Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

A Chapter by Elemiah

The next day, they went shopping. He seemed to take an odd pleasure in picking outfits out for her. She was in the dressing room, trying on a wave of outfits, when she heard a voice outside.


“Mr. Nazarov?”


“Ah, Mr. Newman…how have you been?”


She hurriedly dressed, ignoring the tidbits of conversation that filtered through. When she finished, she poked her head out, as quietly as she could manage.


Grigori was talking to a well-dressed man, whom she assumed was a fellow businessman. She silently observed their conversation for a few minutes. The man was in fact a business partner, and according to him, several others were in town as well.


“So…how about we have a little get-together?” Charoum tensed slightly. She wasn’t a fan of parties; she was even less of a fan of having to give up some of her time with Grigori. This was her time with him, after all.


Grigori glanced at the dressing room, blinking slightly when he noticed her. Before he could speak, the man did.


“Ah, who’s this?” He asked, giving Grigori an odd look.


“This is Charoum…” He said quietly, motioning for her to come out. She silently did so, and stood beside him. “I adopted her a few months ago…” She grasped his hand.


“Hello…my name’s Bob Newman…” he stated with a smile, and offered his hand. She reluctantly released Grigori’s hand, and shook Bob’s. When she did so, he noticed that she lacked a second arm. “Goodness…what happened to you?” His tone was a mix of sympathy and faint horror.


“Car accident.” She mumbled, trying not to think about it. She self consciously wrapped her arm around her waist, in a vague attempt to hide. Grigori’s hand gently clasped her shoulder, and she relaxed slightly.


“Ah…I’m sorry…” He said softly, and then looked at Grigori.


“Charoum, me and some business associates are thinking about having a party…is that alright?” Grigori gently questioned her, and kept his expression neutral.


“It’s alright…” She responded. “When?” Her question came out a bit more irritated than she had intended.


They exchanged a few words, at some point settling on Christmas day, around 5 in the evening. That left plenty of time for her to spend most of Christmas with Grigori, though she still didn’t like having to share his time even a little.


“Fine.” Charoum stated flatly, wishing the man would leave already.


She held in a sigh of relief when he did just that. She was quickly ushered back into the dressing room before she could really enjoy his absence, however. It felt like hours before Grigori had finished picking out clothes for her.


“So…who was he?” Charoum asked as they headed back. She didn’t particularly care, but she was at least a little curious.


“Just a business partner…” He replied, no commitment in his voice.


“Oh…” She mumbled. The fact that Grigori didn’t seem to care either way was fine with her; yet she couldn’t ignore it bothering her.


The rest of the walk continued in silence.


Christmas Eve.


“Shouldn’t we have decorated the tree earlier?” Charoum asked, carefully hooking a small bulb onto a branch.


“Perhaps…” Grigori replied, as he struggled with stringing the lights around the tree. “But I think it’s more interesting to do it the night before…”


Charoum delicately put another ornament on. “There, that was the last one.”


Suddenly, he lifted her up and set her on his shoulder, causing her to gasp slightly in surprise. She became fully aware of her outfit: pajamas, which consisted of a pair of shorts and a tank top. He simply smiled and handed her the star. She gently took it, and as she put it on, she could feel his eyes all over; tracing her body up and down.


She managed to ignore it just long enough to get the star on.


He then gently set her onto a chair, and smiled at her.


“Would you like some hot chocolate?” He asked softly. She nodded somewhat meekly and he went to the kitchen.


Once he was gone, she let out a sigh. I need to stop getting excited every time he looks at me… She stood, and wandered over to the window seat, and lowered herself onto it. It’s not like he’s going to take an interest in me… She lightly traced her fingers over the glass. Maybe if I were older…but for now, he’s not going to like me…


Another sigh escaped her lips. Even though I say that, it still hurts...


She stared absently out the window for a few minutes, until a sudden movement startled her. Blinking a few times, she concentrated on the outside. A white fleck drifted down.


Then another one.


And another.


“It’s snowing.” She breathed. “It’s snowing!” She shouted in the direction of the kitchen. Grigori came out swiftly, carrying two mugs. He gently set them on the window sill. He gazed out the window for a moment, before leaving to retrieve a blanket. Returning, he set the blanket beside her, before leaving again, this time to turn out the lights, except for one small one near them.


Finally, as gently as he could, he got onto the window seat behind her. She held in her happiness, and simply leaned back against his chest, comforted by it being there. Cold was emanating from the window, and she carefully tugged the blanket up over her legs. Grigori reached around her and adjusted it so it was covering his legs, as well. She felt herself blush as he then wrapped his arms around her waist.


Soon, watching the drifting snow, she relaxed.  She delicately picked up a mug and took a sip, letting its warmth fill her.


With all these elements, it didn’t take long for her to drift asleep. However, the time she was awake were some of the most wonderful moments of her young life.


And that was enough for her.


Grigori watched her as she slowly drifted off to sleep. Her small body fit snugly in his arms, and he quietly enjoyed the feeling. A hand moved and lightly traced her cheek. She’s so beautiful…


I should probably take her to bed… He began to shift so he could pick her up, but she snuggled closer and turned her head into his chest. He froze mid-movement, and stared at her. …I suppose I can sit here awhile longer. He mused, watching her sleeping form.


However, holding her and feeling her warmth, along with the faint sound of her steady heartbeat, he was slowly lulled to sleep.

© 2008 Elemiah

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"It's not like he's going to take an interest in me� She lightly traced her fingers over the glass. Maybe if I were older�but for now, he's not going to like me�"
Oh my god i loved those lines :O
'Another sigh escaped her lips. Even though I say that, it still hurts...'
I freakin love this story now!!! :D
I look forward to pouncing you in glee soon!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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