keep the faith

keep the faith

A Poem by Elie Marie

 If there’s ever a day I should write you a letter about

being true to yourself and following your dreams.

Today is the day.

Today, I met the person I’ve been admiring most for years.

My hero, and a real life hero.

(Paul Farmer… if you want to know, but that isn’t the point.)

Life isn’t always easy

I know that too well

I know the hurt and heartache that can come from it

I know the feelings of loneliness and being utterly and completely lost

Feeling like you have nowhere to go.

I know what the dark feels like much too well.

But I also know there are days like today.

I didn’t just get to see him, I got to meet him and talk to him.

He inquired about me, asked me questions, was genuinely interested.

And he said

“life is always about persistence”

I couldn’t say it better.

I met my hero and he told me what I was doing was great,

He told me he was ‘cheering for me’

He told me to ‘keep the faith’

So here I am,

For your 16th birthday…

Relaying the message.

It’s always about persistence

It’s always about keeping the faith.

Hope gets your through

At times, hope can also hurt much more than I would ever have thought

But without hope, you’re missing out on all of life’s beauty.

Without hope, you’re only going through the motions.

Whatever may happen

However dark it may get,

There are good days

There are magical times

And there are days you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams.

Following your dreams, instead of settling for what seems easier

Or more attainable

Or better per society’s standards

Isn’t persisting.

Following your dreams, at times,

Is hard, it’s rough, and it can feel lonely

But when you find those people that understand you

Those people that cheer you on and have your back

The people that truly believe in you and love you solely for you

There is no better feeling than to share life with them

To have people happy for you when you have wins.

So… if I was wise and had life advice, as corny as it may sound…

Do not settle. Ever.

Don’t settle

Don’t do it.

This life is yours.

You make the choices that shape it.

Life is for living, it’s for dreamers.

There will always be bumps

But if you stay true to yourself,

there will also always be magical moments.

Happy 16th birthday, darling <3


© 2015 Elie Marie

Author's Note

Elie Marie
A friend asked me to write a letter for her daugher's 16th birthday.
THis isn't quite a poem but I wanted to keep it somewhere.
It was a very meaningful day for me as well.

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sound wisdom ...good advice ... 16 and female is some of the hardest ground to cover (single dad with 2 boys and 2 girls) ... no one will ever convince me boys are harder to raise ;) i join you and your friend in hoping her daughter can hear your messages and keep them close as she continues her years in life .. nice one ... would send it to my own daughters ... even now as they are in their adult years (thirty somethings ;)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Elie Marie

8 Years Ago

thank you... feel free to do so :)

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Added on April 20, 2015
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Elie Marie
Elie Marie

London, United Kingdom

I write to breathe. I write for me, not you. I write to stay alive. I've never gotten feedback or been part of anything like this, I'd love to hear what anyone other than me thinks of my words.. more..

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