Choose to Be People, of the World say, “No !”
Perhaps, We should Re-Think what We hold to be Sacred and of Utmost Importance on the Planet.  Perhaps, We should Re-Think how We “Do” business.  Ching !  Ching !  Let’s weigh out the Sanctity of Life (All Life) versus Profiteering Motives and Motivations.  Ching !  Ching !
On another part of the Globe, the Egyptian People (who no longer wish to be Sheeple) are beginning to raise their Voices and Hands high !  They are Seeking a Better Life for All Individuals - not just the Elitist Few - a Monarchal Few - a Dictatorial Few.
Unfortunately, some Americans are actually saying that the Egyptians outcry for Liberty and Freedom is a shady “Shell Game”.  That what the Egyptians are really Seeking is dastardly Socialism or Communism.  That their outcries will destabilize the Region, and weaken the West’s position in the Middle East.  That because of these fears that America should stay out of fray.
How easily these patriotic Americans forget that without the aid and support of France, the American Revolutionaries would probably never have won the American Revolution which forged and shaped this great nation - this great Democratic Republic.
Also, does the World really know what Communism really is ?  Or what Communism would look like or Be-Come without its having been constantly hijacked by the various Military Powers and Dictators of World history ?  Or what Communism, Socialism or Democracy would look like or Be-Come in a more Mature and Enlightened World  ?  Or Is Socialism the ’happy medium’ between today’s Democratic and Communistic Societies ?
After all, It’s Human Nature (People’s Nature) to Tinker with Things until you get ’em Right.
Even the Profiteers - the Puppet-Masters who Rule Worldwide, Change the Rules of The Game - their Game - any Time they choose.
Stock markets rise - stock markets fall.  Governments rise - governments fall.  It’s all intermingled and very co-dependent.  All calculated and speculated upon by the Global Bankers, Corporations and Elitist Few.  They Move and the Sheeple and Peoples of the world Shake !
Why must We, the Sheeple and Peoples of the World resort to Violence to Change things?
Peaceful Revolution allows The Sheeple and Peoples of the World the Time and Space to Reflect - to deeply Think and Problem  Solve what needs to be worked upon or Tinkered with.
When Christ was questioned, prodded and tortured by the Romans and Jews after Be-ing falsely accused of false crimes.  He stood in Silence.  Reflective Silence. 
Silence which provoked the Hearts and Minds of his false accusers and abusers.  Silence which caused Pontius Pilate to have to symbolically wash the Blood of Christ off of his officiating Hands and attempt to purge his Conscience.
Silence - Reflective Silence which still Resonates throughout Humanity’s Global histories.
Unlike Violent men, who claimed to have the best of Humankind at Heart and Spirit when they used (and mis-used) Manmade Churches and Congregations to maim, kill, rape and pillage in the name of God - in the name of Christ.  While hiding behind their own Lust and insatiable Hunger for Power and Imperialistic Expansion.
Yes, unlike history’s Violent men, Christ led a Revolution of Reflective Silence.  A Revolution which stirred deep Questioning and Inquiry within The Self.  Questions such as, What is it to Love Others as Yourself ?  What does that mean ?  What does that require of me ?  What is the Discipline of Love ?  How will my Loving Others as I Love Myself Change the World around me ?  What is it to Sacrifice Ones Self for Others ?  Why is the Ability to Sacrifice Ones Self for Others important ?  How does the Ability to Sacrifice Help or Change the World for the Better ? 
Christ led a Revolution of Thought and Compassionate Action which brought about the Potentialities of Healing and Benevolent Change for the World.  Ghandi and Martin Luther King understood the True Power and Energies of Christ’s Reflective Silence.  Christ was never passive - never weak.  It takes tremendous Courage to Stand in Reflective Silence for the Betterment of, and in the Best Interests of Humanity’s Future before your foes - before men and women of Violence.
Giving into our bestial nature is relatively easy.  Standing and Abiding within Reflective Silence is not for the feint of Heart, Mind, Body or Spirit. 
Christ’s Revolution of Reflective Silence effected/affected the very tenets of the American Constitution.  Christ’s message of the Divine Light, Love and Hope which resides differently and inviolably inside All Sheeple and People planted the Seed that All Human Be-ings are Created Equal.  All Human Be-ings hold the Life-Light of the Cosmos and the Earth within Them.  And have the Potential to be a Light Unto the World - Equally, Justly and Happily.
Imagine a Revolution of Reflective Silence !  A Silence which stands for, and Calls for a Revelatory Look into the Mirror of the Heart, Mind and Soul of each and every participant (friend or foe).
When Sheeple Be-Come People a whole New World of Possibilities, Potentialities, and Expectations is Born - and Born Again !
Arise and Shine, Peoples of the World !  Arise and Shine !

© 2011 Easter3

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