~The Cliche Story of a Cliche Life by a Cliche Girl Who Once Upon a Time Believed."

~The Cliche Story of a Cliche Life by a Cliche Girl Who Once Upon a Time Believed."

A Poem by Emilie Renee Barnum

Dear Reader,


Have you ever been so distraught?

So mistaught?


Have you ever wanted to change?

To have your life rearranged?


Have you ever fallen so miserably low?

With no one to turn to and nowhere to go?


And it seems like all mistakes play over and over again in slow motion,

so you hide away and forget all sense of emotion.


Have you ever been scared to love because you've only been hurt before?

Because every time you let someone close the next thing you know they're walking out the door.


So you leave before you're left again,

before you're heartbroken like way back then.


Trust? I cannot seem to do anymore,

like broken glass it cannot be properly restored.


Love? Wounds are stil deep and I try to have them heal,

but people tear them open once again to allow me to know I can still feel.


I haven't been away from this terrible habit for very long,

and I see the razors structure fits perfectly into my palm.


Then the first cut is made without hesitation,

and I've accepted that I've fallen prey to damnation.


So I cut my wrists,

and I think of all the words I should've said that I could never get pass my trembling lips.


My life, it's so cliché,

so here's the story if I may.


No, daddy didn't love me,

and mommy didn't care.


My first love betrayed me and I felt the pain was something I couldn't bear.

Daddy did drugs, yeah he was an addict,


Mommy tried to ignore the signs 'cause she hated conflict.

But I remember pain was what daddy liked to inflict.


Daddy left one day,

and I thought my troubles had all passed away.


But, they only grew more and more,

until I experienced pain like nothing before.


Don't misinterpret my story now,

I was no angel I fell into hell somehow.


I became cold, bitter, hateful, and untrusting.

I found love to be quite disgusting.


I cut my wrists just to remind myself that I was alive,

that through the painful years I had survived.


The cutting never stopped and neither has the pain,

and I always wonder if any of the emotions I lost will ever be regained.


I'm not crying over this, I've come to terms with what has happened in all this time,

it's okay, it's alright, because I'm so beyond fine.


This is the cliché story of a cliché life by a cliché girl,

who once upon a time believed anything was possible in this fucked up world.


Written by Emilie Renee

© 2013 Emilie Renee Barnum

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wow this is extrodinary. I loved you you directly addressed the reader and how you used the questions.
I love how honest you are, thank you for sharing your story. I also found the title very creative and appealing.
All in all simply brilliant :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Emilie Renee Barnum

10 Years Ago

Thank you! It's always great to hear such positive feedback!

10 Years Ago

you're most welcome :)
anything but cliche...

but very real...i like that the speaker has come to terms, and is not crying over it now...

love throws us so many curveballs...after my first divorce, my first really big hurt...the scar grew over the wound but never hid it enough...and i often did what you talked about here...
i left before the other person had a chance to leave me...and that is no way to live or love.

i guess i am a cliche story also.


Posted 10 Years Ago

Emilie Renee Barnum

10 Years Ago

I suppose we're all a little cliché in some way or another, no?
jacob erin-cilberto

10 Years Ago

i'd rather be cliche or slang than pretentious...:)

but yes, how can we avoid it?
.. read more

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