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      The party was in full swing, not that the people in it were swinging in any direction though. It was a formal party in the most prestigious hotel in the area, not that it mattered to the people there. They had businesses and markets to run and attend to but then again gaining connections in the business world was one of those things everyone benefited from so they mingled with each other; soft music drifted in and out of hearing while the conversations mummers were kept hushed and constant.

        The host of the party, a new and young drug lord whose public façade was CEO of a rather large import/export company, was eyeing a young girl who had been trying to get his attention all night. He decided to see what she was about; she was tall, had long red hair and those eyes, icy blue and as he studied her, he looked into her eyes and was surprised, “Lust? My, my she wants a nibble.”

He signaled to her to follow him out of the party. They left and he guided her to his room and was about to kiss her when he felt himself hit the wall and fall to the ground “What the hell?” he looked up and saw the girl standing above him in a fighting stance,

        “So you like to fight before you get fucked, eh? All right I’ll give you a fight” he stood up, but as soon as he did, the girl swung him over her shoulder and let him drop to the ground again,

          “You’ve been causing trouble, my job is to make sure you don't cause more, permanently” she picked him up but was met with a punch in the stomach, she pulled away from him as fast as she could,

          “Stupid people sending a girl to assassinate me” he brought out his gun, in a flash it flew out of his hand, and felt her punching him, she finally kicked him and again he hit the wall,


         “B***h” the bloody drug lord said as he moved away from the young assassin, “Whatever” she stared to walk towards him when she saw a lighter that had fallen from his shirt pocket, she lit it.

“Your not going to get away with this” he was eyeing his gun which was not to far from him. She smiled, “Or so you think.”

Three hours later the hotel maid called the police and wondered how the rest of the room didn’t catch fire while the body of the guest was completely burnt.

© 2008 Eiri

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I love how the assassin is a woman! Also, the Drug Lord's arrogance went well with how he ultimately dies. Interesting writing!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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