Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by Ellary™

I'm not crazy. I know I saw him.


Chapter One;


       It's unfair of me to judge them, but I do think they're the evil ones that Tituba is famous for. It's a little naive of me to get so suspicious over a simple birthday party, but I'm honestly scared to death. They're my only friends, but I know something's wrong with them. 'Something wrong,' makes it sound like their impaired. Oh no, they're far from it, judging from my speculations.

     Tituba, the high school for Witches and Wizards, is known for all the evil witches and wizards it produces. It's a great school, and a very nice one. It's located in the middle of Torch lake, the lake I grew up living next to. My parents would have insisted on me going elsewhere, like Putnam, if it wasn't for financial problems and the convienence of being so close to the school.

     Both of my parents went to Putnam, and married fresh out of highschool, resulting to loss of money and nessesities. So I had no choice to go to Tituba, I would have gone to Putnam if I had the choice.

     For one reason I was so nervous for this party, was because it was at a house of a boy I didn't even know. Either way, I had agreed to go. I stood hesitantly at the door in front of me. It was a dark shade of purple, and the door knob was gold, it fit nicely with the rest of the exterior house design. Like any rich family would own.

     I brought my skinny finger to the star-shaped door bell and pushed it in. Before five seconds pasted, Abby opened the door.

     "How long do you plan on pondering the color of our door?" She asked, and directed me inside. The inside of the house was very witch like. Lots of pastel, dark colors. In a room there was a small knee height table, surrounded by dark purple pillows.

     "Take a seat." Abby smiled, and went into a different room.

     "I cant stand her." A boy I hadn't even noticed said from across where I sat.

     "Why not?" I looked over him. He wasn't super-model attractive, but he had the kind of face that could grow on you. His hair was black, but it shined blue in the candle light. His eyes were blue as well; a very common color among wizards.

     "Because, the way she acts like nothing at all is going to happen-- she doesn't know I know she's up to something." The boy sighed and looked over the room.

     "I know! I get uneasy when I think about all the evil Witches from Tituba, I cant help but think Abby!" I was so excited that I wasn't the only one who thought this way.

     "Being her twin, I can feel what kind of mood she's giving off, and I hate it. It's always so negative, and... and evil."

     "I cant imply that much suspission, but I was uneasy about going to Tituba in the first place. It gives me the creeps." I shuddered a little, for more visual effect.

     "I feel like she's out to get me, since I'm the older one and I'll get the inheritance. She's always been so picky about that."

     "You're her twin?" I finally realized what he had said a few minutes past.

     "Yes. I can't say unfortunately, because I didn't always dislike her. She and I were very close child-hood friends. But on our 14th birthday, she started to gain understanding of the family line once mother died. Since then she hasn't let it go." At the end of his sentence, the door bell rang.

     "It's Willow." I snapped, I could tell because of the aura she gave off. I spoke before I had time to process what he had just said, which I regret. Abby wasn't tending to the door, so I got up to let Willow in.

     I saw Willow's smooth, brown hair before the door was all the way open. I was envious of her and Abby. I didn't have as much witch charm as the two of them. I wasn't as ugly as a human, but not nearly as pretty as a witch should be. And everyone says Black witches are supposed to be prettier and seductive.

     Willow followed me to the room where the boy had been sitting, but he was gone now.

     "Did you know Abby had a twin?" I smiled at Willow, but she didn't look so happy.

     "Sabel, Abby's twin brother died 12 years ago." Willow had a very concerned look on her face, but it was completely opposite to the Aura she was giving off.

     "That's a lie," I resorted. "I was just talking to him. He mentioned their 14th birthday, that was only a years ago." I pushed my black eyebrows together.

     "Funny joke." Willow sat down on her purple pillow. Her Aura was concerned, but not for me. It was giving off doubt, and uncertainty. Why would she be worried?

     Abby re-entered the room with a smile on her face. She quickly glanced at the pillow where her brother had been sitting, but said nothing.

     "Abby saw him! Your brother, he was here when I came." I looked up at Abby who set the tray of drinks on the table and took a seat.

     "Please don't bring up something like that on my birthday, Sabel." Abby looked to her lap. She was angry, her atmosphere said so.

     "I know I wasn't seeing things. What was he?" I glanced between their two faces, waiting for an answer.

     "Sabel, please." Abby looked up from her lap at me, I could tell she was trying very hard to look sad.

     "I'm not crazy-" I was cut off by Willow.

     "I don't know, you are one of four Black witches at Tituba." Her sharp green eyes pierced me.

     "It's not like I can help that." I looked at her skeptically. Why were they getting so defensive over something like this? Why couldn't they just tell me the truth?

     "Well then, Rosey." Abby began to pour the drinks, avoiding the topic. I let it go, too. I really didn't want to get on the bad side of my only two friends.

     I ate in silence. The two of them exchanged glances, and smirks, but I didn't make a single remark. I know what I saw, the boy was defiinantly real. Maybe he was dead. Maybe he had used magic to communicate with me just then. What a waist of good magic.


© 2010 Ellary™

Author's Note

Who is he? Well, just keep reading to find outtt. ;D

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