~Scars, Chains, and the Story of a Girl With Angel Wings."

~Scars, Chains, and the Story of a Girl With Angel Wings."

A Poem by Emilie Renee Barnum

Sitting on the window sill,

gazing at these stars.

Memories flooding into my mind,

past actions have me looking at my scars.


Memories so captivating,

binding around me like chains.

Still searching for my freedom,

but the pain always remains.


So I look to the mirror,

I see a girl with white angel wings.

She's strong, she's confident, she's free,

she only has happiness and hope to bring.


My scars begin to open up,

and fresh wounds are there again.

I cry and I scream and I beg,

will the pain ever leave if so tell me when.


Scars that never seem to fully heal,

chains that bind tighter each day.

The pain I hide within myself,

is something that never goes away.


I look toward the mirror,

the girl with white angel wings is gone.

she's been replaced by a young girl,

one that seems so fragile in a world gone horribly wrong.


I gaze deeper,

I see that girl is me.

Scarred wrists, swollen eyes, and lips that tremble,

I try to make sense of what I've become of how this is who I could be.


My wings are tattered and bloodied,

the chains have fallen to the ground.

Memories no longer haunt me,

freedom has become something I've found.


No more open wounds,

no more chains.

I look to the mirror to see my white wings,

the pain no longer remains.


Written by Emilie Renee

© 2013 Emilie Renee Barnum

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Beautiful poem.
I wrote something similar years ago and it touched my heart to know there are people out there that could feel something so profound.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Emilie Renee Barnum

10 Years Ago

That is exactly why I write, to allow people to understand they are in fact not alone.
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I loved this. I almost cried while reading it, but than hope was there. You are a very good writer poet. I bow my head to you.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Emilie Renee Barnum

10 Years Ago

Thank you so much

10 Years Ago

No thank you for sharing.

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Added on July 15, 2013
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