A Story by Ed Fagan

I tried to capture a dream that I had this morning.

My Turkish guide assured me jumping from the dock was okay, the water was deep enough. The barnacles on the pilings suggested to me how long they had been there; their Mass also hinted their depth. Judging by the swell of the ocean he seemed to be telling me the truth.

As I took a step forward all I could think of were mechanical alligators and the 40 foot shark I noticed in the distance. I also wondered whether the current would sweep me under the dock to what seems like certain death; To say nothing of the piranha.

Landing in the water, feeling the sudden sting of cold woke me up to the reality of my situation. Feeling the ocean taking control of me I knew it was time to swim. For all the people in the water were not visible from atop the dock - the seaweed seemed to be thicker than I had imagined.

Frantically they swam in opposite directions. It was like a chaotic dance hastily thrown together by a dyslexic choreography. Wailing and flailing their arms desperately they tried to get to shore. It seemed they moved not at all. I began to do a backstroke ... as I struggled to maintain an inadequate stride, and just when I'm needed some guidance, Michael Phelps happened by. He assured me that by doing the breaststroke I would have a better chance of getting to shore safely.

It seemed as if I was swimming in a sea of milk. I almost made it to the shore, just as the rooster began to Crow. Groggy and slowly coming to the surface ... cutting through the din of screaming voices, the roar of the ocean and this damn rooster, I could hear my guide call to me with a warning - "stop falling asleep with the Syfy channel on!"

© 2016 Ed Fagan

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I love it, I was wondering where the protagonist was, wondering if he was going to survive or die. Then that last sentence, it cracks me up because I do it too. You might just want to put a capital letter for "stop" "piranha" "shark" and "alligator" also "guide". Keep up the writing, Buddy!

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on July 26, 2016
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Ed Fagan
Ed Fagan


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