The Bully Test

The Bully Test

A Story by Easter3

Bullies come in all shapes, statures and sizes.

A teenage boy walks by with long bangs hanging in his eyes. He’s good looking, but effeminate.
Do you rummage up a gang of your classmates to taunt, tease and humiliate him, while you and some other classmates tackle him, pin him down to the ground (with him screaming and crying in protest), and you (the ring-leader) cut his bangs off before releasing him ?
Then you are a Bully. The classmates who participated with you are Bullies.
The young man you tackled, held down to the ground and sheared like a Sheeple/People was your targeted victim.
He had long hair, and the style of the day of short hair. He was a non-conformist. He was possibly gay. He did not conform to your sensibilities of what it is to be normal. How Dare He !
Because of his nonconformity, his social dissonance with what You, the Bullies, believed to be correct, standard and stylish, You, the Bullies, attacked him like a pack of wild dogs. Young Were-Wolves. Young Beastie-Boys. You, pulled him down for the kill. And did what you Willed.
Ta-dah !! What Powerful and Noble Future Leaders you all were !
Yes, You are Bullies. You pass the Bully Test.
When the Bully-Boy grew into a successful businessman, who earned his millions primarily by flying in for the kill to gut out companies seeking his supposedly helpful expertise, in the process Un-Employing all of a company’s employees, destroying other people’s benefits and pensions (while increasing his own), just so a handful of investors (and yourself) could make off like filthy rich bandits, You, the Grown-up-Bully-Boy, ‘forgot’ all about your past offensive behavior toward another teenage classmate - another human being.
Really ?
You, the Grown-up-Bully-Boy laughingly said to the Nation (who needs to have a president that their children can look up to and admire for positive character traits) said that if you did do such a thing, then of course, you would be sorry for it.
Is this how Grown-up-Bully-Boys earnestly and humbly apologize for their wrongdoings - their cruel pranks ?
One has to wonder, Mr. Grown-up-Bully-Boy, how you would have reacted if one of your sons had been treated this way by another teenage-Bully-Boy? If one of your grandsons had been laughed at, taunted, harassed, tackled, pinned down and shorn like a Sheep, how you, Mr. Grown-up-Bully-Boy have would responded ?
Experience is Our Greatest Teacher. Walking a mile in someone else’s Discriminated Against Shoes can be very bitter Medicine for the Soul, but the Teaching and Healing Aspects of such an Experiential Life’s Journey can give One Empathy, True Compassion, Understanding and Tolerant Civility.
Mr. Grown-up-Bully-Boy, sir, perhaps you need a new pair of Walking Shoes ?

© 2012 Easter3

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Added on May 12, 2012
Last Updated on May 12, 2012
Tags: bullies, bullying, gang mentality, social ethics and morays, discrimination



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