A Poem by Opheliah

To feel his hands wandering your long awaiting body, caressing your every inch of porcelain sculpted perfection. 
To have his scent lingering in your nostrils; like the winter’s sweet morning dew, that runs calmly down your slightly fogged window. 
The feeling of his warm words, making beauteous love with yours; as the birds make melodies that are swoon away in the crisp wind.
Sitting in dormant silence, cradling his heart; as you would the first mug of the morning’s coffee, listening to the tiny droplets of the crystal rain dancing atop your roof. 
A lover’s trouble will always be the tiny tears that break past your ducts; at the thought of not feeling his arms around your snowy waist, feeling him brush his way inside of your crumbled mind.
A lover’s sorrow will always be that of not hearing his poisoned tongue, penetrating your eardrums with his tampered words. 
When you’re curled up safely in your warmly patched bed, you can almost feel his love wrap itself around you, rocking you into an untouched slumber.
You can feel his icy fingertips burn his perfection into your silk skin, like that of a god’s touch, you left yet unfelt. 
It’s that first morning breeze, that rushes though your hair, leaving it messed and tangled but you cannot help but be grateful for it.
It’s that pain you get when you injure yourself, showing that you are capable of something other than just breathing, it shows you that you love.
When, you get sent into an unexplainable craze as your clothing falls to the wooden flooring piece by piece. Hands wander, lips touch, bodies mesh, sweat drips, moans slips. 
When, by the time dawn comes, your breathing is matched along with your one beating heart and all you can do is stare into one another’s eyes, entwined in the perfect embrace and you know… you just know, that the man you see, the angel sent to you by the devil himself, is the only thing you will ever know and ever crave so deeply.
You will know that your soul can now be completed.
And that, that right there is true love.

© 2014 Opheliah

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Added on July 1, 2014
Last Updated on July 1, 2014
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A Poem by Opheliah