I'll become evil for you

I'll become evil for you

A Poem by Hibiki

If it's for the sake to protecting you, I'll become evil for you


Once upon a time

There was a treacherous kingdom

And reigning over the place

Was my cute sibling


We were blessed by the church bells

At that time when we were born

Because of the selfish adults

Our future was split into two


You’re becoming a princess

And I’m becoming a servant

Our destiny was separated

But at least I always can see your smile


When I went to the neighborhood country

In town I caught sight of a girl of green kingdom

From that kind voice and warm smiling face

I fell in love at first sight


But if the princess wishes

For that girl to be erased

I can’t do anything

But to answer her wish


“Why my tears won’t stop?”


You’re my princess

And I’m your servant

“Oh, it’s time for a snack”

You smile, smile innocently


Just waiting for the tickling time

This country will probably end

By the angered citizens

I have other thing more important than this


“Here, change into my clothes

And please escape immediately

Surely no one will realize

Because we are twins”

I’m the princess

And you’re the fugitive

If they say that you’re evil

I have the same blood flowing through


Even if all the world

Became your enemy

I will protect you

So you just be somewhere smiling


The time of the execution was

Three p.m.

The time when

The church bell sounds


You ran to me

Not even bothered with the crowd

You were front of me



Finally the time arrived

The bell that announced the end rang

With seconds I have

I reply to your smile


“Oh, it’s time for a snack”

© 2014 Hibiki

Author's Note

Actually I wanted to make this into a short story, but I publish the base for the story first
Hope you like it... ><

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Love it >~< reminds me of an anime I watchd once , love it!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Waaaah, this is really good. Beautiful, even.
Hmm, you had grammatical errors though. Like:
At that time when we born - here, you're required to use the verb 'were' before born. So it'd be 'At that time when we were born'

You was front of me - 'was' is never used with second person. So it'd be, 'You were in front of me'

I reply your smile - I reply to your smile.

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Upss.. I missed that mistakes
Thank you~ ^^
Outstanding story. You are an amazing writer!

Kaze~ :-D

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

thank you~~
&#9812; CrownedDevil &#9790;

9 Years Ago

Your welcome. :-D
This is an amazing story, I would love to read more.
Very unique, I love it!
The bell tolls life and death.
Well done! ^^

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Thank you~
I still trying hard to arrange this into story ^^

9 Years Ago

No problem, hope I all turns out. ^^

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