The old house

The old house

A Story by Eiri

            It's raining; the clouds have taken over the sky as if they decided to rebel against the sun. As you run for cover, you see a house close by and make your way to it. You run up the porch and shake off some of the rainwater and you take a look at the house, it’s an old house, a very old and abandoned house. Thunder cracks over the house and the rain starts falling harder and the wind picks up speed as it blows its way down the street. You look at your watch, it says it's five p.m.; you’re late to meet your friend. You take a closer look at the house, the paint has long peeled off, the windows are broken, cracked and full of dust and grime, even the door knob has fallen off the door leaving the hole in which it once belonged in.



             Alone, cold and soaking wet, you decide to go in and have a look, not the best idea but you have nothing better to do while waiting for the rain to let up. As you push the door open and walk in, your confronted with the darkness of the house, after a minute your eyes adjust to the darken home and you find yourself looking at the living room, further in you see the dinning room and thru a hole in the wall you see the kitchen. As you inspect the living room, you see the room had been ransacked some time ago. Books, old news papers and magazines, littered the floor, chairs and the sofa's seemed to be thrown into the right corner of the room, the small coffee table had been flipped and an arrangement of odds and ends that for the most part do not belong in the living room are scattered about the room.


            With the exception with the wall that separated the kitchen and living room, the walls had been covered in shelves and bookcases, all filled with books and other things. You turn to the left and make your way into the living room and look upon the bookshelf next to you. Black and red candles and candle wax over flow the shelves, long dead cockroaches, feathers, and skulls are placed randomly on the shelves along with a collection of charms with many different symbols and pentagrams. In the book shelf across from you, is a collection of books, one of the shelves is empty, the books on the floor probably belong there. You pick a book up, it leather bound and it smells old and musty, you open it and some of the pages fall off, you see some of the writing but you cant make it out. You turn a few pages, but the writing isn't familiar, it doesn't even look chinese.


              From somewhere in the house you hear a loud noise, it sends shivers up your spine, you look behind you, but there's no one, only the mess and the overturned furniture. And yet you know your being watched, as you move away from the book shelf, the candles on the shelves turn on, the writing in the book your holding start to glow, you break into a sweat despite your being wet, you close the book and leave it on the shelf, you turn around to see a dark figure behind you. It tries to reach for you, but you run out the front door and down the street. As you stop to catch your breath two minutes later, and realize it stopped raining, you look behind you but the figure you saw isn't after you. You continue your way down the street to your friend's house and decide to look at your watch and to your surprise it's still five p.m.

© 2008 Eiri

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hmmmm spooky......... i really liked it nice work thanks for entering my contest

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on October 9, 2008
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