A Chapter by Elemiah

The next day, she awoke to a faint, painful buzzing in her head. Grabbing her head, she whimpered softly as she tried to remember what happened.


They took Grigori away…


Then…then a man told me to take a pill to make me feel better…

I don’t remember anything after that…


She painfully opened her eyes and looked around. The room was strangely familiar, though it wasn’t hers. She got off her bed. Her legs shakily held her weight. Taking tentative steps, she slowly wandered out of the room.


The smell of food wafted from where she assumed the kitchen was. She suddenly became aware of how hungry she was. She took slow steps towards it, hoping for something good.


Suddenly, Grigori walked out of the kitchen.


When they saw each other, they stared.


Is this a dream?


He moved first, rushing forward and sweeping her into his arms. Only when she felt his arms around her did she believe it was him. The emotion from the court battle came back and she cried into his chest.


“I missed you…” She whimpered. “I missed you so much.”


“Charoum…” he whispered, kissing her. “I love you. So much more than you know.”


“I love you too.” She breathed when he gave her the chance.


They kissed for several long minutes, until Charoum’s stomach growled. She blushed in embarrassment, and a faint sense of sadness at ruining the moment.


With a smile, he set her on the couch and went back into the kitchen.


“Close your eyes.” He called out. She quietly did so, and patiently waited. While her eyes were closed, she listened intently; eventually she could hear him quietly shuffle back in, and set something on the table.


“You can open them…” He said softly, touching her hair.


A cake sat in the middle of the table, candles lit and flickering on the top. On it, ‘Happy Birthday’ was written in icing.


“Happy birthday.” He whispered, kissing the top of her head. As her eyes started to sting, he softly began singing ‘happy birthday’. She held in her tears until he finished.


“Make a wish.”


She closed her eyes, tears on the edge of her lashes, and gently blew out the candles.


The cake was delicious. It was chocolate, and the icing was vanilla.


“Remember that surprise?” he whispered when they finished their slices. She looked up at him expectantly. He smiled at her expression, then stood and walked out.


He returned shortly and stood in front of her. He took a deep breath, and then got down on one knee.


Her heart stopped.


“Charoum…” He whispered, bringing out a small ring box. “Will you marry me?” He gently opened the box, inside was a small diamond ring. It glittered with promise.


Her mind went blank. She wanted to scream yes, but she couldn’t make herself speak. It was almost as if time had just stopped. Is this…really happening?


His expression started to get uneasy, like he felt he had made the wrong decision. It pained her to see that expression on his face.


Unable to speak, she decided to tackle him; to show her love without words. He blinked and fell backwards, and she clung to his chest. Her voice returned as she felt the warmth of his body, and knowing it was all real. “Yes.” She finally managed to whisper. “Yesyesyesyesyes.”


He smiled and warmly kissed her. Her heartbeat returned at the taste of his lips. After a moment, he pulled away, and took her hand in his.


“I love you.” He whispered, sliding the ring onto her finger. “I love you, too.” She whispered back, as tears started to slide out. “I love you so much.”  He gently cradled her as she cried against him.


“Where’re we gonna have it? When’re we gonna have it? Who’s gonna come?” Charoum whispered excitedly, lying naked beside him.


“Mm…I suppose we’ll have it here…we can have it whenever you want…and why have there be anyone but us and the priest?” He murmured back, gently playing with her hair.


“Can I get a dress tomorrow?” She whispered, playing out the wedding in her mind.


“Of course…”  She snuggled happily against his neck. A sudden thought crossed her mind.


“…where are we?”


“In France…” He responded with a faint sense of uneasiness, concentrating on her hair. That’s why it’s familiar…


“How come?”


“…because otherwise we can’t be together…I wouldn’t be allowed to be near you…” He unconsciously tightened his grip on her. The mere thought of not being able to see him pained her, and she hid against his chest.


“I love you…” She whispered, fingers curling slightly in pain.


“I love you, too…” He whispered back, holding her close. “That’s all that matters.”


All we need is each other…


She stood alone in the dress store, looking around uncertainly. All of the dresses were gorgeous; how could she ever choose?


Grigori had insisted that they be ‘traditional’, and thus, he couldn’t see the wedding dress before the wedding day.


She was leaning towards a particular dress: it was plain and white, with a dark red ribbon around the waist. There was a small design around the bottom of it. He’ll probably like this… She mused, taking it.


The shopkeeper was an overly exuberant woman, not that Charoum minded too much. It was a nice change of pace compared to the serious atmosphere she was used to. A bag was given to her, which was draped over the dress. It was so she could carry it out without getting it dirty, but it also doubled as hiding it so Grigori wouldn’t see.


Charoum paid for the dress with money that Grigori had lent her, and then she left, carrying the dress as delicately as possible.


When she got back to the house, she snuck the dress to her room and hung it in her closet. She let out a sigh, imagining what the wedding would be like.


It’ll be wonderful…


“Charoum?” Grigori whispered, kissing her forehead.


“Hm?” She mumbled, glancing at him.


“Have you…ever considered having children?” He seemed a bit shy, or uncomfortable, about asking. He traced a finger along her face while he waited for an answer.


She blinked slightly at the question. It wasn’t something she had thought about before. For a moment, she closed her eyes, thinking about what it would be like to have his children.


It was a beautiful thought.


“No…” she said, in response to the question. “But now that I have, I would love to try…”


He moved on top of her and looked into her eyes.


“Are you sure?” He whispered, studying her intently. She nodded.


And they made love.

© 2008 Elemiah

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L7 lawl funky square.... but not really!
This was enjoyable, past trying not to get caught by a teacher haha. GJ! Tell me which book to write now, HO >:[

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on October 16, 2008



Buxton, NC

I'm not much of a writer...sometimes I come up with some good stuff, though. My talent lies more in drawing~ Get Your Own! | More Flash Toys more..

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