Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Ellary™

Men in Black. [Lol, not like the movie. That played out nicely though.]


Chapter 2




           Alba laid on the floor. It was far more suiting for her then the master bed which towered over her from the ground. The door slid open, and Alba nudged her eyes shut. She heard feet walk over to her.

          "Alba?" Co looked at her, worried. "Alba, are you alright?" He shook her. Alba's eyes shot open, causing Co to jump. "For God's sake, why are you on the floor?"

          "I prefer the floor." She sat up, proceeding to stand. "Did you need me?" She looked at him.

          "Yes, Ruzo is here to see you." Co flinched, showing his dislike for the boy. Alba's eyes lit up, as she hustled downstairs.

          "Ruzo-Ruzo!" She stomped down the two flights of stairs, into his awaiting arms.

          "Hello beautiful." He smiled; that being very rare for a man of Ruzo's normally monotone attitude. It had been 4 days sense she had seen Ruzo, and she was over joyed. Co followed slowly behind Alba, going around her and her lover-boy, to the kitchen. Co had always tried his hardest to get along with everyone, but Ruzo had made him loose his nerve, so he assumed he'd get off to a fresh start.

        "Can I get you two breakfast?" Co rubbed his eyes.

        "Yes!" Alba shouted from the other room. Co groaned that Ruzo had not said anything. This would force him to address Ruzo individually.

        "R-Ruzo? Would you like anything?"

        "No, thank you. I picked up some Honeydew on my way over here, so I'm good."

        "Honeydew!?" Alba jumped at him. "And you didn't bring me any!? How insensitive." She crossed her arms, and faced the kitchen. Co looked at her, as she glanced playfully back at Ruzo. Co had always wished he could have that kind of relationship with someone. His Father, before leaving, had always told him he was far too insensitive to ever fall in love. He was happy for the two of them. He was happy that Ruzo wasn't actually insensitive, as Alba had accused him of. When really Co was the insensitive one.

          There was a loud disruption from the other room, as if a door had fallen down. Alba snapped back towards Co, with a worried look on her face. She rushed into the other room. Knowing she must do her duty if it was a break in.

 Before her stood five men. They looked up at her. They were clothed in black, and their faces were covered.

           "We're here for Cosani, little girl. Now if you could be so kind as to lead us to him."

            "I don't think I can do that." Alba took a defensive stance, as Co peeked in from around the corner. One of the men whispered something to the other, and Alba squinted her eyes. She pulled her 20-pound sword from around her waist. She held it up to them. "You have no dealings with Co. If his life is on the line here, as is mine." Co was astonished at how aggressive she now seemed. One of the men appeared behind her, grabbing her, disabling her from moving. Co tried to take action, but had no training or instruction in the art of self defence.

             Another man, bigger and stronger then the one who had grabbed Alba, then grabbed Co.

            "Alba!" Ruzo ran to her aid, only to be hit back by one of the men. "Who are you b******s?!" He wiped his nose, and balanced himself on his elbow.

            "Our name and where-about's are not for your ears."

 Co, being furious, rushed to them, and swung his fist in their direction. He hit one of their iron chests, hurting himself more then the black covered man.

            "What are you?" Co asked with clenched teeth. The man he had escaped from now held him tighter.

            "We are here to take you, Cosani."

            "If you take him, you take me!" Alba yelled at them as she whipped her body around.

            "If you insist." He tilted his head up, enabling them to see his face.

            "F-father!" Co's eyes became wide. "Why are you doing this?!"

            "Someone has to follow up as the ruler over all the Condors, right?" He looked at his now grown son.

            "!" Co was hit on the head, causing him to see nothing but black. Alba followed him in his black coma.


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