The Terrorists Are Laughing Out Loud (Behind Closed Doors) !

The Terrorists Are Laughing Out Loud (Behind Closed Doors) !

A Story by Easter3

The Many Faces, machinations and consequences of Terrorism (such as fear based and inducing airport pat downs and x-rays).



Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Pat Me Down

X-Ray My Bones, so I can leave town

Who could’ve ever Seen that just to Fly on a Plane

That Pat Me Downs and X-Rays would become so Commonly Obscene ?!

Back Scatter Screen Me, Radiate Me good

Bake all of Our traveling Noodles, check under all of Our Hoods

We’re told that Pat Me Downs (Grope Me Downs) and X-Rays

Will keep the Terrorists on the Ground

But Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Terrorism is Growing in leaps and bounds !

So, Pat Me Down (Grope Me Down) and Zap Me with X-Rays all around

Force Every part of Me to Bake and Bend

Go ahead ! Fly in the Face of Fear and Ask Me again -

Where does Terrorism Begin ?

Where does Terrorism End ?


In A Known/Unknown Location somewhere upon planet Earth can be heard these devastatingly raucous Sounds of Violent Mirth................

Ha ! Ha ! Hurrah ! We Terrorists have Won ! We Terrorists have Done it ! We have accomplished our Goal ! The whole World Fears Us - Marches to our Life (and Death) Mantras - Our distorted and dissonant Tunes !

Expensive, Time consuming, Stress inducing and Liberty eroding Pat downs, Grope downs and X-rays at Western Airports ! Many global airports ! Ha ! Ha ! Hurrah !

We Terrorists are a real Success !

Like the ferocious and vicious little Tse-Tse Fly, the TSA-TSA Fly - the TSA-TSA Bureaucracy has turned Airports into local, national and global Guantanamo Bays !

Ha ! Ha ! Hurrah !

The Peoples of the World now know the humiliation - the visceral shaming of being inappropriately groped, generally suspected, and mistreated. Ha ! Ha ! Hurrah !

Now the Sheeple of the World will know what it is like to be manhandled and ideologically panhandled by the Groping Hands of their own Peoples. People hired by their governments - paid for with their Tax dollars to abuse and intrude upon their Bodies, their Human Rights and cherished Freedoms - their very own TSA-TSA Flies ! Creatures of their own Making. Ha ! Ha ! Hurrah !

Yes ! Let them Fear their Children - their Elderly - their Teenagers - their Men and Women - their Own Citizens, as walking, talking booby traps and bombs.

If the Citizens of the World revolt and Choose to stop flying in Airplanes, and instead begin to use trains, buses, automobiles and ships to travel here, there and everywhere, We Terrorists will expand our Terroristic Tactics and Strategies of Fear - of Suspicion - to those modes of transportation !

Sooner or later, the whole World will Live and shallowly Breathe under intrusive, abusive, Liberty-killing, Fear based Military Law, Harassment and Tyranny.

Sooner or later, All Peoples will become bleating Sheeple - Sheeple of their own Making - their own Fear based Choices and Decisions.

We Terrorists have Won ! Ha ! Ha ! Hurrah !

We Terrorist Leaders, who are never Foolish enough to Sacrifice ourselves to our Cause of Western and World destruction, but instead train ever Faithful and Faith-filled devotees (Followers/Sheeple) to obey our commands and demands in order for them to earn and curry to Our Favor, and an Afterlife of Hope filled and imaginable Cosmic treasures and wealth - have everything going Our way !

While keeping our devoted trainees (Sheeple) filled with litanies of vile hatred and war mongering - war creation - so that they will not pay attention to the poverty and tyranny We Terrorist Leaders force them to live within day-to-day. While successfully accomplishing this (and oh. so much more), and giving our indoctrinated Sheeple a Scapegoat (the Nebulous West, East, North and/or South)) to direct their social and private frustrations, hatreds and war creations upon, We Terrorist Leaders are directing and winning the War of Terrorism ! We are brilliant ! Ha ! Ha ! Hurrah !

Who are the Terrorist Leaders ? Why, every and anyone who Chooses to become one.

The Many Faces of Terrorism and Terrorist Leaders and Perpetrators are Inter-Changeable and Fluid. We use Societal Legends, Myths, Pressure Points, Stress Points and Hot spots to get Our Ways, Means and Goals accomplished.

We depend upon the reactions and over reactions of Sheeple and their (and our) governments and religions to move our plans and diversionary strategies along.

The Faces of Terrorism are Multitudinous and Multifaceted. They can be a Singular Terrorist Leader’s brand name or the hidden machinations of a Global Bank or Corporation. Take your pick. There are Terrorists and Terroristic Causes for All Seasons and Reasons !

Sooner or later, the whole World will be transforming into the writhing, monstrous Creature We wish it to Become. We are Behaviorally willing, modifying and molding It to Become.

Then the whole World will bow at our feet. Bow to Our wishes, demands, commands, desires and machinations !

What a glorious day that will be ! Ha ! Ha ! Hurrah !

Presto-Change-o ! A New World Order (or is that a very Ancient World Order) is Born (or is that Re-Born) !

Diversion ! Diversion ! Terrorists thrive on Diversions, Slight of Hand (and Mind and Tongue), Subterfuge and Fear and Hate Mongering !

These Tools Feed our Creature - the Greedy and Insatiable Beast of Terrorism.

So, let the TSA-TSA Bureaucratic Flies grope, prod and divest the Sheeple Citizens of their high and mighty Civil Liberties and Self-Respect ! Yes ! Please, let these Behavioral Modifications continue. We must have our Sheeple docilely desensitized to what is actually happening to Them.

We Terrorist Leaders hear the panicked ribbit of a slowly Boiling Frog (and pleadingly bleating Sheeple) in the not so distant Present and Future. Ha ! Ha ! Hurrah !

With every grope - every Fear based Thought and Deed, We Terrorist Leaders grow more and more Powerful ! Ha! Ha ! Hurrah !

Yes ! We are the Beasts of Terrorism ! Hear Us Roar ! With every pat down, grope down, x-ray, random probable cause, and suspicious thought and action directed your way - Hear Us Roar !

Ha !  Ha !  Roar-ah !


© 2011 Easter3

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Added on June 29, 2011
Last Updated on July 1, 2011
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