Part One: Moving. 1.

Part One: Moving. 1.

A Chapter by L'Enfant Terrible

"Shame on me well I had the beast you see and if he can take it I can take him home with me"

It is quite unclear for me how things began, all I knew was that it did.
First is curiosity, then interest, then attraction, then likeness, then care and then it all goes to hell, sort of.

I worked in the administration of Goldsmith College, nothing big obviously, just a handful assistant, filing papers, bringing tea, notifying teachers of schedules, that kind of thing.Just someone being common and ok with life.
Then it was the autumn of 1966, he arrived.

He was one of the hot shots in this new movement; and he was coming here to teach. The warden practically begged him to leave Berlin and come. Everybody talked about it and about him; I wasn't interested. Despite working for an art school I wasn't artsy or anything, I mean, I wasn't even an intellectual, this was just a job.

Anyway, as the day for the arrival of the 8th wonder approached everybody started to act ridiculously funny. Never since I started to work there at 20 such stuff had happened: really cleaning, really ordering, really showing off, really pressing over all of us, it was annoying.

It was an average morning, teat, toast and blues, then riding bike to work, sat in my place and do my thing. Ah, yeah "THE DAY". I realised being early but my boss was happy so it didn't matter.
How fastidious can become all the bloody staff pretending? The whole "Mr. Messiah" thing was getting me on my nerves and I was ready to punch the next person who'd start on that when the door opened.

As I said, it was early and wasn't expecting that bloke soon so probably it was one of those people who ask for info really early to hide from something or just decide to pass before work or school, whatever the reasons.
Ans ao it was; a young man, bob cut and big clothes, to start with he was very skinny, and carrying a leather bag with him. He did seem lost.

-"Good morning"-very polite-"excuse me, I'm looking for Mr. R for some information."-that was my boss.
-"Uh sure but you need to make an appointment sir"-I replied. Good, for once in weeks it wasn't about THAT, surely he wanted to ask for scholarship or something like that.
-"Ah, but I do have an appointment"-He taped his fingers in the table, not in desperation but this geezer was indeed nervous, where the hell had he came from? Apart from being very skinny, not that I wasn't better than him, he was extremely pale, someone who hasn't seen the sun very much. Put aside that, he had a funny accent, I couldn't exactly tell where it was from, probably southern but there was something rough in it, like if it hasn't been used for a while.
-"Really? Excuse me, what is your name?"-I said, starting to look into the appointments made since then.
-"Anderson"-he smiled-"I'm the new teacher".-

Oh bloody hell.

© 2012 L'Enfant Terrible

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Author's Note

L'Enfant Terrible
I need help with London/English slang in general but I try to nail it.

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I agree that it definitely needs work, specially in the week points yourself noticed. I cannot give a general impression based on a single chapter, nevertheless I reckon you need to work in polishing the main character here. I am certain that you can give a lot more and do it much better.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on April 9, 2012
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L'Enfant Terrible
L'Enfant Terrible

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