A Poem by Elemiah

Another poem from Cassiel's point of view...


Hello, my love

Remember me?

Or perhaps

You've drank away

The memories?

Hello, my love

Remember last night?

We made love

In each other's arms

Or perhaps

You want to pretend

It never happened?

Hello, my love

Remember yesterday?

I left

You tried to follow

Caught me up in your warm embrace

Whispering sweet nothings in my ear

Or perhaps

That was only because

Of the alcohol

I could smell on your breath?

Hello, my friend

Remember what you said?

You wanted me to say

"I love you"

I did

But then

You passed out

I guess you only asked

Because you were drunk

Hello, my customer

Remember the money today?

--Excuse me?

I said "I love you"?

Why would I

Fall in love with

Someone like you?

The man who

Only admits his feelings

When he's drunk?

I couldn't fall in love with

Someone like that

You must be mistaken

Hello, my enemy

Remember me?

I'm married now

To another man

He's all I've ever dreamed of

You seem sad

Or perhaps

You only wish

That I was with you instead?

--Oh, you've just decided

To apologize?


As if I would forgive

Someone like you

Goodbye now

© 2008 Elemiah

Author's Note

I'd like to mention, when she says 'Hello, my customer' she's working as a prostitute.

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Very nice write. I love the the flow and the message. And yeah..guys only open up when they're drunk. Well, at least the guys that we never actually end up with. When you find the right one, they'll tell you how they feel any time! :D
Great job, keep up the good work!

Posted 11 Years Ago

wow great poem!!!!
some guys can only be nice when they are drunk :,( its so sad!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Cassiel or Silver? Hmm tough descision...

I liked the way that you used the concrete aspects of the poem to enhance the way you get emotion out. Did you write this in second period ;3 ?

Posted 12 Years Ago

Is this Cassiel or Silver? I think it could be both :) MAINLY CASSIEL cuz you're obsessed with that story right now. I understand it.
Beautiful poem, Elemiah! I enjoyed every line of it. I liked the way you used the spacing to emphasize the words, and make sure that you got your point across. Beautiful imagery, and I hope you continue doing what you do to make your writing FANTASTICLE! (yes, that was meant to sound like what you THINK its supposed to sound like)

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is so cool!! You can just feel the emotion! I love how she goes from being in love to hating him!! Good job!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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