A Story by Elemiah

This is about a girl I call Silver~


 The bright sunshine filtered through the door window, which from inside led out to a small balcony. The woman in the room, however, was far away in her mind, away from the room and the sunlight. She sat on the floor, leaning against a wall, knees pressed lightly together. Her arms stayed somewhat limply at her sides. If I may describe her in the most cliché of ways, I would describe her as the most beautiful of roses, with the sharpest of thorns.  Most of her soft skin was exposed to the air; she wore a red shirt that resembled a corset, just enough to cover what needed to be covered, and a short black skirt, nearly showing the most inner part of her thighs. Silky blonde hair covered an eye, the rest spilling over her shoulders and onto her chest. The lone, exposed eye, the most pure of violet, had drifted up to the ceiling. She was lost in herself, unaware of her surroundings, even when steel clouds appeared in the sky and spilled their despair unto the world, perhaps mourning the sorrow of such beauty.


Starting to come out of her haze, the girl leaned forward and wrapped her arms around her knees.


“Why…” she spoke aloud, in a delicate whisper that reflected her appearance. “Why is it always me…?  Why am I the only one who can’t be happy…?”


The words of the green creature still reverberated in her mind, bringing her emotions on a slow, downward spiral.


“You and your family are cursed. Cursed to always be oh so close to the person that would make you happy…but never will they return the feeling…you can never be happy.”

At her protest, he simply sneered and continued…

“Face it, Silver. He doesn’t love you, and he never will. That is your destiny, brought upon you by your ancestors. And destiny does not change.”




What is destiny…


Slowly but with smooth movements, she moved into a standing position. Light footsteps took her over to the small desk. She pulled out the small drawer, and opened a small compartment using a key she got from her clothes. A small journal was lying inside, and she pulled it out and started flipping through it. Pictures adorned the pages, all of herself and a certain man; brown hair hung randomly on his face, the rest just barely brushed his shoulders. Bright green eyes with dark make-up peeked from behind the hair. They were together in each picture, smiling, and gazing into each other’s eyes. Abruptly, the pictures ended, and only blank pages remained.  Love…the greatest magic of our world…


A pang of sorrow hit her, and she couldn’t help it when a tear slipped out. The moment it left her eye, she wished it had never come out, because she knew they wouldn’t stop after this. And true to this, all the little locks she had in her heart and mind, the dam they were held behind, all finally broke.

Shaking and crying, she stared at the small journal in her hands.


Why…why is it always me…


With a cry that can only be described as a combination of pain and frustration, she threw it onto the ground. Her breath slowly started getting more ragged as she started crying harder; the pain wouldn’t fade as she had made it in the past.


In a vain attempt to relieve the pain, she screamed and punched the middle of the desk. It cracked under the force, but didn’t break.  Shaking, hands desperate to break something else, she jammed her fingers through her hair and whimpered. She shook her head violently back and forth, almost as if she was trying to force the painful thoughts out of her head. With another scream, she punched the desk again, this time causing it to break in half. At this point, her hand was bleeding, but it just barely registered in her head.


All those things I said…they can’t be redeemed…


Why does it hurt so much…I miss you…


She continued to cry, but forced her arms to stay by her sides, but they found themselves entangled in her hair again.

Outside, the quiet tears of the clouds turned into a massive rage, bright lightning and massive explosions of thunder filled the sky. Leaves were torn from the branches of the tree beside her balcony.


Elsewhere, a man, Silver’s father, and a girl, whom was Silver’s age and her friend, were sitting at a table in a small café. They were both silent, having been there for the spat between Silver and the aforementioned green creature.  The man finished his coffee and glanced at the girl sitting across from him.


“So…Kantola, was it?” He was trying to break the silence that hung over them.


The girl nodded, and sipped absently at her drink. She was obviously worried, and the ever observant man decided to try that as a conversation.


“Are you worried about Silver?” His voice was a bit softer than before.


She nodded again. “I hope she’s okay…I’ve never seen her upset before…”

He smiled gently at her. “I’m sure she’ll be fine…”


Meanwhile, Silver was anything but fine. She kept her hands entangled in her hair for as long as she could stand it, but the urge to break things was overpowering. Once again, she went to the desk that had already been the source of her abuse. Grabbing its back, she flipped it over onto the floor with a resonating crash. Still not satisfied and with more pent-up energy to burn, she jammed her foot into the thin wood, which easily shattered. As she continued to tear apart the innocent desk, her mind flitted to a recent memory involving her love.


The same way she had many times before, she delicately made her way over to him. By the time he noticed her, however, there was no escape. He had been sitting on the park bench, minding his own business, when

she popped up, much to his annoyance.




Clearly not in the mood to deal with her constant pestering, he cut her off. “Let me guess. You want me to take you back?” He didn’t bother trying not to snap, but then again, he had been dealing with this for awhile.




“If I recall correctly, you broke up with me.”


“But I had to because of-“


“Damnit Silver, just leave me the hell alone already!” He stood angrily, and started stalking away;  she of course followed.


“I miss you-“


“Leave me alone!” Turning to face her, he repeated himself. “Leave me alone! Why can’t you see that you always perturb me so? Leave me alone.” He turned and kept walking, and as she couldn’t do much  but stare after him. Then, to make sure she got the point, he looked over his shoulder and repeated himself once again.


“Leave me alone!”


By the time she had finished replaying that scene in her head, there wasn’t much left of the desk  but large splinters of wood. Hands bleeding, her body finally satisfied with the destruction, she slowly laid down on the floor and curled up next to the journal. Her hand painfully reached out and pulled it against her chest. Why did you have to say that…why did you have to confirm everything… A few, last sniffles came out, and her mind let itself release the thoughts. Completely exhausted, her eyelids drifted close and she was asleep soon after…


The next day, she awoke, as her body became aware of the pain she had caused herself. A soft whimper of pain escaped, and she forced herself to sit up, still clutching the journal. Sore from sleeping on the floor, she stumbled onto her feet and all but collapsed on the bed. The soft, fluffy bed was a relief to her senses, her aching, tense body relaxed, and she even felt a bit happier. Perhaps happier isn’t the right word, but she was much less upset than she was before. A sense of contentment came over her, even though she was aware how much her life sucked.


Feeling refreshed, she thought about her situation. All the tension that had built up inside her had been taken out of her, and now she could think clearly about herself. Maybe I can still have him…I know he doesn’t hate me…I just need to tell him why I broke up with him. If that curse is all that’s holding us apart, he probably does still have feelings for me…and…who is he to say what my destiny is? Curses can get broken, and no one decides my destiny but me!


Confident in herself for once after so many years, she hopped out of bed, changed her clothes, and left the house.

© 2008 Elemiah

Author's Note

No, there's no second part or anything.

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awwwwwwwww I ALMOST WANT TO GIVE SILVER A HUUUUUUUUUG!! BUT SHE MIGHT KILL ME! Karl seems under-educated for the word 'perturb', but it's okay the way it is =D GOOD JOB! I WISH/HOPE YOU WOULD RIGHT MORE but you're not going to :( oh well... IT'LL BE OKAY, SILVER! I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN THE END!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Aw, cheer up, Silver. I love the way that you use flashbacks to show the back story and the things that cause her to go to this length. Yay RiNoane!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Darn, I was going to ask for a second part...

I enjoyed reading this (I spotted a few missing words, but nothing you would miss after a good rest and re-reading) and I can't wait to learn more about the characters within this story~

Posted 12 Years Ago

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