Forever Fair: Chapter Four

Forever Fair: Chapter Four

A Chapter by Elise Pehrson



Chapter Four


            “Someone has killed the king!” Azelia ran out shouting to the guards, “It was this vile creature! His mistress! I slew her after she murdered him,” She convinced the guards as they ran in to take care of the scene, including King Jonathon’s lifeless body.

“You must rest, your highness, you do not need to be upset by this,” the queen gave an innocent nod and pretended to cry as she walked with two of her maids down to her napping quarters. The rage in her heart still fumed with blind fury and the queen wondered why she was not satisfied.

She remained immensely bewildered as she made her way inside of the room, twisting her nervous fingers around part of the bloodstained armor she had stolen. Knowing they would pay for asking, the maids left without muttering a word about the garb they found their queen wearing. Whether or not they believed the tale the queen spouted out did not matter in the slightest; she was their queen, and no matter how crazy she was, they had to blindly follow.

The room was still around Azelia as her rapidly beating heart consumed her mind. She clenched her fists and hit the walls, screaming. She ran over to the center of the room where her canopy bed still stood. She lunged herself on top of the fluffy bedding and dug her nails deep into the fine wooden headboard. “Why am I not satisfied?” She murmured under her breath. Then it hit her.

“It was not Jonathon…” The queen muttered, “It was that woman. That…woman…” She yelled and threw a mirror from her bedside table across the room; she watched as its glass shattered against the wall. She slid her body off the bed and slowly walked over to the shards by the wall and window. She picked up a piece and looked into it. “Men lose their minds when beautiful women come into their lives…” The queen stood there looking at herself in deep thought. Then, giving a sinister chuckle, she said to herself, “I simply must…eliminate anyone more beautiful than me…”

She glimpsed up at the window and saw her kingdom. She threw the shard onto the ground and placed her hands on the glass of the window. This kingdom will pay for its treacheries done to me. She breathed in a long breath and looked down at her reflection in the mass of fragmented glass. No one shall be more beautiful…than me.


© 2013 Elise Pehrson

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Added on January 30, 2013
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Elise Pehrson
Elise Pehrson

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