Following Your Dream

Following Your Dream

A Story by Hotaru Miyuki

        "Mother, Father, why can't I?" I cried.

         "Angela, when you become older, you will run the famliy business. Who else is going to sell the goods around here?" my father asked in a fierce tone. "You know that Micheal is out in war defending this country. I'm sorry dear but this is more important."

         Father is so cruel. My mother is just as dimwitted for not saying anything. I don't care about our family store. My hobby as a dancer is just as important to me. More important if you ask me.

         My father ripped up the ad for upcoming dance auditions in pieces with a disgusted look. "You call yourself a daughter?" he yelled as he ripped. "If you were my daughter, you will proudly consider yourself as a member of this family. If you want to proof yourself worthy, get your aporn on and get to work!"

         He threw the pieces on the ground and grabbed my aporn and threw it at me. I looked at my father. I was ready to cry. I looked at my hideous aporn. It was a snap decision but I threw it right in his face.

         "I hope you start to respect that you are even lucky to have a daughter." I ran off after I said that. I ran and ran and ran. The sand from the beach floor filled in my sneaker, making my feet itch. Salt water ran down my blue eyes as my blond hair flew behind me.

           I ran up to my house and opened the door. I slammed it shut, still sobbing, as I locked the door. I ran upstairs and slammed my bedroom door shut behind me too. I fell on top of my air matteress and sobbed in my dirty pillow. My parents don't respect me for nothing. My father only cares about the family business that my own grandfather started. My life was spent to work for him. My elder brother is in Iraq fighting in the war, risking his own life for us.

           Ever since I was 5 years old, I loved to dance. During festivals on the beach, I would dance to entertain. Everyone loved me until my father picked me up and dragged me away. My mother was always quiet and forced to work too.

          Again, another snap decision. I grabbed my duffle bag and threw everything in. Clothes, care needs, and my ballet shoes. I found these shoes outside once and took them. They are a little big but I loved them. I grabbed a piece of paper and pencial and wrote my farewell note. I put it on my bed with a teardrop that lay on the letter. I grabbed my coat and ran off.

          I sat at a bench and waited for my bus to come take me to my destiny. Soon enough, my bus arrived and I got up. I walked up to the driver and put in my money in the slot.

          "Could you take me to the Performing Arts Center in Philadelphia please?" I asked.

          "Sure, kid."

           I went to find my seat and sat down. Later, the bus stopped and picked up someone. She went to sit by me. She hugged me.

            I looked up at my mother. "Why are you here?"

          "I am with you all the way. Your father can take care of himself for now on," she said in my ear. I peaked over her to see her suitcase next to her seat. Our bus took us to our dream.

© 2009 Hotaru Miyuki

Author's Note

Hotaru Miyuki
hope you liked it!

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lisa this is fantastic.i could have been a star if i could have taken that road.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on June 9, 2009


Hotaru Miyuki
Hotaru Miyuki

Stratford, NJ

Hi. My name's Lauren but I like the name Hotaru. Hotaru means Firefly in japanese if you want to know. I love anime and manga. Here's a list of some I like... Naruto Bleach Inuyasha Fruits Baske.. more..

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