Christmas Day (part one)

Christmas Day (part one)

A Chapter by Elemiah

 The next morning, Charoum awoke to the faint sound of humming. Partially opening her eyes, she turned her head toward the direction of the sound.


Grigori was setting plates on the living room table, humming as he went about it. Some sort of food was on it; she couldn’t tell what, but it smelled good. She stretched widely, and then carefully got up.


He noticed her almost immediately, and swiftly went to her.


“Merry Christmas, Charoum…” He whispered, pulling her into a tight hug.


“Merry Christmas…” She mumbled, relaxing against his chest. He pressed his lips to the top of her head, and held it there for a moment. For a moment he released her, and then moved an arm around her waist. Leading her to the food, he gently sat her down, and sat across from her.


He had prepared omelets. Delicious ones, at that. He finished before her, and when she had finished, he took their plates off to the kitchen.


Her day off to a good start, she sighed happily and leaned back against the couch. Almost automatically, her eyes were drawn to the tree. Her eyes made their way down it, widening when she saw that there were presents gathered around the base. There weren’t very many, but it surprised her nonetheless. He got me presents…? When did he…? A faint sinking feeling came over her. I didn’t even think to get him anything. What would I even give him?


Grigori returned shortly, and picked up a small present on his way to her, delicately setting it on her lap. He sat beside her and watched her closely.


Very slowly and meticulously, she unwrapped it, trying to ignore her heart thudding in her chest. Inside the small box, there was a golden necklace, with a key on the end. The handle of the key was a heart. Her cheeks almost immediately reddened. Is he trying to tell me something?


Apparently not noticing her reaction, he stood and retrieved another box. This one wasn’t wrapped; it appeared to be…a ring box.


“This used to be my mother’s…” He said quietly, opening it. “I would like for you to have it.” Inside was a ring, which was a bit aged, but still beautiful. The stone in the center glinted a deep sapphire color. As he picked up her hand, she felt a twinge of pain, as if she might cry at a second’s notice. Despite that, it wasn’t a sad pain. He slid the ring onto her finger. It was an almost happy pain.


Before she could think to say anything, he went back to the tree and retrieved the last gift. “I’m sorry I didn’t get you much…” He apologized as he returned to her side. “But I hope you like what I did get…” He said, handing her the gift. She unwrapped it carefully, trying to ignore the tears still threatening to come out.


Inside this box was a crystal butterfly. The body was golden, as were the antennae and outline of the wings. The insides of the wings were a blue tinted crystal. Eyes widening slightly, she delicately took it out and cradled in her hand. It’s beautiful. Tears welled up in her eyes, despite her efforts to hold it back. I don’t want to cry in front of him…


 She started to stand, but he spoke.


“Do you like it?” Such an innocent question.


“It’s beautiful.” She choked out. Again, she tried to stand up, but he gently grabbed her arm.


“Are you alright?” The worry in his voice made her feel even worse.


“I…I’m…” She couldn’t finish the sentence, afraid that if she spoke another word, the tears would just start spilling out. He grasped her around the waist, and pulled her close, and then, using his other hand, tilted her chin up to his face.


Her blushing, almost crying face seemed to startle him. “Charoum?” Rather than risk speaking, she tried to pull away, but it was too late. A tear slid off her cheek. A faint panicked look crossed his face. “Shhh…” He whispered as she began to cry. Pulling her tightly into his arms, he carefully rocked her.


“I’m sorry.” She whimpered into his chest.


“Shh. What’s wrong?” He whispered in a faintly urgent tone.


“It’s beautiful. Thank you…” She whimpered, continuing to cry.


“…you’re welcome…” He said in a soft, sympathetic tone.


Eventually, with him cradling her, the tears stopped. Her eyes drifted closed, and she relaxed against him. He cradled her for a few more moments before standing with her in his arms.


“I’m going to prepare the house for the party tonight…” He said softly, as he took her to her room. “Will you be alright while I get some things?” He continued, setting her on her bed. At her nod, he kissed her on the forehead and somewhat reluctantly left.


She inhaled deeply, slowly becoming aware of her surroundings. She felt the butterfly clutched in her hand. A faint smile crossed her lips as she lifted it up over her head. It really is beautiful… She couldn’t ignore the faint nagging feeling, however. I know he wanted to give me something for Christmas…but these gifts… She glanced at the ring on her finger.


Sighing, she stood and delicately set the butterfly on her nightstand. With a twirl, she headed into the bathroom. She ran a bath, and when it was to her liking, she carefully got in. The bath wasn’t as nice as the one back in Italy, but it was still comfortable.


She tried her best to ignore it, but her thoughts again traveled to the gifts he had gotten her. It’s so hard to tell what he feels…maybe…maybe he is interested in me…but…he’s trying to ignore it because I’m so young…


Or maybe he just isn’t interested in me… With a frustrated sigh, she closed her eyes and leaned back. …I wish I could’ve gotten him something…


Grigori was surprised to smell food in the kitchen when he arrived at the house. He got halfway to the kitchen before Charoum, holding a plate of cookies, intercepted him.


“I made you cookies.” She mumbled, offering him the plate. He blinked in confusion, but somewhat politely took one. It was still warm.


“What for?” He asked, taking a somewhat tentative bite. He didn’t expect her to be much of a cook, but it was surprisingly good.


“I felt bad for not getting you anything for Christmas, so I made you cookies.” She said with a shrug.


“You didn’t need to get me anything…” She shrugged again, and refused to meet his eyes. “Charoum…” He lightly touched her cheek, waiting for her to look at him before continuing. “I enjoy just caring for you.” A part of him smiled when she blushed.


“The cookies are good…” He said softly, smiling at her. “Thank you.” Her cheeks reddened further, making her look all the more attractive.


“I just followed the recipe…” She mumbled shyly, gaze dropping away from his face. He gently took the plate of cookies, set it on the table, and then pulled her into his arms. …was she upset earlier because of this? Almost immediately, she relaxed and snuggled up to him.


For a long time, they stood like that, cuddling. Charoum was completely relaxed, but he couldn’t bring himself to let go of her. It felt so good to hold her.


“They’re going to start arriving soon…” He said softly. “You’re free to join the party, but if you don’t want to, it’s fine…”


She had an indeterminate expression when she nodded.


“I’ll probably just stay in my room…” She mumbled, expression turning faintly uncomfortable.


“Alright…any particular reason why?” He kept his voice at a curious level, so she wouldn’t feel pressured to change her mind.


“I don’t really enjoy parties…” Her discomfort was obvious now, and she kept her eyes on the ground.


“Alright…” He said, kissing her forehead. “I don’t know how long it will last…but the plan wasn’t for an all-nighter, so it should be over before midnight…”

© 2008 Elemiah

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This is an awesome story.
I STILL CANT BELIEVE THAT- *sock shoved in mouth*
Anyway, you're doing great with this story. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN cant wait to see what happens at the party. ;D
Now you should go read some of my stuff, yo yo yo. :3

Posted 12 Years Ago

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