Warning To Whispers

Warning To Whispers

A Story by Elrebmik™

She may have thought she was heading towards what she wanted, but what she discovers deep within the forest is far beyond what she hoped for...



I stepped over a fallen log and planted my feet firmly on the narrow path beyond. The blossom Daisies seemed to call my name as I starred at the dirt that was to lead me to the old, abandoned cottage hidden within the deep, dark forest that lay ahead. I zipped up my hooded jacket as the icy wind began to pick up. I managed to catch one last glimpse of the dimly lit sky before I took my first steps towards my hopes and dreams. This is what I want. I told myself over and over again as I felt fear creep upon my nerves, but I was dead wrong about what I was walking towards. Dead wrong.
_ _
The wind changed directions as a thick fog began to rise and cover the forest floor. I had been walking amongst the trees for what seemed like hours. Glancing up at the sky, I noticed that darkness had taken over. The only shimmer of light that succeeded in lighting up the forest was that of the full moon. I skimmed the forest ahead of me until my eyes stopped to rest on a brittle piece of wood hung on a branch. I meticulously stepped forward to read the faint marks upon its surface. This is going to be you. What does that mean? Then, I saw a row of new words. Look up. I gasped, froze, and didn’t dare look up. Instead, I squeezed my eyelids shut, and slowly started counting to five. One… Two… Three… Four… I hesitated before saying five, but it was not me who said it. My eyes flew open and frantically began to search the trees for where the voice had come from. They found… green eyes.
I starred deeply into the eyes as they starred into mine. The voice’s whispers are what spoke first, “Among the woods I linger. Never make a sound. I’ll take your voice away. ‘Till you can’t even shout.” I whipped around to meet the eyes hidden within the shadows once more. Once again, the murderous voice began to chant, “You’ll feel all the pain, every jerk, every bite, every blood gushing tear. I’ll laugh as you cry. Your body… paralyzed. You’ll be unable to move or scream for help. As if help would come here. HA!” The eyes disappeared, and then reappeared in the shadows behind me. “Don’t mind me. Continue on with your strange path. I’ll be seeing you later.” The green eyes vanished as well did the fog. My heart felt like it was going to jump wildly from my chest. My body shook with fright. I shrieked when I saw what the fog revealed on the forest floor. I stumbled over a bloody rib cage, but that did nothing to stop me from turning on my heels and making a run for it! My eyes scanned the path before me hoping to find the edge of the forest. I did my best to dodge the gory bones that were scattered across the death stricken ground. I was just about to jump over a decomposing body when the voice boomed throughout the forest, “Your trying to escape!?! Hmm, I do like a challenge. Very well…” My body ran faster as the voice died off. I could finally see the edge of the forest. Don’t give up. Almost there. I told myself triumphantly. My fear changed to hope as I grew closer and closer to the edge. Just a few feet… Bony fingers wrapped around my ankles and brought me crashing down to the ground. I clawed at the dirt, desperate to get away from the hold on my ankle. The fingers squeezed tighter as they began to drag me across the ground. I looked up in search of a face, but instead I found the green eyes. “Did you think that I, Mution, was actually going to let you escape? I THINK NOT! You shall die quickly rather than slowly. Your kind tastes better fresh anyway. Especially when they’re terrified!” I screamed into the night as I watched the light of the street lamps disappear behind the trees. No. No. No! I am not going to die like this. I just can’t! I dug my nails deeper into the soil and tried to jerk my legs free. Instead, my screams of pain filled my ears as I felt my foot rip apart from my leg. I then heard the faint sound of crunching and gulps. “Sorry, I couldn’t resist. By the way, you taste very good.” Mution said. Tears poured from my eyes. He pulled me into a large hole in the ground that led to an underground cavern. I starred in horror as I was dragged past various knives, swords, jagged sheets of metal, and other sharp tools. I turned my head slowly to the left and starred into darkness. I began to gasp for air as he shoved my face into a pool of muddy water. I tried to fight back, but knew I had failed when I felt a cold, sharp blade press against my throat…

© 2009 Elrebmik™

Author's Note

Just one of my old stories from a middle school assignment. Let me know what you think. :)

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Added on November 14, 2009
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