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   “Just relax, you’re alright!” Lori shook Co. “Stop acting so hopeless!” Co rubbed his eyes, and sniffed.

            “Thank you, Lori.” Even though Co was just 3, he had nice manners.

            “Hey, Marx, come here and take this boy back to his palace, where he belongs.” The young prince Cosani; soon to be prince over Kalsifer. Marx; the brave and noble warrior walked around the charred bodies.

            “Come with me, young one.” Marx held out his hand. Co looked at him skeptically, until he took his hand. Marx swung Co around to his back, and began to run. Co squashed his eyes shut, as the rocket launchers, and guns fired at them as they ran across enemy territories.

            When they reached the castle, Co’s mother, the queen, waited anxiously outside.

            “Oh, Cosani! My son!” She grabbed her son desperately, and held him firmly. She bowed before Marx with great respect. “Thank you, for returning my son. I’m in great debt to you and Lori.”

            “We’re just doing what we were assigned.” Marx bowed before the Queen, because of her position. The Queen shook her head.

            “This war is going too far. Kidnapping my son is too far!” She pushed her aged lips together, and stomped her foot.

            “You’re Majesty, they did something to Co’s eyes, that Lori and I are still unsure about, but he seems to be fine.” Co looked up at his mother sincerely with his sharp violet eyes.

            “A beautiful violet, as they always are.” She looked up at Marx, confused.

            “Of course.” Marx left at that, to return to Lori.

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Added on March 30, 2010
Last Updated on March 30, 2010
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