Autocratic Corporatism versus Democratic and Socialistic Republicanism

Autocratic Corporatism versus Democratic and Socialistic Republicanism

A Story by Easter3

Autocratiic Dictatorships come in all shapes and forms.

Corporatism destroys Democratic and Socialistic Republics by replacing them with tyrannical CEO Autocracies.
Dictators make great CEO’s, and CEO’s make great Dictators.
The proliferation of the Cult of the Businessman/Businesswoman as National Leaders is creating a whole generation of Profiteering Napoleans and Machiavellians for the Sheeple of the World to worship and bleat after.
While the Sheeple bleat out, “Oh please manipulate and exploit us more, Masters. Please, dismantle one-by-one the Laws and Social Ethics and Fabrics protecting our Individual Rights, while you pursue Your (the CEO Dictator’s) Happiness, Your Supreme Liberties, Your exalted Life !” We the Sheeple/People of the World will bleat and bow at your feet ! All hail Corporate Autocracies !
Down with the Right to Vote ! Down with Collective Bargaining ! Down with Women’s Rights ! Down with the Sanctity of Inherent Individual Rights and Freedoms !
Up with Derivatives and endless Financial Speculations which make it possible for the Mega-Corporations, Mega- Banks and Elitist Few to Rob the World Blind ! Baa !
We the Sheeple implore you Almighty Autocratic Corporatists to create Laws of the Land which will be our undoing in the name of Fiscal Austerity! ! Baa !
We the Sheeple beg you to rob the Middle Class and the Poor and give all of our hard earned monies to the already Rich and Protected. Baa !
Please, Steal our homes while bursting our Housing Bubbles (so adeptly created by your Dishonorable Selves) and turn us all into renters dwelling within homes, and upon Land owned by the Mega-Banks, Mega-Corporations and Elitist Few ! Baa !
We the People all know (consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously) that it is the Autocratic Corporate Talking Heads that Make the Bacon, Process the Bacon, Bring Home the Bacon, and eventually Eat the Bacon and Baa-Burgers.
Hear the Sheeple/People Bleat ? Hear the little Piggies sqeal ? This is the American Tea Party’s/Republican Party’s (and other Global Autocratic Corporatists and Bankers) New Deal ! A squealing, bleating New Deal being ground out, processed and cooked up Worldwide.
Today’s winsomely smiling Man-Beasts come clothed and well groomed in silk suits, shirts and ties. The Autocratic Corporate Talking Heads are a pragmatic bunch of supposedly innocuous Businessmen. Funny-Money (or not so funny) Businessmen, who preach Global Austerity for the Many, but not for the Elitist Few and their Crews.
What an ordinary disguise. Mad Men (and Women) one and all ! Man-Beasts with Women-Beasts clicking closely behind in their expensively deadly stilettos.
The Corporate, Banking and Elitist Few Autocrats are taking over the World piece by piece, bleat by bleat, squeal by squeal. Moving flying electronic numerologies and algorithms representing Money, representing the Lives of the puny Sheeple of the World wherever they please. Wherever the Sheeple of the World don’t please, in order to keep them dis-eased and confused.
Dis-eased, confused and dis-combobulated Sheeple are so much easier to manage and control. Baa !
The Autocratic Corporatists will trick the Sheeple of the World into thinking that Tax Cuts for the rich and Tax Hikes for the Middle Class and the Poor are just one of the many little tricks which will save our Nations and our World from annihilating Global debt.
After all We the Sheeple must save the World Banks who own Us All ! Hmmm….?!
Then the Autocratic Corporatists (while taking a free ride upon the broken backs of the Middle Class and the Poor) will congratulate themselves on their cleverness for making Their (and Their fellow stockholders) even richer, and give themselves wonderfully exorbitant bonuses and raises. Job well done ! Hurrah! The Lamb-chops are sizzling ! The Sheeple are done (and done-in) ! A struggle well thought out and fought ! A struggle well won !
The Autocratic Corporatists (all in the name of Good Business Practices) will then raise the price of Oil. They’ll have millions of Sheeple all over the World pumping more and more expensive gas at the pump., while exercising slash and burn tactics to the very social Programs that keep the Middle and Poor Classes afloat in a very leaky boat.
Even when the demand for gas has declined, they’ll think of all kind of fancy-pantsy excuses as to why the costs of Oil products must rise and rise, and right along with it the prices and cost of everything else on the Planet.
Clever, gluttonous, insidiously Machinistic, Autocratic Corporatists one and all ! They will enjoy every savory moment of creating their version of Modern Feudalism.
They’ll enjoy creating vassals, serfs and slaves while climbing their well devised Monetary Social Hierarchy, and manipulating National and World political, judicial, and legislative outcomes, while cajoling and butchering as many nebulous Sheeple as they can take to the cleaners for the sake of their own Coffers, their own Egos, their own dark and terrible dreams for the 99%.
The Autocratic Corporatists - the CEO kings and queens are the Modern Nobility of Disdain and National and Global Drain.
The Autocratic Corporatists are the Shadow-Destroyers of Democratic and Socialistic Republics.
The Autocratic Corporatists (and their executive, legislative and judicial Cohorts on the Right, Independently in the Center, and on the Left) are the future tyrannical Dictators, and jousting Feudalistic Black Knights, and Avaricious Sociopathic//Narcissistic Social Constructionists of the Future World. They are the 1% who do not give two cents for any of the rest of Us.
Relentless Awareness, Expansion of Our Knowledge and Deep Understandings, and Compassionate Action are the Primary Tools to stopping Them cold in their tracks, back-tracks, side-tracks and sub-tracks. Our Primary Tools for Creating and Constructing a far more exciting and Creatively Visionary Future World.
We the People, must ferret the Autocratic Corporatists and their Cronies out !
We the People, must find innovative ways to de-value hierarchical Monetary systems, while adding Value to All Humanity and developing positive and productive Relationships with one another, to All Creatures Great and small, to the Marvelous Planet We the People dwell upon and call Home.
We the People, must shine a bright, white, hot Light upon their dark and terrible envisionings and machinations. We the People, must be Transformative, Open-Minded and Open- Hearted, while challenging the full meanings and spectrums of True Liberty, True Freedom, True Inherent Individual Rights, True Voters and Collective Bargaining Rights, True Tolerance, and a True Balanced, Fair-Minded, Fair-Hearted, and Just Universal Citizenry which Seeks, Nurtures and Sustains the Best and Highest for Everyone !
You know what they say. You get what you bleat for. Baa ! Baa !

© 2012 Easter3

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I agree with part of your thesis here, but I don't know if it's active sycophancy on the part of the population that facilitates corporate excess so much as apathy and feelings of helplessness. Honestly, it's easy to launch into a derisive screed about 'sheeple', but you don't suggest any other course of action opposed to going about life as usual--not that it's anything against you, just there doesn't seem to be one. How exactly does an individual person stand up to autocratic corporatism? The common person has no leverage over them and, unfortunately, democratically elected leaders depend on corporate subsidy to obtain/retain their offices, so it's difficult to pressure the state to reign them in either. So I guess I understand your anger, but one has to acknowledge the realities of the situation, and the reality is that things just haven't gotten bad enough to galvanize a large portion of society into action yet.

Anyway, enough about that. This wasn't really a story or a poem so I'm not going to write it, but it's definitely a creative and lively way to express your disgust. Maybe you should try writing a satire about it?

Posted 8 Years Ago

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