A Poem by Ellen Hammond

This poem, based on my experiences with death. May it bring some comfort and peace to anyone who has a fear of dying.




I was in my early thirties
When I nearly left this life
For my heart had stopped beating
While under the surgeon's knife.

My body was on the table
They worked to revive me again.
I watched in total amazement
Really stunned to feel no pain.

I drifted to the warm white light
And the farther I rose above
Words can't describe the feeling
Being engulfed in peace and love.

'But Lord, what about my children?
To leave them now would not be fair.'
So He gently reassured me,
They are always in His care.

Then I wanted to go with him
He said my work was not yet done
Still much for me to learn and do
And I had barely just begun.

Only twenty five years later
A drunk driver hit me head on
If not for divine intervention
I surely would have been gone

Suddenly, a pair of angels
Appeared beside me in the car
One just held his hand up, to stop
The engine from going too far

When he gently touched my shoulder
I was filled with peace, without pain
The other took my hand and led me
Back home, to my Lord, once again

Alas, it was just a visit
Once again He sent me back
My work here was not finished
Or there's something I still lack

When my work is finally over
And death comes as it may
Don't weep for me, beloved
At last its graduation day!

(c)Ellen Hammond

© 2023 Ellen Hammond

Author's Note

Ellen Hammond
This is the poem originally titled "MY LIFE"....but my friend Mark suggested the new title which I like better. Hope you think it is better too.

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Thank you for sharing your experience with me. Yes we have angels among us, a few times in my life I experienced their interventions, why us ? maybe because we are willing to share our experiences with others, God is making it possible for us to do so. I'm a friend of Sheila, she gave me your name. I wrote a true story about a month ago, the event happened almost 3 years ago, please read it if you have the time. The name is "Lifeline", you'll be glad you did. God bless you.
A friend...Annie

Posted 14 Years Ago

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deep beauty in this

Posted 12 Years Ago

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This is an exceptional life experience that sets us thinking how precious and purposeful our lives are. Indeed, "Graduation Day" seems a more appropriate title. Until that day comes, let's run our race.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I like the title very much and I can relate to an angel bringing me out of my serious car accident. I believe as you do we were left here for a purpose and our work here on earth is not done. Your words always have so much meaning and I think this is part of your purpose. Keep writing!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Oh Ellen, this is so eloquently spoken. A graceful and inspiring piece of writing. Just so beautiful...

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Either*, my apologies

Posted 13 Years Ago

Beautiful poem. While not religious at all myself, I can recognise your sentiment, and am glad to hear your religion pulled you through. You're a remarkably strong person to have been able to talk about what happened to you so honestly and beautifully.

It is very clear that you were meant to live, for whatever reason, and I hope you are able to find and fulfill this purpose, so when you do leave this life, you leave it happy. I too have been close to death (on more than one occasion), but all happened when I was too young to remember--the first of these being pre-natal. However, the fact still remains that I believe the same--clearly there is something that I am meant to live for. Someone, I should say, as I have found him.

Eitehr way, this was a truly breathtaking poem; it's clear that you appreciate life, even after everything (I saw on your profile what the selfish driver left you with), and that you do not fear death, which is both remarkable and wonderful. Clearly, you should be admired.

Finally-- I really like the last stanza. "Graduation Day"-what an excellent way of putting it :]

Posted 13 Years Ago

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For various reasons, I've always felt that life on earth is that so-called Hell .. the place where we all meet with troubles and stress, personal or global (to put it very briefly) .. The Heaven, that place, is what is before and after .. beautiful and welcoming, peaceful and ready for us, pillows for sad heads, beautiful gardens for smiles.

Your poem has just enlarged on my thoughts, quite a long time held, Ellen .. that the brief sight and feel of death is beautiful, it's a gasp of happiness, a touch of comfort and never, never to be denied.

Your faith and strength as shown in this poem is just beautiful and such an inspiration. Tears. I stop, thanking you. (Ellen)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Ellen, this is a perfect piece. It's well-written from the heart and from someone who has actually been there and recalls what's to come. I liked it and it brought back memories of my loved ones who've left here and graduated. I have no doubt what you experienced is true and look forward to it myself some day. Thanks again, friend. Keep smilin'...Lee

Posted 13 Years Ago

How wonderful this is Ellen, you tug at my heartstrings so heavily and I believe with all that is in me that eternity awaits those who want it. As you say, you still had work to do and you are doing it through your writing. I sincerely hope that you will publish, if you haven't already because your message will reach so many who need to hear it...
Loved this so much, have you ever heard of Elizabeth Kubler Ross? She did some wonderful work with very sick children who had experienced a visit with Jesus, very moving testimonies. (I may have spelled her name wrong)
You are wonderful...truly inspirational xx

Posted 13 Years Ago

Why must you make me cry (smile)? Truly these words have humbled my heart and actually answered a prayer that I made recently. I thank you so much Ellen. I am shelving this in my library and will hold you (and your God given talent) within the confines of my heart. THANK YOU.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Ellen Hammond
Ellen Hammond

Saint John, N.B., Bay of Fundy , Canada



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