Once a Trust, a Short Narrative, a Final Defense

Once a Trust, a Short Narrative, a Final Defense

A Poem by Requs

All one Poem, broken up into 3 parts


Once A Trust:

I’m suddenly placed into

This narrow festive passageway

I see, to my eyes interpretation

A carnival…?

A market alleyway with a fire-truck

It blocks the way at the dead end ahead

Spewing its lights into midnight sky


I investigate the crime

All empty large plastic eyes are on focused me

The toddlers with lollypops release

Their emotion onto my sticky footprints;

Fear and horror has arrived…


I quickly put myself into the trap

Pink clouds, gaseous disguise, ominous poisonous enlivenment 

Death deliverymen march slow but toward

My body-trails, the past me’s that catch up to the present

The winds are strong and the walls start to collapse

Breathing is difficult

Escaping is becoming a difficult relapse


I see history gather around me in realistic vision

They try to distract me but I strive for my own

My own survival

The force tries to bind me to their flypaper walls

Their made up world which I once believed…

A secure world, our common ground

But as they continue to close in, everything forces to implode

A Short Narrative:

He waits for me

He’s sorry; he’s on the other side

He waits for me

He’s in the cockpit; I’m tossed into a desert

He can’t make up his mind, I can’t continue to survive)

A Final Defense:

I see the light shining from out of this clown’s fun house

Unlike the last time, I make it out, to my rivals’ surprise

An old friend that persists to press on my back with his crooked sharp finger

The pressure tended to be unbearably hard

Success made its way in by piercing my skin

An infectious disease releases

It branches then explodes. It lingers, its sting staggers

It kills me slowly….

Torturous evil little deceiving salvations

Live on the inside attacking me

In specific sections


Inevitably, my brain releases

A final defense…

Pure, retraction

Pure as liquid gold

Back to my world

And a complete


© 2010 Requs

Author's Note

Its about betrayal, either by a friend or a loved one, I intertwined the meaning with a dream I had. Interestingly enough it was a long dream yet I only slept for 15 minutes. Any thoughts?

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Added on September 3, 2010
Last Updated on September 6, 2010
Tags: narrative, trust, final, defense



New York, NY

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