A Story by ElizabethAmBurns

American stereotypes meet Australian stereotypes. Entry for "Blind eyes, Dead hair, Pink Shoes."


“Oh my god, she’s doing it again.” Clare nudged her friend as she dug through the locker for a lunchbox she’d yet to discover she’d left at home.

Mel looked up. “What?”

“Katy.” Clare rolled her eyes at her and back at the girl she’d been glaring at quite obviously. “She’s doing the boy thing.”

The girl looked over Clare’s shoulder to the girl in the centre of a ring of fascinated boys. They had the intense expressions of men who could see the cookie in the jar but weren’t sure yet how to get at it.

“Maybe it’s the shoes.” She muttered and turned back to searching for her lunch.

“No. I wore pink shoes last week and the guys didn’t even look twice. Not even with the stripper heels.” Clare chewed her lip pensively. “It’s gotta be something bigger.”

“Has her chest come in?” Mel asked, already bored with the topic.

“Nope. And she’s still got that ratty dead hair from going blonde from black. I don’t get it!”

The boys all laughed in one chorus of desperation. Mel extracted her head from the locker to stare at them. They never paid this much attention to anyone else. Despite herself she was beginning to wonder.

“I’m gunna go check it out.” She told Clare who nodded automatically. Before her friend could register what she’d actually said and object Mel had slipped past with a notebook in hand.

She approached the crowd of boys and listened carefully, scanning the girl for any signs of sexiness that could be mesmerizing the local male population.

“…and then when you hit level 37 you have to fight an orc with a axe of fire wielding, but he has blind eyes so if you pick up the arrow of visions and hit him right in the middle you can stun him long enough to…”

“Hey Katy, I think you dropped this.” Mel said loudly, interrupting the girl. Katy looked confused. “No, that’s not mine.”

“My mistake.” Mel smiled brightly. “Watcha talking bout?”

Katy looked down, suddenly awkward in the presence of another girl. “Just League of Warcraft Guilds.”

“Oh.” Mel blinked, completely clueless.

“It’s an MMO.” She added.


“A game, retard.” One of the boys piped up, the spell broken. “Katy’s Guild leader of the Mountain Molls. You wouldn’t understand.”

“Yeah, push off.” Finished another boy. The men as one turned back to giving the girl their rapt attention.

Mel walked away, more confused than ever.

“Well?” Clare hissed so loudly a few boys turned.

“They like her cos she’s a gamer.”

Clare's jaw dropped. “That s**t.”

“No, I mean, like, she’s actually really good at some game the boys like.”



“Crap. How am I supposed to compete with that?”

“Become a level 38 Paladin?” Mel grinned.

Clare went back to applying lipgloss in the tiny mirror stuck to her locker door. “Don’t even joke.”

Mel shook her head. “It’s a sad day,” she said sarcastically, “when a girl’s abilities are placed over her physical appearance.”

Clare didn’t answer. She was too busy reapplying her mascara.

© 2013 ElizabethAmBurns

Author's Note

Entry for "Blind eyes, Dead hair, Pink Shoes".

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NICE ONE!! i really like Katy, and Mell's last words made me laugh soo much

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on April 3, 2013
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A Story by ElizabethAmBurns