A Chapter by Elemiah

“Happy almost birthday.” Grigori whispered, lightly kissing her drowsy form. “How does it feel to be almost eighteen?” He continued, with a faint teasing tone.


“Mmm.” She mumbled, staring at him. He simply smiled.


“Well. Let’s get you to school.” He murmured, getting out of bed and pulling her along.


It had been years since the trip to France, and things were going as perfectly as ever. Their relationship was well-hidden, publically, but in the comfort of home, their feelings only blossomed further.


Around her sixteenth birthday, they began sleeping in the same bed. Sex didn’t happen as often as one would think; cuddling was enough for them.


As far as personality, Charoum was the same as she had always been, except a bit more open. Still as serious as ever. She had gotten taller, and in fact was nearly the same height as Grigori. Much to her disappointment, her breasts didn’t fill out very much.


Grigori, of course, had no changes in his appearance. He openly cared for Charoum, something that was so unlike him. She was the most precious thing to him, and since that day in France, he had been protective of her, but tried not to be overbearing about it.


“I have a surprise for you when you get home.” He whispered as he pulled up at the school. “I hope you’ll like it…”


“We’ll see.” She murmured, giving him a light kiss. “See you tonight.” With that, she stepped out of the car and happily wandered into school. Class was rather monotonous, mostly from the teacher droning on about how the business world works.


It was during her second period class that she was called into the office. At first, she was unconcerned. She had done nothing wrong, after all.


However, when she stepped inside, and saw several school officials, along with some police officers, she started to panic. They scrutinized her for a few moments. Their expressions were a mix of concern, some of them even seemed sick.


“Ms. Talwyn…please come with us.” One of the officers spoke. She took what seemed like the first breath she had taken since she had stepped into the room. She silently complied, trying to figure out what was going on. I haven’t done anything. Maybe they think I know something about something else?


They led her out and to a police cruiser, and her panic increased. She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. Don’t panic. Don’t panic.


She was shuffled in, and they were quickly off. The cruiser had that air conditioned feel to it. One of the officers, whom wasn’t driving, glanced back at her. Noticing her nervousness, he spoke.


“Relax, Ms. Talwyn.” He spoke in a calming tone. “You’re not in trouble. We’re taking you into protective custody.” There was an odd, faintly sad tone on the edge of his voice.


“…what for?” A blank, clueless look crossed her face. What is he talking about? The officer seemed uncomfortable.


“Because you’ve been abused.” She was about to object, when she realized what he could be referring to. A slow, deep seated panic started rising in her. Oh no. No. This can’t be happening. How could they find out? We’ve been so careful… Tears started to well up, and she silently brushed at her eyes.


Please no…


“Stay in here for a bit, Viktor will keep you company.”


Wh…what’s he doing here?


It was the same man whom had kidnapped her all those years ago. He was smiling broadly, sitting in a chair across from her.


“Charoum…it’s been awhile…” The odd edge in his tone unnerved her.


“…what did you do?” She was scared, in a way she never had been before. He simply smiled.


“Well…let’s just say that I informed the police of yours and Grigori’s…exploits…” She swallowed and looked around the room.


One entire wall was a window, so surely he couldn’t do anything to her. Logic told her this, but fear told her that she could be out in the open and he would do as he pleased.


“…why?” She breathed painfully. “Why would you do this?”


“I got sick of watching him f**k his own daughter.” He said, with an angry sigh.


“…I’m not his real-“ He cut her off.


“Yes, you are. Though it doesn’t surprise me that he didn’t tell you.” He mused, glancing out the window.




“Why else would he adopt you?” He snapped, looking back at her. “He’s a rich businessman, why would he take an interest in some girl who was in a car accident?” The words stung. The truth always does. Just this morning my world was perfect…what happened…?


Seeing her world breaking seemed to satisfy him. Or at least greatly amuse him, judging by the smile growing over his features.


As the tears finally escaped he just laughed.


It took awhile for her to regain control of her tears. It would have taken longer, if not for her silent hate for crying in front of him.


His laugh only lasted a few short moments, but those moments were more than painful enough to make up for it.


Now he watched her, with an eerie silence. She simply stared at the floor, wishing the police officer would come back and save her.


With a quick, sudden movement, he stood and pulled her to her feet. Before she could make a sound, he had her pinned into the corner of the room.


“What-“ As was his way, he started speaking prior to when she finished.


“I want to see what you’re hiding.” With that, he began somewhat hastily undoing her shirt. A horrified, panicked sensation came over her, and she simply locked up. It didn’t take long for him to get it undone, with her lack of struggle. “You’d think you wanted me to see your chest.” He mused aloud.


When he finally saw her chest, a faint frown crossed his face. “Nothing good here.” Her cheeks burned in hate and embarrassment, and she finally found the will to struggle, desperately trying to push him away.


He turned her around, so that her back was facing him.  He kept a tight grip on her, to make sure she couldn’t do much but whimper.


Though she had long ago given up her desire to have her arm back, it still occurred to her that if she had had both arms, she would’ve been able to struggle harder, and he wouldn’t have her pinned so easily.


Of course, thoughts of her arm always came back to the fact that if she still had her arm, she wouldn’t have been in this situation in the first place. Never would have met Grigori.


“Please stop...” She pleaded, wishing her voice didn’t sound so pathetic.


“I just want to see…” He murmured softly, gently beginning to tug her skirt up over her hips. She couldn’t do anything but whimper in embarrassment and shame.


“Not bad.” He mused, giving her a somewhat rough squeeze. She gasped at the sudden touch. Even after he removed his hands, she could still feel the imprint of his fingers on her.


She hated it.


He released her and moved away, and she started, almost automatically, to redo her shirt, only to find she couldn’t.


With a fair amount of struggle, she grabbed on side of her shirt and tugged it towards the other, hoping that she could button it with her other fingers. She managed it just barely. Once she had gotten the first one, the rest were easier, much to her relief.


As she finished, the police officer from before poked his head in.


“It’s time.”


A few days later.


I missed my birthday… The last few days had been one painful thing after another. The stinging feeling in her eyes was becoming all too familiar.


This day had one small upside: She got to see Grigori.


At court.


“Hey…” He whispered. The pain in his voice was obvious.


“Hi…” Her voice cracked painfully.


“…happy late birthday…” He gently reached out and touched her face.


“…thanks…” She choked slightly, and took a sharp breath.  A tear slid down her face. He silently wiped it away.


“I’m so sorry this happened…” He glanced at the gathering jury members.


“…you knew, didn’t you?” She whispered, a faint hint of anger in her voice.


“Hm?” His focus returned to her quickly, surprised at the sudden anger.


“…that you’re my…real father…” She waited for him to speak. To deny it. Assure her it wasn’t true, that Viktor was lying.


That he adopted her because he had an interest in her, not just because he was her daughter.


Anything. She would believe him.


He didn’t speak. The silence spoke volumes more than any words he could think of to say.


“Why didn’t you tell me?” She whispered, completely broken. Tears spilled out, but she didn’t care. Her world was over. It was Armageddon.


"...I didn't want to be your father...I wanted to be your lover..." She started crying harder.


“Why? Why me?” He warmly pulled her into his arms and cradled her against his chest.


“…because I thought you’d need me…as much as I need you…” He squeezed her as tightly as he could before someone came and separated them. “I love you.” He whispered as he was moved away.


He was too far away for her to say anything, so she simply mouthed it to him, hoping he would see it.


It made him smile.


She was still in pain, but she felt better than she had before. He loves me. That’s all that matters. As the proceedings began, she carefully pieced her broken world together.


It’s going to be okay.


© 2008 Elemiah

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"so she made a heart at him with her hands."
zomg she grew her arm back? =O
Lol i just wanted to point that out... aside from that, GOOD JOB! This is like a super-duper soap opera! OH MY GAWD lol. Even though it is, I LUV IT! LUUUUUUUUV IT, I SAY! Even though it is incest, it's still awesome :P. IM NOT SAYING INCEST IS AWESOME.... just that... um... YEAH! the story is awesome =3
Good job, Elemiah!
Now... for more people to read it's awesomeness... *DEATH STARE AT JESTER*

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