A Chapter by Elemiah

Charoum woke up sometime late in the evening, feeling rather hungry. She clumsily got out of bed and wandered to Grigori’s room. She knocked on his door, rather unaware of what time it was. After a few minutes of confused shuffling, the door opened.


“Charoum…how do you feel?”


“Hungry.” She said flatly, staring at him. He blinked slightly at that statement, and then gently took her hand. She quietly gripped his hand, and he led her to the dining room.


“What would you like?”


“Waffles.” She mumbled, leaning against him. Giving her a light kiss on the head, he sat her in a chair and went into the kitchen. She heard faint cooking noises, and in curiosity, got up and peeked into the kitchen. Grigori was standing in there, pouring some finished batter into a waffle iron. Glancing at the door, he blinked when he saw here standing there.


“Do you need something?” She shook her head. “Alright…will two waffles be enough?” She nodded, and watched as he finished up the cooking. He collected the waffles onto a plate, and then grabbed a bottle of syrup.


Back in the dining room, he set the plate and syrup on the table, and then sat down. An odd thought flickered across her mind, and she couldn’t resist not trying it. Taking a breath to ready herself, she carefully sat in his lap.


His eyes widened slightly, and she smiled inwardly at his expression. Remaining calm, she pulled the food in front of her, poured the syrup on, and then simply started eating.


She could feel his eyes on her; their gaze never left her. Her breath came in shorter gasps, but she still did her best to stay calm. A bit of syrup dribbled down her chin. She could almost feel his gaze intensify, and it made breathing even harder.


Using her finger, she carefully wiped the syrup off her chin, and then licked the syrup off her finger.


Suddenly, she felt something hard poke up against her thigh. She blinked, and turned to him.


“What do you have in your pocket?” She asked curiously, confused at what he would have in his pants while he was sleeping.


“I, ah, must have left my wallet in my pants.” He said, gently trying to push her off of his lap. She went along, confused at his sudden actions. Standing, he took the plate, fork, and syrup back into the kitchen. Rather confused, she simply stood and waited for his return. A few short seconds later he was back. Gently pressing his hand against her back, he led her to her room.


“Goodnight, Charoum…” He whispered, kissing her forehead.


“Goodnight…” He left, closing the door behind himself. She was still confused, but she soon was distracted by his blushing face, and secretly happy that she caused it.

With a faint sense of contentment going over her, she slipped under the covers of her bed, and was soon asleep.


Grigori, frustrated at himself, stalked to his room and got onto the bed. He glared down at his pants, as if willing himself to become un aroused. I can’t believe she’s affecting me like this… I thought it would be simple to live with her until it was time…


I never thought it’d be this hard…


She’s too young for me to think of her like this…


He angrily tugged his pants down, barely concentrating on what he was doing. In fact, he tried not to think about it at all, just getting it over with so he could sleep in peace.


Charoum…what have you done to me…?


The next day, (at school at least), was uneventful. Still joyful from the previous night, Charoum happily hopped into the car when Grigori pulled up. She hopped in, and off the car went.


“How was your day?” He asked, more calm sounding than he had yesterday.


“Fine.” She responded, with a hint of glee. They again headed to the mall, which did not seem to take as long as it had yesterday.


Inside, Grigori again led her to the lingerie section, and watched her closely as she explored. Eventually she wandered back to him with a sports bra; the kind that are simply pulled over the head.


After that, he led her to another section, this time just regular girls clothes. The intent was to buy some pants and such that didn’t need to be buttoned. Being the type of person she was, she picked out only what she needed; nothing more, nothing less.


Shopping ended, and they returned to his home. As he had the day that she officially moved in, he helped her put her clothes away.


“Would you sit with me for a bit?” He questioned softly when they had finished. She accepted the offer with a faint sense of shyness.


He led her to the living room, which held a few plush seats and a spotless wooden table in the center. After helping her into her seat, he exited the room, returning shortly with two cups on saucers of steaming tea. He set one in front of her, and the other beside it, and then took his seat beside her.


She delicately picked up the saucer and blew on the tea, while she patiently waited for him to speak.


“How have you been feeling, Charoum?” He asked, studying her.


“Fine…” She replied, glancing at his face.


“And I’ve told you before that you can feel free to talk to me whenever you wish, right?” She watched his lips as he spoke.


“Yes…” sipping at her tea, she quietly wondered where he was going with this.


“…are you enjoying your stay here?” She nodded.


“It’s nice here. I like it.” She took a tentative sip of tea, relaxing when it didn’t burn her.


“How is school going?” His eyes stayed on her.


“It’s going well…” She silently took another sip of tea, and wondered about the sudden questionnaire.


“…what kind of things do you like?” He asked, voice softening slightly from its usual tone.


“As in what?”


“Anything…” He studied her face closely. Her eyes went to his face, and met his gaze. However, her gaze drifted to his lips. “Favorite music, favorite color…” They were so enticing when they moved.


“My favorite color is blue…” Her eyes drifted to the faint beard on his jaw line. She imagined what it would feel like to touch. To kiss. “And I don’t really listen to music that often…”


“Ah…would you like to go on a trip this Christmas?” Hearing it from him made it sound like it would be nothing less the wonderful.


“Sure…where to?”


“Where do you want to go?” It was taking all of her willpower not to reach out and just touch his face.


“Um…I don’t know…” She silently cursed herself for such a worthless answer, and tried to drown herself out with tea.


Germany, France, Poland…anywhere you want…” He was intent on an answer from her, and it just made him that much more desirable.


“…France might be nice…” She offered an uncertain suggestion. He nodded slightly.


France it is.”


They sat in silence for a bit, both sipping their tea. Charoum was fixated on his face, on everything it did. He set his tea down and glanced at her.


Rather abruptly, she reached out and felt his beard. He jolted slightly, but allowed her to feel his face. Her fingertips lightly moved along his jaw line, and then delicately touched his lips. He just stared, somewhat wide-eyed at her sudden behavior.


Becoming aware of what she was doing, she blushed and pulled her hand away. Perhaps to save her from even more embarrassment, he simply picked up his cup and took a sip. She silently watched. However, it was too late. The spark of interest had already taken hold, from the moment she felt his lips.


Now she wanted to feel them with her own. This time, conversely, it was premeditated. She waited patiently until he had set his cup down, and then she grabbed his face and kissed him. It was an awkward kiss, as it was something she had never done before. But her lips were pressed against his, almost desperately.


Grigori silently finished his cup of tea and gently set it on the table. He turned to look at Charoum, and as he did, she grabbed his face and kissed him. At least, to the best of her ability.


He simply sat there, wide-eyed as she kissed him. Although he tried his best to hold himself back, his urges took hold, and he pressed her into a proper kiss. She eagerly responded, by moving closer and pressing up against him.  He moved his arms around her waist, and held her tightly against himself.


Her inexperience was obvious, but her eagerness more than made up for it. As she adjusted and started getting a bit better (or at least more confident), he poked his tongue out and licked at her lips. Her lips parted slightly, and he eagerly accepted the invitation, darting his tongue in and exploring her mouth.


His excitement only grew, and as his hand moved to fondle her, he became aware of what he was doing, and pulled away from her lips. Her body collapsed against his chest, and he could feel and hear her ragged breathing. You’re too young, don’t do this…I don’t think I can take another outburst like that… He silently pleaded, watching her recovering form. Charoum…how can you affect me like this…? She snuggled her face into his chest, and he gently tightened his arms around her.


What am I going to do…?


She was faintly surprised when he kissed back, but she eagerly pressed against him, desperate for more. His arms wrapped around her, and she moved her lips against his as much as she could. Suddenly, his tongue came out and licked her lips, and she opened her mouth a bit, hoping he would lick more.


She nearly shuddered in pleasure when he began exploring her mouth. It tasted wonderful and exotic and she didn’t want it to ever end. One of his hands moved, and he suddenly pulled away. Her body was disappointed and relieved, and she collapsed against him, panting and trying her best to recover.


When she finally caught her breath, she snuggled happily into his chest.  He tightened his arms around her, and she closed her eyes in contentment.


They sat like that for awhile, cuddling. Eventually, after studying her for a good long while, he spoke.


“Charoum...how do you feel?”


“Happy…” She murmured softly, snuggling further into his chest. He silently kissed her forehead and stroked her hair. They cuddled for another long period of time before Grigori got her up so they could go eat dinner, and then sleep for the night.


Charoum dreamt of him; now that she had tasted him, her interest was only growing. She wanted to taste the rest of him.


As for Grigori, the seeds of temptation had also been sown. It was easier to ignore her when he didn’t know her taste, now that he did, he craved more.


He managed to ignore his urges, despite her trying to act on hers. People’s willpower can only last so long, however…


© 2008 Elemiah

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