Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by Emma Lyn

You know... When Said that time flies when your having fun... Oviously the summer blew by unmanageably fast. Where did it go? Don't ask me. It was already the first day of high school and I was biting my nails in horror. As soon as I knew it I was at line up. I walked straight up to my favorite spot. (My school was kindergarden throgh twelth grade) and sat down starring at my lime green flip flops trying not to get noticed. Of course this kind of thing never really works. The second I sat down Olivia Greene an extremely popular jerk looked down at me as if I were a speck of dust, and smiled. "Hi Kat-ey" she said the voice I were so used to and humiliated by.(Everyone always pronounces my name that way to annoy me all because it's spelled k-a-t-y). I continued to ignore her and look down. "Go to the beach over the summer? Oh right sorry I forgot your family can't afford it. Is it because they're too busy paying for your dumb brothers treatments? I guess so! She said in a matter-oh-factly tone. My little brother, who was only in first grade had cancer. I loved him will all of my heart and always defended him. I knew that I shouldn't give her what she wants, but I couldn't help it. I just snapped. "I hate you why won't you just die?" I screamed. Everyone including all of the faculty stared at me. Olivia smiled and walked away. A teacher I didn't recognize walked up to me. "Come with me right now! Your going to Mrs. Pippins' office!" (Mrs.Pippins is our principal and when she means buisness, she means business.) "But it wasn't my fault she-" "Be quiet or you'll get more in trouble then you already are." I sighed and followed her even though I could find my way there blindfolded.I had been there many times every time because of bullys.I wanted to be popular. I wanted a friend. I wanted a life. Didn't I have one? No. I was going throgh the motions of life without living. My own thoughts were interrupted. "This young lady said something very mean to another student so I suggest that you have a conversation with her." "What did you say?" "That I hated someone and I wished they were dead." I blurted out. I always had a hard time telling a lie, everyone always saw throgh me. "To who?" "Olivia Greene" "She is a perfect student, an angel. How could you? I am calling your mother this instant!" "But-" "There are no buts" My mother then came in and grounded me. That night I cut for the first time.

© 2011 Emma Lyn

Author's Note

Emma Lyn
Thank you so much for reading my story!

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Posted 12 Years Ago

I loved it duh (does that count as a review in your book?)

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Emma Lyn
Emma Lyn

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All about me!!! *Basics* name: Emma birthday: March zodiac sign: Pisec where were you born: New Jersey where do you live now: New Jersey height: 5"6 hair color: Brown with red and blonde nat.. more..

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