A Story by Elrebmik™

When Cassie Sumner visits her friend on an island the last thing she expects is to revisit a killer from her past. So what happens when something you thought you put behind you resurfaces and trys to kill you?



The wind blew my hair around my face. I pulled my jacket closer and pulled my hood on. Old boards creaked under my feet, threatening to collapse into the ice-cold bay with each step. I removed a wrinkled business card from my pocket. George Krystal, Ferry Service, Maddix Island. Now all I had to do was find the guy. I sighed and shoved the card back into my pocket. My eyes scanned the dock and stopped on a middle-aged man leaning against a brittle sign. I noticed that the chipped red paint said Maddix Island Ferry Service. Bingo.
I approached the man slowly and asked, “Um, are you … George Krystal? Ferry Service? I need to get to Maddix Island.” The man cocked his head and stared at me for a minute before answering. “ I am. Who are you?” I hesitated before answering. Have I seen this man before? My mind flashed back to past memories. My sister…the kidnappings and murders…No. That’s impossible. He was sentenced to a lifetime in prison… I shook my head, shaking the painful memories away.
“Cassie Sumner.”
“You wouldn’t happen to have a friend on the island who goes by the name Cora Potenski?” He stood up straight and waited for my response. I gasped. “Yeah, Cora! I’m suppose to stay with her on the island.” He nodded and motioned for me to follow him as he walked over to a boat. I hesitated and fixed my backpack straps before following.
­_ _
Salt air filled my nostrils as I took a deep breath. The ferry glided over the water as we approached Maddix Island. It had only taken a few minutes to get a mile away from the dock that was now behind us. Mr. Krystal pulled the ferry up to the island’s dock and secured it to the post.
“ Here you go, Miss.”
I paused before stepping off the boat. The wind changed directions as clouds moved in front of the sun, blocking its light. I looked back at the man. “Um, how did you know that I was a friend of Cora’s?” He gazed at me for a minute before answering,
“I’ve known her since she was a little girl. She called me a couple of days ago. Told me that a Cassie Sumner would arrive, and she asked me to see you to the island.”
“Oh, ok. Well, thanks.”
I planted my feet shakily on the dock and looked around for a pay phone. The dock was deserted. Where is everybody? A chill crept up my spine. I meticulously glided over to the pay phone and placed it gently to my ear. I growled. The line’s dead. I let the phone swing freely as I walked towards a bench to rest. I reached in my pocket and placed my cell phone firmly in my hand to dial Cora’s number. I waited while the phone rang.
“Hey, Cora. It’s me, Cassie. Could you come pick me up? I’m at the dock.”
I heard a gasp on the other line. “ Oh, shoot. Yeah! I’ll be there as soon as possible! Don’t worry!”
“Ok, thanks. Oh, and, uh, I’m sorry for not calling sooner.”
“Oh, it’s no big deal. See you in a few. Bye!”
“B-...” The line disconnected before I could finish. I sighed with relief and stared deeply into the trees.
_ _     
I had this odd feeling that I was being watched as I sat there on the bench. The wind made the trees sway as the sun slowly crept down. Street lamps blinked on and lit up the dock. I stared deeper into the trees and gasped. Gah! A young girl stepped dubiously out of the shadows and into the light. She had tousled, dirty blonde hair that dropped to her shoulders, and a filthy red sundress covered her form. She took a careful step forward. Her feet were bare and spots of dried blood covered her feet. The girl looked straight at me and stared into my stunned eyes. My eyes locked on to her crystal blue eyes as I waited for something to break the silence. I was the first one to speak.
“Um, hello. I’m sorry if I scared you. You kind of startled me there for a minute.” I flashed a nervous smile, but it quickly faded away when there was no response from the little girl.
I took a deep breath and slowly stood up causing the child to take a step back towards the trees. I hesitated before taking a step closer. The girl didn’t move an inch as I did so, but instead put her finger gently up to her lips and took off into the trees.
I stared, completely dumbfounded, at the spot where the girl had been standing just moments before. I took a step back towards the bench as headlights lit up the rough dirt road and came to a halt in front of me.
_ _
I trudged up the flight of steps behind Cora as we walked up to her condo. She carefully unlocked the door and entered the building with ease. I closed the door behind me and slid the locks into place. Wicker furniture greeted me as I entered the room a bit further to follow Cora to the guest room.
“I’m sorry if the room’s a bit stuffy. I tend to keep the door closed when it’s not being used.”
I took a deep breath. “No, it’s perfect. Thanks so much for inviting me.”
“No problem. I enjoy having company. It’s so much better than being alone.” She sighed.
“Well, why don’t you take a shower, and I’ll order some pizza and a movie. How’s that sound?”
“Great! The bathroom is just down the hall to the left. Feel free to make yourself at home.”
Cora walked out of the room leaving me to tend for myself. I threw my heavy backpack on the bed and slid my shoes off. I walked over to an oak wood dresser and placed my belongings in it. Grabbing my pajamas off the bed, I headed for the bathroom to take a nice refreshing shower.
_ _
I slid my brush through my wet hair and walked back to the guest room. I placed my toiletries on top of the dresser and went to find Cora.
Photos of her family where hung on the rough eggshell walls. A single bulb illuminated the hallway. I turned a corner as the aroma of fresh pizza filled my nostrils. Cora greeted me in a pair of satin nightclothes with frog prints covering the surface and matching slippers. She led me to the living room where the pizza and sodas were waiting on a coffee table. We each took a chair and a piece of pizza. I popped open my can of Coke and took a couple sips. Cora began the movie when we were finished eating and got comfortable in her soft, fluffy chair.
It was just a few minutes into the movie when I began to drift into a deep sleep.
_ _
A sour copper smell filled the air. I looked down at my sister’s limp body held in my hands. Her wrists were tied with barbed wire and blood caked her clothes and face. Her eyes gently shut as her last, dying breath whistled through her dry lips. “ Lauren! No!” I started to cry, for there was no answer. I stood up and choked out a few words.
“Lauren, I’m so sorry.” Tears streamed down my face and I looked around frantically as a voice started to scream my name.
“Cassie? Cassie? Cassie!”
I slowly slipped out of my dream as my eyes began to flutter open, and my mind slid back into reality. Cora was shaking my shoulders and continued to repeat my name.
“Cora? Wha-? Is the movie over?”
“Yeah, Cassie. It just went off.” She let go of my shoulders to extend her hand out to me. I grabbed it and stood up stiffly.
“Wow. You’re really tired.”
Cora put her arm around me as I began to sway and helped me to my room. She pulled the covers back and I climbed in lazily. “ Goodnight Cassie.” I yawned.
“Goodnight… Sarah.” My eyes closed and I drifted back to sleep.
_ _
I opened my eyes as the morning sun lit up the bedroom. I turned over and stared at a thin sliver of sunlight reflecting onto the soft red walls. I glanced over at the digital clock to see what time it was. 9:07 a.m. I got up, stretched, and walked over to the mirror to examine the damage. Ugh! My soft black hair was sticking up all over the place. I grabbed my brush and ran it through my tangled hair. I finally gave up and threw my hair up into a high ponytail. I walked over to the dresser to get dressed. I shoved my feet into a pair of worn red Converses as Cora came and knocked on the door.
“Cassie? Come look at what’s on the news.”
I followed her into the living room and focused on the TV.
“Local youth missing! Described as a twelve-year-old girl with shoulder length red hair and light blue eyes. Last seen wearing no shoes and a red dress. We ask for you to help locate this child. Now for the traffic report.”
            I gasped. The description of the girl fit the child that I had seen last night at the dock. It was her. I stood there, lost in thought.
“What’s wrong Cassie?”
I turned my head to see Cora starring at me with concern. I blinked. “Um…” Should I tell her? I glanced down at the floor. Not yet. “It’s just really upsetting and all. I mean just think of how worried the girl’s family is.” I stopped myself there. I didn’t want to babble and look like I was lying about anything. Cora didn’t look convinced. I wracked my brain for something else to say. I sighed. Nothing. I opened my mouth to speak, but I was interrupted by the sound of a soft knock on the door of the condo. Cora stepped over to the door and opened it to reveal Mr. Krystal standing at the top of the flight of stairs that led to the condo.
“Come on in George.” She said as she held the door open. Mr. Krystal limped in and handed Cora her mail. My mind flashed back once again to my sister and the other missing girls. I gasped. No way. I took a step back and gaped in horror. He’s the one who kidnapped and murdered my sister and the other girls, but…I thought he was put in prison? Wait…what if? Mr. Krystal must have noticed me starring because he spoke to me. “Oh, I hit my knee on a post getting off of the ferry this morning. It put a little limp in my leg.” He grinned, showing all of his yellowing teeth. Cora gasped. “ Are you all right?” He turned and pointed at the stairs. “ For the most part, yeah. It’s just difficult to walk. Especially up those steps.”
“Come on. I’ll walk you out.”
Cora grabbed his arm and laid a gentle hand on his shoulder. I stood there, frozen to the spot as I watched them walk out the door. I saw Mr. Krystal cast a curious glance in my direction, but it was quickly interrupted when Cora grabbed the door and closed it.
_ _
I was worried. It had been almost ten minutes since Cora walked out the door with Mr. Krystal. I paced the hallway as several thoughts ran through my mind. Maybe I am just mistaken. Could he really have escaped from prison? If so, what is he doing here? Does he recognize me? I wonder…I sighed in frustration. I have no idea. I stopped. Wait! What about the missing girl!?! Does he have anything to do with that? I ran into the guest room and grabbed my jacket and cell phone. I’m going back to where I saw the girl, and then I am going to find her. I’ve got to find out what’s going on. I have to save her! I walked quickly to the front door, but halted when Cora emerged from outside. She looked at me, then at the jacket clutched in my hand. “Where are going?” she asked suspiciously. Uh oh. Better think fast.
“I thought I’d go shopping in town and maybe grab some lunch. Do you want to come?”
She smiled. “ Yeah, sure. Let me go get my purse out of my bedroom.” I grinned back. “ Yeah, ok. I’ll wait in the car.” She walked past me to the bedroom. I guess I’ll have to find out later. I thought to myself as I walked down the front steps.
_ _
It was evening before we made it back to the condo. The last of the sun was disappearing under the horizon as the moon rose into its rightful place above the clouds.
I threw my purchases onto the bed. The digital clock on the nightstand read eight-thirty- two. I was drowsy. I took a shower and crawled under the soft, warm sheets on the bed. It didn’t take long for me to drift off into a deep sleep.
_ _
I woke up to the sound of pattering rain on the windowsill and the smell of bacon drifting from the kitchen. I ran a brush through my hair after getting dressed, then trudged hungrily into the kitchen. I took a deep breath.
“Smells delicious.”
Cora turned her gaze to me from the pan. “Thank you. I thought I’d cook this morning. Could you start the eggs?”
“Yeah, sure.”
I walked over to the fridge and pulled out a few eggs. I set them on the countertop and grabbed a bowl from the cabinet. Cora took a breath and focused her attention on the frying pan where a few pieces of bacon were sizzling. They continued to sizzle as she placed them on a glass plate with the rest of the cooked slices of bacon.
I began to scramble the eggs in a hot skillet as I watched the rain flood the birdbath in the front yard.
_ _
After breakfast, Cora left to go to a meeting. She was a wedding planner’s apprentice who went by the name Renee Francisco. I’d never met her, but Cora said that she was good at her job.
Rain had begun to fall in buckets from the sky. I was sitting in a wicker chair in the living room lost in thought. Let’s see. I have three hours before Cora gets back from that meeting. This just might be the perfect time to go back to the dock and figure things out. I grabbed my cell phone and locked the front door behind me as I walked out the door.
_ _
The rain had died down. I was half way to the dock. A few cars past me as I walked along the sidewalk. I had a feeling that I was being watched, so I began to walk a little faster. A rustle in the trees beside me made me stop. I turned to face them while my eyes scanned the forest carefully. A blur of red crossed my line of sight causing me to jump backwards. My eyes searched the spot frantically as my heartbeat sped up. Screaming filled my ears as I was knocked down backwards onto my back. A sharp sting shot up my spine as I cried out in pain. I squinted through my tears and found a face. It was the missing girl.
“Help me! I got away! He’s angry! He wants me dead!”
I blinked away the tears and scrambled to my feet. “Who’s chasing you?!” I waited for her response. “WHO?!” The girl turned back to the forest then turned on her heals and sprinted across the road. I ran after her, but couldn’t keep up. I slowed to a walk and searched for the girl’s presence. Nothing. I turned and headed back to the highway. I jumped when my cell phone suddenly rang. “ Hello?”
“Cassie? Where are you?”
It was Cora. I sighed and began to lie to my closest friend. “I went for a walk along the main highway. I must have lost track of time.”
“Oh, well, I’m back at the condo. Do you want Chinese for supper?”
“No thanks. I’m not a big fan of Chinese. I’ll just eat cereal or something for supper.”
“Oh, ok.”
I heard the disappointment in her voice as she spoke. I waited for her to speak.
“See you when you get back.” The line clicked. “Bye.” I whispered.
I placed my phone back in my pant’s pocket and crossed my arms. They were sticky with blood. My stomach turned as the copper smell hit me. I must have scraped my arm when I fell. I noticed a stream up ahead and I rushed forward eager to get the blood off of my skin. The water cleansed my arm and revealed a shallow cut that extended from my elbow to the mid point of my arm. I grimaced. Well at least it doesn’t need stitches. I pulled my sleeves down to hide the cut and the dirt that covered my arms.
I found my way back to the highway and turned to walk back to the condo.
_ _
The front door creaked open as I stepped in and closed it behind me. I gulped down a bowl of cereal as Cora watched me curiously. I placed my bowl and spoon in the sink and walked towards the hallway. “ I’m going to take a shower and go to bed.”
I crawled into bed with many thoughts racing through my mind. Was Mr. Krystal chasing the girl? Has he picked up where he left off before he was caught? I soon fell asleep from exhaustion and entered a dream.
I was kneeling on the forest floor with Lauren once again in my arms. Blood poured from her lifeless body. It trickled down forming a pool on the forest floor. Her face was stone white from the blood loss. I turned my head towards the edge of the forest. A branch snapped behind me causing me to whip my head around in the direction of the noise. I watched as the predator approached us slowly. Blood poured down the blade of the butcher knife tucked away in his hand. The sticky liquid spotted his arms and his shirt. It was the blood of an innocent girl, my sister. “Stay away!” I hissed as I clutched the body closer.
“Too late. Your times up, just like hers.”
He pointed to the body. I glanced down at my sister and screamed. The cold blade of the butcher knife was suddenly pressed against my throat.
The sound of his laughter was the last thing I heard before I woke up and slipped back into reality once more.
I gasped for air. Sweat coated my forehead. It was Friday morning. Today’s the day.
I got dressed and snuck out the door of the condo. I’m coming. Don’t worry. I’ll be there. I thought as I began walking towards the dock.
_ _
As I approached the dock, adrenaline began to course through my veins. The morning mist was still settling when I entered the forest lining the beach. I walked deeper and deeper into the forest, hoping to find what I was looking for. Oh God. I froze and leaned against a nearby tree for support as the smell of blood rushed in to fill my nostrils. Nausea filled my stomach, as the stench grew stronger. I covered my nose and stepped closer to the lifeless body of the innocent little girl. I’m too late. I stared at the glistening pool of blood surrounding the corpse. Suddenly a surge of fury came over me.
I picked up the girl’s body and pulled it into my lap as I observed her features. The color had drained from her face. She’s been dead awhile. I sighed. I should have tried harder to save her. I knew something was up.
My body froze as a fallen branch snapped behind me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Here we go. I waited a few more seconds before jumping to my feet and whirling around to face the girl’s murderer, Mr. Krystal.
He had a wild look in his dark brown eyes as they locked on to mine.
“So, you remember me. I thought you might.”
He flashed an evil grin before cackling wickedly. He drew something from his pocket and held it out for me to see. I gasped as angry thoughts filled my mind. A bloody lock of Cora’s brown hair was clutched in his murderous hand.            
He laughed that much louder as he watched the anger dance across my face.
“Don’t worry. She was asleep when I killed her. Didn’t feel a thing. I ripped a lock of hair from her sweet little head as a trophy.”
He paused, waiting for my reaction. More angry thoughts burst into my head. It was my turn to speak.
“You filthy wretch! You’re not going to get away with this! This time I’ll make sure you are condemned to death!”
The words hissed through my mouth as the anger grew inside me. He laughed.
“See? Now this is where you’re wrong! You are going to die just like Cora, just like all the little girls, and just like little Lauren! Your time is up! I have come back determined for revenge and I’ll get it! Time to die!”
He lunged at me, eager to make the kill. I dodged him easily and delivered a sharp blow to his gut with my fist. He grunted as I reached down and snatched up a large branch to use as a weapon. Mr. Krystal turned and glared at me. He cackled.
“Your smart, but unfortunately for you, that comes with a price.”
He reached behind his back and pulled out a machete. Like the knife, it was also covered with dried blood. Wonder who’s it is. Uh oh. I clutched the branch in my hands as he came at me for a second time. The machete swung at me as I ducked down and grabbed the blade. The sharp edge dug into my palm as I continued to grasp it. I pulled, trying to wrench it free. The blade cut in deeper causing me to scream out in pain. My scream echoed through the forest as I continued to tug on the blade of the machete. Finally! I gripped the weapon and sprinted a few feet from Mr. Krystal before whirling around to face him.
He stood with his back turned to me, stunned. I mocked him. “I see you’ve gotten slower. I’m not a helpless little girl.” He turned slowly then lunged at me again.
I crashed down to the ground and hit my back on a tree root sticking out of the ground. He was on top of me trying to take back the machete. He punched me in the face, attempting to make me let go. I held on. The blade of the butcher knife sliced my cheek, causing me to act on reflex.
His high-pitched screams filled the forest as the wide blade of the machete was shoved into his chest. Gotcha! He panted and clawed at the metal sticking out of his body.
I shoved him off and gasped for air. I watched as the body of George Krystal slowly went limp.
Blood was smeared across my cheek and my clothes. Dirt stuck to the sticky wet blood that was soaked into my hair. Sirens wailed as flashing red and blue lights played across the forest trees. A sharp pain shot through my leg as I pulled the butcher knife from my thigh that had been shoved in at the very last moment. Blood gushed from the four-inch gash in my leg.
Police officers crowded in and a stretcher approached my body. I was lifted up into a stretcher and carried over to an ambulance. “He’s dead.” Is all I managed to choke out before my mind slipped into unconsciousness.

© 2009 Elrebmik™

Author's Note

Just another one of stories that probably needs improving. I'm working on getting better though. :)

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I love this! It kept my attention the whole time (I usually lose intrest when I'm reading peoples stories on here) It had a great, original plot, and it was very detailed! Great write!!! You are very talented!!! :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

great story. and storyline. Had that touch of suspense that made me want to keep reading on. I liked the ending too. It's not a very definite ending, so readers can kind of make their own end (like what happens after the fighting scene). great work! :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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