A Chapter by Elemiah

When she awoke, she found herself tied to a chair. Blinking a few times, she noticed a bright light above her that made it near impossible to see anything outside of its circle of light. The long-sleeved shirt she was wearing had become part of her bindings. The unused sleeve was tied tightly to her wrist. Her ankles were also tied together.


She wiggled slightly, in an attempt to loosen her bindings, but to no avail.


After a few minutes, she heard a door open, and the rest of the lights came on. A tall, sharp dressed man walked in and over to her. He had dark hair and eyes, and had an accent that was very similar to Grigori’s.


“Well, well…” He crooned, touching her face. “What is this beautiful thing?” He gently grabbed her chin and tilted her head from one side to the other. She frowned heavily, wishing she were free enough to move away.


“Well?” He asked, raising a brow down at her. There was a faint hint of annoyance in his voice, though it was still mostly soft.


“Huh?” She blinked, confused as to what he was getting at.


“What’s your name?” He continued his study of her.


“…Charoum…” She responded uncertainly.


“Mmm…wonderful name.” He purred, tracing a finger over her cheek. She sighed angrily and did her best to move away from his hand. I don’t want to be touched.


“What do you want from me?” She demanded, surprised at how annoyed she was. The man replied by slapping her across the face. She winced, more in shock than pain.


“Insolent child.” His voice suddenly went cold, and she shrunk back in fear. “Children should not make demands of adults. Especially not girls.” She swallowed slightly, and stayed silent to avoid provoking him further.


“Now…we needed money from Mr. Nazarov…he wouldn’t give it to us, but now that we have you perhaps he can be persuaded otherwise…” Even though his tone was normal, she still felt absolutely terrified of him. Like he might just kill her for the fun of it.


“…he won’t come for me…” She said in a small, sad tone. He merely smiled, a wide, sadistic smile.


“I’m betting he will.” With that, he turned on his heel and left. She heard him say something in a different language to someone outside. Then his footsteps continued on.


Once he was gone, two of the men that had kidnapped her walked in, mumbling to each other. The second one closed the door, and locked it. She felt a strange sense of fear come over her as they approached her.


The first one got to her and started undoing her bindings. She blinked in confusion but didn’t do anything. The second one, apparently irritated by the slowness of his partner, grabbed her and jerked her out of the chair. She landed on the floor with a painful thud, and whimpered in pain.


The first one started to approach her again, but somewhat reflexively, she rolled away and started to get up. Before she could, however, the second one grabbed her by her head and slammed her head into the ground. She yelped sharply, and felt a dark fuzziness come over her mind.


While she tried desperately to recover, she felt the men start tugging at her clothes. No…no… But she could do nothing against them, and she shuddered as she felt her bare skin come in contact with the concrete floor.


When they had gotten her completely naked, they eagerly pulled at their own clothes, so desperate that they nearly tore their clothes in the process.


Grigori…Grigori…please save me…


Even before he got into the house, he suspected something was amiss. Inside, the shattered glass on the floor confirmed this.


“Charoum?” He shouted into the house. Dead silence. Maybe she’s still ignoring me… Fearing he was wrong, he rushed to her room, where she was distinctly absent. On the floor, he noticed the small butterfly he had gotten her, crushed into pieces.


He quietly walked over and scooped the pieces into his hand. …Charoum…I got this because it makes me think of you… He took them to his room and set them on his nightstand. Did I make you lose your wings…? Suddenly, his phone rang, making him jump.


“Grigori speaking.” He answered quickly.


“Mr. Nazarov! How have you been?” The voice on the other end replied.




“Oh good, you recognize me.” 


Viktor was a Russian mobster, the boss in fact. A few years back, he had tried to get some money out of Grigori, since he had a lot of it. The mob got most of its money from drug trafficking and prostitution and the like, but occasionally they got some extra money from unsuspecting businessman. Grigori refused to give Viktor any money, and finding no weaknesses to use against him, Viktor gave up.


Or, so Grigori had thought…


“…what did you do?” He couldn’t shake the sinking feeling that was coming over him.


“Your voice tells me you know already.” The faint victory tone in his voice grated on his nerves, but he kept himself calm. He had no fear of Viktor’s wrath, but he knew he wouldn’t be the one receiving it.


“How much do you want?”


“Welllll…” He purred, seeming to thinking about it for a moment. “Quite a bit…but for now, bring me 100,000, and I won’t kill your girl.”


“Fine.” He said coldly, trying to figure out how fast he could get that much money.


“Oh, and I’d be quick about it if I were you…” The faint, mocking tone caused him a bit of panic.


“Why?” He asked, dreading the answer.


“Well, I told the grunts that captured her that they could have some fun…” Grigori could practically feel him suppressing a laugh.


Rather than waste time debating with him, Grigori simply hung up.


It didn’t take as long as he thought it would to get the money, but still too long. He couldn’t make his car go fast enough. He couldn’t get into the building fast enough. He couldn’t get to Viktor fast enough.


“There’s your money.” He spat, slamming the briefcase on Viktor’s desk. “Now where is she?”


Viktor sighed and tsk’d. “Why so rushed, Mr. Nazarov? Don’t you want to chat with your old friend?”


No. Now where is she?” He growled, and considered beating the man across the desk with the briefcase.


“Fine…” Viktor said with a disappointed sigh. “Down the hall, third room on your left.”


As he rushed to the room, he passed two men snickering to themselves. Oh no. No. As he pushed open the door, he hoped and prayed that those weren't the men.


His hopes were quickly crushed.

© 2008 Elemiah

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DX I hate Mafias. I hate lackeys the most; mindless little effing...I still say there should be some eunuch-making going on.

Kant, not when all the boss is after is the money he's wanted for several decades; he probably has no inherent interest in Caroum, . And now, all he has to do is threaten Charoum for Grigori to pay more. Amiright?

Posted 12 Years Ago

this chapter made me cry... almost literally.
POOR CHAROUM! Atleast she was PROBABLY unconscious for most of it >.>;
Good job with this one. You made the mob boss seem really really evil. :D BUT...
most of the time when you hold someone ransom it takes a little longer to get them back. I'm just saying. *shrug*
ANYWAY... good job =D

Posted 12 Years Ago

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