A Chapter by Elemiah

So it begins.


1The bell rang sharply, prompting the students to get to their seats. Kalo absently tapped her eraser on her desk, waiting patiently for the teacher to begin class.

“Alright class, before I call role, I’d like to introduce our new student.” The entire class immediately perked up. It was very rare for students to transfer their school, so it was a bit of a surprise.
The student in question was standing next to the teacher, and was actually a bit taller than her. She had her hair up in a long ponytail, which extended to her back. The base color of her hair was a light brown, yet at the tips, was black. More interesting than that, however, was her eyes. They were bright, sharp red eyes that shone with intensity. Then again, having bright violet eyes herself, Kalo couldn’t exactly say anything about someone having odd colored eyes. For a moment, Kalo lost herself staring at her, but she snapped out of it when the teacher spoke again.


“This is Andrea Stren; she’s an exchange student from Bornís!” (For the record, this is like someone from Canada moving to Australia.) The girl bowed slightly to the class. “Okay, go ahead and find a seat.”

Every eye was on her as she searched for a seat, all silently judging her. She didn’t seem to notice, and calmly took a seat beside Kalo.

Kalo’s large, violet eyes immediately darted over to the girl. She gave her a side glance, and half-waved. Kalo managed a tentative wave back.
Class continued as usual, and when Kalo had finished her work, she once again found herself looking at Andrea. Andrea returned her gaze, with a faintly quizzical expression.


“U-um, hi.” Kalo stammered out in response to her look.


“Hello…” She responded calmly.


“My name’s Kalo…”


She nodded slightly. “And you know my name already…” Kalo nodded as well, and they sat in silence for a few moments. Other students began chatting, prompting Kalo to break the silence between herself and Andrea.


“Sorry for staring at you earlier.” She spoke somewhat uncertainly. “I don’t think anyone’s ever done an exchange program before, so it’s kinda weird…”


“Ah…that explains a bit…” Andrea responded, glancing around the class. Kalo nodded a little in a slight response.


“So, Kalo…if you don’t mind, would you show me around the school?”


“Oh, sure…” Almost as if on cue, the bell rang, and the students filed out. Kalo blinked in surprise, and then quickly gathered her things. Andrea did the same, but finished before her. There was a short, ten minute break between first and second period, so they took that opportunity for a mini tour of the school. The bell rang again before they had finished, but they had covered all of Andrea’s classes.


“Thank you for your help…I’ll see you tomorrow…” Kalo nodded.


“You’re welcome…” She waved as she walked off to her class.
Later, at lunch, Kalo found her way to her table, where her friend Kantola was. The second she sat down, the girl began speaking.


“Hey Kalo, have you heard about the new girl?”


“Yeah…she’s in one of my classes, I showed her around the school a little…” She responded, starting to eat her food.


“So, what’s her name?”




“Ooooh…what’s she look like?”


“Excuse me.” A third voice interrupted. Both girls looked up.


“Oh, hi Andrea.” Kalo said with a slight wave.


“May I sit here?” Kalo gave her a nod, and all the while Kantola was watching her with intensity. And as she had done with Kalo, the second Andrea was sitting, the questions began. Nothing too serious, just things like hobbies and her family and whatnot. She wanted to be a hairstylist, she enjoyed reading, had an older sister, an older brother, and her mom. Once Kantola had finished her questioning, Andrea returned the questions. For Kalo, it was just reiteration of information, so she didn’t pay any attention.


“What about you, Kalo?” Andrea suddenly asked, causing Kalo to jump slightly.




“What do you like to do? What’s your family like?”


“Um…I have a cousin…that’s about it…”


“I see…so, is it usually just you two sitting here?”


Kantola nodded. “Jonathon used to sit with us, but he left awhile back…” There was a bit of awkward silence as they ate, and Kalo became more and more tempted to ask a question that had been bothering her for awhile. Andrea finished her lunch, and Kalo decided to use the opportunity.


“Why did you transfer here of all places?” Andrea blinked at the question, and Kantola watched, curious of the answer herself.


“Ah, well…there were some problems with the school system where I lived, and I wanted to get away from it all so I convinced my mom to let me move out.”


“Oh…” Kalo nodded and stored the information in her mind.


“Wait, you mean you’re living on your own?” Kantola interjected.


“Well, yes…”


“Is it lonely?” Being the type of person who knew a lot about being alone, Kalo immediately worried about this.


“I haven’t really been here long enough to notice…”


“Well we’re gonna make sure it’s not.” Kalo said, with a very serious expression. Kantola nodded her agreement, and Andrea just smiled.


Lunch ended with promises to see each other tomorrow.
Kalo happily half skipped to the medium sized mansion her cousin owned. The island they lived on was fairly small, so the mansion wasn’t incredibly large, but it was considerably larger than most of the other buildings. The best part of it however, was the fact that it was on the ocean’s edge giving it a spectacular view of it from the higher rooms.

Finally arriving at the front door, she carefully opened it and stepped inside. Inside, it was completely silent. Her cousin was off working, and the few maids that were there had left for the day. Locking the door behind herself, she climbed the stairs, and then wandered down the hallway to her room.

She walked in, and set her backpack on the floor by her bed. Stretching for a moment, she then flopped onto the bed. She laid there for a few moments, watching the ceiling and relaxing. With a faint sigh, she sat up and pulled up her backpack, and rummaged around in it. Finding the papers she was looking for, she leaned against the wall and got to work on her homework.

Once she finished that, she headed back downstairs, and into the kitchen. After a bit of searching, she found a bag of chips and went back to the den area. Happily plopping onto the couch, she turned on the TV and ate her chips. I’ve gotta figure out how to get out of the house tonight…
Later in the night, the sound of jingling keys was heard outside the door, causing Kalo to perk up. The door opened and in walked Elliot.

Elliot was sort of the guard of the mansion, and he also kept an eye on Kalo when her cousin wasn’t around. Upon seeing her sprawled out on the couch stuffing chips in her mouth, he paused and raised a brow.


“Hi Mr. Elliot!” She announced, happily continuing with her chips.


“…what happened to you?”


She blinked. “What do you mean?”


He just shook his head. “Nevermind.” Sometimes it was just easier not to ask. He walked over to the couch and sat beside her. Once again seeing an opportunity, she hugged him.


“Mr. Elliot?”


He was unaffected by the hug and raised a brow. “Yes?”


“Umm…I wanna go out tonight and I don’t want Alexshim to know…”


“…I can’t really help you there.”


She frowned up at him. “Why not?”


“I don’t know when he gets home or anything, and it’d be hard for me to cover for you.”


She frowned more and he patted her head. “Sorry, hon.” He moved out from her grip and went up the

stairs and presumably to his room. Kalo cleaned herself and her little area up, and then headed up to her room as well.

Inside her room, she closed and locked her door, and then changed her clothes for her date. It was a simple outfit, but much dressier than her school clothes. While she was changing her clothes, her cell phone rang, and she quickly answered it.




“Hey.” A masculine voice, rough from smoking and hinted with an accent.


“Hi Karl!” She responded, voice heightening from happiness.


“Are we still on tonight?”


“Yeah, I’m almost ready…”


“Alright, see you there.”




“Bye.” Happily hanging up, she finished up her preparations and skipped on out of the mansion.
They had decided to meet at the post office, which was located near the center of the island, next to a small forest. When Kalo arrived Karl was already there, leaning against the side of the building. He looked up, and almost self-consciously brushed some of his chocolate hair out of his face. She skipped over to him, and he caught her up in his arms. He lightly kissed her forehead and spoke softly.


“How are you?”


“I’m fine…” He nodded slightly and released her, but quickly took her hand. They were both quiet as he led

her into the forest. After a bit of walking, they arrived on a small clearing, inside it was an even smaller lake. Kalo ‘ooo’d , and he smiled, then continued to lead her to the bank. The clear water perfectly mirrored the stars in the sky. There wasn’t any need to say a single word, and they simply stood beside each other, fingers laced together.

The moon shone bright and full in the dark sky, lighting the ground and shimmering off the lake. Karl absently checked his own phone, then with a small smile, murmured “It’ll start soon.” She blinked up at him.


“What do you mean?”


His smile just grew. “It’d be no fun if I told you.” She frowned at him, but patiently waited. After approximately ten minutes, a star flew across the sky. Followed by another, and another, and another. A spectacular meteor shower. Halfway into it, he pulled her close, and then leaned down and kissed her. She was a bit surprised at the gesture, but happily accepted it.
He led her to the road leading up to the mansion. He didn’t want to get too close, as he had a silent fear of getting caught with her. With a light kiss, he bade her goodbye, before quickly scurrying off. She happily half ran to the front door of the mansion, and ever so quietly opened the door and stepped in.


“It’s after midnight.” A dark voice greeted her. It was a voice that was somewhat difficult to describe in words. Though it seemed light and soft to the ear, it was loud enough that you simply couldn’t not hear it.

Kalo jumped slightly at the greeting, and looked to see her cousin calmly sitting on a chair reading a book.


He hadn’t even glanced up at her.


“Hi, Alexshim…” She said, with a faint nervousness. The fact that there was only a single light on, beside him was faintly unnerving, it gave off the feeling of an interrogation.


“This is the first time you’ve gotten in this late, so I’ll let you off this time. You can deal with the consequences tomorrow at school.” His eyes still didn't leave his book.


“Um, okay…” She quickly headed to the stairs and started to climb up them.


“You’re still dating Karl, aren’t you?”


She froze mid step. He still wasn’t looking at her, and she couldn’t quite find words to speak with. He took her silence as a sign of confirmation and continued.


“I really don’t like you dating him, but you can ruin your life however you want, I suppose.”


Faintly miffed at that, but not wanting to argue and make her situation worse, she silently continued up to her room. Exhaustion finally hit her when she got in and closed her door. Changing into some form of sleep clothes, she flopped onto the bed and quickly fell asleep.  

© 2008 Elemiah

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Andrea! Have my babies!!! Kalo, you can have some too, but no giving them to Alexshim, because everyone knows that he kicks puppies!

Another brilliant piece from a brilliant mind. I can't wait for the next installment!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Good job at making Alexshim a creepy b*****d! I LIKED IT! I CANT WAIT FOR MORE! And now you get to request a story for me to write :D CUZ IM BORED AS A YOU-KNOW-WHAT-STITUTE! (as my dad would say xD) So... eyup... Yeah... This was fantastic. "Sorry, hon" I inwardly giggled... UNCONTROLLABLY! :D You made Elliot and Karl both sexy beasts.... and Alexshim a creepy b*****d... i like it, keep it going. Kantola's not enough of a s**t =P but thats fine, no one can match her s****y-ness!!!
100 points! :D
Good job at driving today ... I MISS YOU ALREADY! I SAW YOU AN HOUR AGO >:

Posted 11 Years Ago

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