Forever Fair: Chapter Three

Forever Fair: Chapter Three

A Chapter by Elise Pehrson

Third chapter in "Forever Fair"



Chapter Three

Two years prior


            “He is having an affair with another woman�"a princess in another kingdom�"and now he’s planning on locking me away,” Azelia sobbed in disbelief to her mother and continued, “I heard him talking to her; he wants to marry her but does not want to kill me…” her voice trailed off and she began to cry once more. Her mother’s graying black hair spilled over Azelia as she put her arms around Azelia’s young and heartbroken shoulders. “What kind of life would I be living in an old isolated castle anyway?” She cried and crossed her arms.

            “Now Azelia, I’m sure that�",”

            “No, Mother, you don’t know! I would much rather die!”

            “Hush!” Her mother silenced in a worried plea. Azelia shamefacedly looked down at her bare feet emerging from underneath the twelve-layered silk gown she was dressed in. “Nothing is worth death,” she stated and looked out the window of her daughter’s wing of the castle�"a room encrusted with doilies and beautiful, unique and rare curtains and knick-knacks. The bed for her daughter’s napping was the most beautiful piece in the room; the centerpiece of her daughter’s now wealthy standing. It had bows and curtains on the three feather mattresses stacked on top of each other underneath two handmade quilts of the finest cloths and silk. From each corner of the bed projected a single golden bar with diamond-studded vines and roses swirling up to the top where the ties for the canopy made a bow.

            “Mother,” Azelia broke the silence, scooting herself up further on the soft, fluffy bed, “I know what I have to do.”


“Try again,” the guard instructed, nudging his head in an attempt to motion her to get up. She exhaled, annoyed, and got herself up and put her arms in the correct position in front of her torso. “Now, go!” And with that, the two of them brawled until one would fall, like the previous thirty times today. The guard training Azelia blocked her with his forearm and grabbed her tiny body, twisted her around, and shoved her towards the wall of the dimly lit back quarters of the castle. More rumors of the queen’s kidnapping floating throughout the castle, and some even spoke of death. Azelia wanted to be able to protect herself for the future ahead, but of course she had to hide from Jonathon and any loyal servants of his.

She grunted in exasperation, “I am never going to get this down!” She shouted and kicked a board coming off of the wall.

“Yes you will, my lady, now let us try this again.”


“You cannot win, Jonathon,” the queen came in ranting a few weeks after her training was complete. The king put on a baffled expression and innocently replied.

“Whatever do you mean, love?” The naïve, young Azelia clenched her fists.

“You know what I mean,” she spat out disgustingly, “You want to dispose of me like waste,” she walked closer to the king and nervously spat at his feet. The king kept his composure and simply gave a half smile to his wife. Azelia, now enraged, bit her lip and slapped him across the face. The king grabbed her wrist; Azelia winced in pain.

“I love you, Azelia,” King Jonathon whispered in the young woman’s ear, “I would never hurt you,”

“But I heard�",”

“What?” he interrupted, “Rumors?” the queen avoided his stare, but he put his hands on her face, releasing her wrist, and looked deep into her eyes, “They are just rumors, my love,” he smiled down at her and kissed her trembling lips. Azelia knew she had heard the king himself speaking of her disposal, but she knew that saying anything about that would just get her in trouble. Just nodding and trusting him were all she knew how to do. Besides, he knows that she isn’t stupid and oblivious now; he could never get rid of her.

© 2013 Elise Pehrson

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Solid story. Very strong in the descriptive arena and stays true to the language that would have been spoken for that time. I definitely am enjoying your book thus far.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Elise Pehrson

7 Years Ago

Thanks for your loyal reviews :)

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Elise Pehrson

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