A Poem by Emily Marie

Grendel a classic anglo-saxon creature cursed onto the people from hell. But in John Gardner's book from the monster's point of view we see a different side of him. This poem is inspired by the book.


Read your lines carefully,

Read your lines mechanically.


For your actions are as dull as the blade on my skin

Your kin will suffer loss within

The kingdom so gray

Lacking personality

For tragedy turned to sanity of actions not brutality

But this commonality shant be!

You’re Majesty!

These fatalities, this reality, is my normality.

But you. Claim humanity as something more than monstrosity

You’re majesty.

Do not take my apathy as formality.

Your mentality is irrationally hypocritical.

And yet so satisfactory.


My atrocity is worn, yours are born into visions

Shaped by the blind

Unable to see the horrors glamorized

Singing tales of the slain

And stories of the brave.


Now read the lines carefully,

Move your lips mechanically,


Read over again not to miss a letter,

A syllable because these words spell volumes


The courage you value so doesn’t exist.

Excuse the fire spewing from my mouth

But out of true venomous words

No one can live up to

The expectations.


Such revelation that your

Mutilations are done in cold blood

Too much?

No motivation No regulation for the loss!

There is segregation between us!

I murder for use!

You for stimulation!

Molestation and reputation of emasculation

Inflation of your EGO.

Domination of the weak and for what?



Don’t you see through the lines?

Can’t you tell what’s inside?


This fixation of the world isn’t for you!

When I was young I saw the constellations

Where you would see your god

I saw the dust.

Little specks and a gust of wind

Could make them combust into what me

And you are now

Little Grendel rushed to tell mother

But mother huffed and pushed her breast past

I clutched a tuft of her and cried.







Her mind was damned to instinct

So her eyes as blind as you

To mechanized movements


You fear me so carefully

And go about mechanically


When in truth I am the God,

The push to pull you forward

Break borders of the mind

In order for you to create

To break the strings tying your limits off

To said Lord

But the religion is your puppet master

Don’t listen to the pastor

The world is a disaster

Inevitable to end in ruin

None safe not animal nor human

No dragon or monster.

The specs of dust can make and destroy

An instant of no decision

None safe no sinners or Christians

Religion. HA prison of the mission.

Keeper of the minds.

Trying to be forgiven.

By nothing.

Nothing… Nothing

This world is nothing.

And I watch children play

And the men will stay

To defend nothing

Nothing… Nothing.

The Lord is nothing.

Creating what dies,

Blue turn gray skies.

Nothing… Nothing.

I am nothing.

Grendel the watcher

Grendel the stalker

Grendel the killer

Grendel the bitter

He who rips apart the people

Breaks bones of pleasure,

Drinks blood of whomever.

But this Grendel is lonely

And he is torn.

Hands held the dead

But never a lover.

So Grendel I am

And Grendel I’ll be.

The Killer

The bitter.

And stalker of thee.

For it’s all I can get

To get away from me.

© 2014 Emily Marie

Author's Note

Emily Marie
Sorry if it is confusing. <3 leave comments it's always

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I liked this write. I enjoyed this read...Bravo..

Posted 5 Years Ago

I liked the poem. Create places and wild visions.
"My atrocity is worn, yours are born into visions
Shaped by the blind
Unable to see the horrors glamorized
Singing tales of the slain
And stories of the brave."
I like the way you led the reader to a very good ending. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Emily Marie
Emily Marie

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