A Chapter by Elemiah

 The next morning, she awoke to the burning sensation. Remembering the pills, she opened the bottle and pulled one out. Looking around, she noticed that a small glass of water had been placed on the small table beside her. Quickly downing the pill, she leaned back and hoped the pain would soon recede.

          A bit later, a nurse came in holding breakfast. Only upon seeing the food did she think about how long it had been since she had eaten last. The nurse smiled at her and set up a small tray that went across the bed, and then placed the food on it. She left after she finished.

          The food was good, but Charoum was too hungry to care too much about whether it was good or not. She finished and leaned back, waiting for something to happen.

          Soon enough, the doctor came in. He was carrying something, which he set on the table, and then began checking her.


“Alright, Ms.Talwyn…how are you feeling today?”


“I’m fine…”


“Good, good.” He picked up the thing he had brought in and showed it to her. “We don’t have any prosthetics for you…but this will cover your shoulder, if you like.”


It was a sort of strap like thing, with a cap which she assumed would go over her shoulder. She gave him an affirmative nod, and after instructing her on how to put it on, left her to do so.


After a bit of trying, she managed to get it on correctly. It fit snugly, and somewhat awkward around her breasts, but still comfortable.


She pulled the gown back on, and as she did so, someone knocked on the door.


“Come in.” She said, glancing at the door.


Mr. Louie poked his head in before walking all the way into the room.


“Good morning, Charoum…”


“Good morning…”


“Well, there are 4 people that are coming to see you…do you feel up to it?”


She nodded silently in response.


“The first one will be here soon…” He said, glancing outside the room. “Oh, there he is now.” He moved away from the door, and the man walked in. The man wasn’t particularly interesting; he looked like he had an ordinary job and an ordinary life.


“Hello, I’m-“ he froze midsentence when he noticed that she was lacking an arm. There as a long, awkward silence where he just stared, almost in horror. Finally, he composed himself enough to quickly leave the room.


She was mostly confused, but slightly hurt at being reacted to in such a way. Never had anyone looked at her like she was some sort of monster, some sort of sin against nature.


Mr. Louise poked his head back in. “I’m sorry…I didn’t expect him to react like that.”

She simply shrugged. “It’s fine.”


The next one went better, though he side glanced at her shoulder every few seconds. That and he seemed rather nervous.


“Alright…here’s the last one for a little while.” He glanced outside the room, the moved out.


This man was most certainly a cut above the others. He walked in silently, holding an aura of seriousness about him. Feeling almost challenged, she studied him closely, trying to outdo him.


He had black hair that was carefully combed, his eyes were brown, like hers, but unlike her, he had light colored skin, while hers was a soft coffee color. As you can imagine, he was wearing a suit.


Lowering himself into the chair beside her bed, he studied her back, with the same intensity. After a few minutes of them sizing the other up, he leaned forward and looked directly into her face.


“Your name is Charoum…?” Feeling faintly intimidated, she leaned away slightly, immediately regretting backing down. He had an accent; however, she wasn’t well versed in accents so she couldn’t place what.




“My name is Grigori Nazarov…” he said, leaning away from her, though still continuing his study of her. She nodded slightly, and he continued. “I am sorry that your mother died...” he said, voice quieting slightly. He glanced at her shoulder for a moment before looking at her face again.


“I was informed that you will need somewhere to stay and someone to take care of you until family members are found. Is this right?” She nodded again. “I have room and food enough for another, and when I cannot be there, there is a housekeeper at all times. Would you be willing to stay with me until you can find family?”


“…I’ll consider it.” She managed to keep herself composed enough to speak. It was very faint, but she noticed the corner of his lips twitch, as if he were trying not to smile. He nodded solemnly, then stood and offered his hand to her.


“I will wait to see what you decide.” She inwardly cringed at his hand, and awkwardly turned to be able to shake his hand with her remaining arm.


He didn’t seem bothered by it, and he carefully gripped her hand and shook it. He then walked out, spoke to Mr. Louie, before giving her one last glance before leaving.


Mr. Louie walked in and sat in the seat beside her bed.


“Well…what do you think?”


“He was better than the others…”


He nodded. “He has a very big house and he’s very respected in his business.”


“What kind of business?”


“I’m not really sure.” He said, after thinking for a moment. “I just know he travels to a lot of places and negotiates deals...probably something to do with banking...”


She nodded slightly. “I’ll wait until I see the last one before I decide.”


“Well…the last one won’t be here for awhile…” Charoum tilted her head and waited for him to explain.


There was a faint nervousness in his voice as he continued. “She has to pick up her kids from practice before she comes over, so...”



A bit later, the woman finally arrived, two kids in tow. She waltzed into the room, and glanced down at Charoum, a frown crossing her face at noticing her shoulder.

“Are you chao-rum?”


“…Shaa-room.” Charoum corrected the woman’s pronunciation.


“That’s what I said.” The woman responded, frown deepening. One of her kids stared at the cap on her shoulder.


“What happened to your arm?” The kid that had been staring at her glanced at his brother.


“Car accident.” She responded calmly, trying not to let on her growing annoyance.


“And that’s why you’re looking for someone to take care of you?” the second kid snickered slightly, but stopped quickly when Charoum glared at him.


“Because my mom died in it.” At this point she was struggling to keep her voice even. The first kid looked faintly sad, whether for her or wishing the same could happen to him she wasn’t quite sure.


“Uh huh…” She sighed dramatically. “I guess I can put up with it for a few weeks…” She said, and then looked at Mr. Louie. “Let me know right away.” And with that, she dragged her kids out.


Mr. Louie walked in with a faintly apologetic look on his face. He sat beside her bed.


“She was the last one, so…do you want to sleep on it and let me know in the morning?”


Charoum nodded.


“Alright…do you need anything before you go?”


She shook her head and he left, turning off the light as he went. When he was gone she relaxed, leaning back against the bed. Although acting mature was pretty much second nature, it was still relieving to be able to relax and not worry about what kind of impression she was giving off.


And then she remembered her mom, how much missed being able to be relaxed with her at home. She didn’t need to put up a mature act when she was there.


Finally coming to terms with what had happened, she cried.

© 2008 Elemiah

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"somewhat awkward around her breasts"

Oh, that's so sad D=

Posted 12 Years Ago

NOW Charoum really needs a hug. This is not a very fantastic thing to happen to a normal human being. SURELY there has to be better things for her in the future? LIKE MAGIC! (lol sorry, couldnt resist xD)
So... The mother didn't really talk much, so I VOTE THE MAN WITH THE ACCENT =D
The mother seemed quite rude, actually, but that's just me... xD
The paragraph talking about the mother telling Mr. Louise she can deal with it isn't very clear. Instead of saying 'She' first, why not say 'The Mother'? Just to make it a bit clear :3

Posted 12 Years Ago

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