Morning after

Morning after

A Chapter by Elemiah

Grigori awoke that morning to a pounding headache. With a groan, he stretched and rubbed his eyes. That was when he noticed someone sleeping beside him. Oh right, that woman… He turned his head slightly to look. Then he slowly became very very tense. …Charoum? He stared down at her sleeping form, naked and happy. Oh...oh god… He quickly moved away from her and hurriedly put some pants on.


He took a deep calming breath and watched her for a moment. …she seems happy, though… He mused, lightly touching her face. She seemed to notice, and turned her face against his hand. …It’d probably be best if I don’t mention this to her…


Charoum awoke to a hand touching her face. She didn’t open her eyes; she didn’t need to. Instead, she simply turned her face into his hand, enjoying its warmth. …I’m in love… His fingers gently stroked her cheek. And he’s…interested in me, too… Her heartbeat thudded happily in her chest. I don’t care if it’s wrong anymore…


She slowly opened her eyes and looked up into his face. This is my gift to him. Me.


 “Good morning…” He said softly, an odd tone to his voice.


“Mornin’…” She mumbled with a smile. He started to move to kiss her, but stopped himself.


“Would you like some breakfast?” She nodded, and he stood and left somewhat quickly.


For the rest of the day, he was rather distant towards her. He spoke to her like he normally would, but refused to get too close to her. He avoided her when she tried to get close. Wouldn’t even let her hug him.


…you don’t love me, do you? She asked him silently. Her heart ached at the thought. She tried her best to ignore it, but every action he took just confirmed it. The pain was dull but it was still too much for her. She could barely handle just thinking about it. Finally, when he ushered her to bed, she couldn’t handle it anymore.


“Do you love me?” She asked abruptly. He blinked in surprise.


“Of course…It’s wonderful to have you around-“ He spoke it like he would speak to he if she were his child.


“I don’t mean like a daughter.” She interrupted, looking into his face. “I mean like…a lover.”


He seemed genuinely surprised by this. “Charoum…” The way he said it, she knew the answer was no.


“Okay.” She was fighting back tears, and her voice cracked with the effort. Before he could defend himself, she just closed the door in his face. The second that she could no longer see him, she started crying. Her entire body reacted to her tears, and she weakly collapsed onto her bed.


She cried for what felt like hours. She cried like she never had before, feeling her chest heave with sobs, and her nose start to run. But she didn’t care. She just cried and cried until she ran out of tears. Then she just lay there limply, practically shaking in pain but unable to move. It was while she was recovering that she noticed that he had made no attempt to talk to her. No attempt to comfort her. He really doesn’t care at all…


If she could have, she would have started crying again, but her tears were spent. She just lay there numbly until sleep finally took her.


The next day, it was her turn. No matter what he did, she refused to speak to him. Maybe it was cruel, but she didn’t care. She wanted him to hurt, too.


They were in the living room. She was sitting silently, reading a book. He kept trying to get her attention.


“Charoum…” Silence.


“Please…what’d I do?” that question got him a look, though it wasn’t a look he wanted. Does he really have no idea why I’m upset? She glared at him over her book. The coldest, most hateful look he had ever seen on her.


“…I’m going out.” He stated, almost shakily. Standing, he headed to the door, and silently walked out.


The house was now completely silent. She quietly stood, and walked to her room.  She absently tossed her book on the bed, and looked around the room. Her eyes first landed on the butterfly he had gotten her.


He was just being nice when he got me this. She carefully picked it up. It was just because he wanted to get me something. That’s it. Her grip unconsciously tightened, and she jumped when the wings shattered.


I broke it.


She stared blankly at it for a moment. It was almost as if she wasn’t actually there; she was just watching everything happen. In slow motion, the pieces of the butterfly slid off her hand and into the floor.


It’s broken.


Before her thoughts could continue, she heard a loud crashing sound, followed closely by glass scattering. She jumped slightly. The hell? She took a few steps and peeked out of her room. She couldn’t see anything, so she slowly started walking down the hall, toward the living room.


Suddenly, a man appeared at the end of the hallway. They both froze when they saw each other. Charoum was in a complete state of panic. The only thing that she could think was ‘run’.


And once she came to her senses, she turned around and ran. His footsteps thudded loudly behind her. She didn’t make it very far before he grabbed her tightly around the waist. The second he did, she screamed. The man immediately clasped his hand over her mouth and shouted at her in a language she didn’t understand.


She tried to struggle and pry his hand off, but to no avail. He easily lifted her up and carried her towards the living room.


There were two other men in there, and she slowly started getting scared. The man that was holding her said something to them.


The second man nodded, and the three headed out, with her in tow. Unwilling to be taken, she struggled again, a bit more viciously than she had before. The man almost lost his grip on her, when the second man clocked her on the back of the head. Then everything went black.

© 2008 Elemiah

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Good god this is like a soap opera O_O LOL, but i like it :3
Fantastic job. Good job with portraying their emotions corretcly and such. =D I APPROVE!!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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