Warning: 3rd World Rank

Warning: 3rd World Rank

A Poem by L'Enfant Terrible

Take a ride with me

 a promised land of dreams that are wild

wouldn't it be lovely if the sun shined forever?


In a car coming from the north

caring neighbours slipping guns under our trousers

and we didn't know...


Is paradise lost.


And all the Capones gang killing among them against them and bullets rain everywhere like being choked by mother earth.

Tied from the back, villages do nothing but cry over torturous destiny tyranic ruler had in mind.


"I'd rather die young and rich than old and fucked, like my dad"~


Come to me my lover let's go further south

since all joyous bliss is not over yet.


Liberty is bad or so they say

because of telling the truth

my head and thoughts are banned


Meanwhile in chief's palace ruler is taking his 27th pint, preaching the Bible and the like


Oh m**********r shouldn't your existence be banned?


And all this obnoxious gang claiming on soup operas to "help me" to open my eyes

while they stole money

and invest on Zürich banks, w****s and things alike.


Corruption,poverty,ignorance,abortion,analfabetism,hunger,death and violence on the menu everyday

Indiference and blindness well, give me a break


Youth's dead eyes as tiny hand asks for existance in an unreasonable lazy way

ribs, dirt and naked feet.


And I remember on how sun tends to shine.

© 2011 L'Enfant Terrible

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A interesting poem. The first few stanzas reminded me of old gangster films, lyrics about gangs and a TV series I enjoy called Boardwalk Empire. Though you've got a unique voice throughout your writing. The last few stanzas are thought provoking and dark and I like the hope in the very last line.
A couple of spelling mistakes I noticed were 'existance' should be 'existence' and 'chie's palace' I'm not sure but I think it should be 'Chile's palace'? Other than that its a interesting and thought provoking piece.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on March 27, 2011
Last Updated on March 28, 2011
Tags: political, mexico, war, death, poverty, ignorance, indifference, poetry, angry, anger, useless, money, politics, corruption, dark, violent, violence


L'Enfant Terrible
L'Enfant Terrible

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