A Poem by King Wolfe (Dylan A. King)

What is a secret?

A secret is
the sound of
a country breeze
whistling softly through
an oak wood

or the sound of
an old barn
creaking as it holds
strong against the storms rage

A secret can be
hidden like
beams of sunlight
blocked by the black
of night's construction

or it can be
as easy to see as
an albino fawn
in the middle of a
low cut field
grazing on the
dew covered grass
as the dawn's golden rays
caress it figure

A secret can be red
as a harvest moon
in the mid autumn night
as it showers the earth in
crimson rays calling from
the great wolf a howl

or blue like the
first sight of a spring
sky, after emerging from
the monotonous white
of winter's shed

A secret can be kept
like the hill keeps the
grand oak's roots held
tight as they fan out
underneath it's soil

or thrown away like
the ideas never finished
that had been written
on the paper made from
the trunk of that very tree

A secret is a child
trying to figure out
why mother had gone
never to return
and be graced by one
more second to spend
with her marvelous creation

or its is like
the delicate care
one mother will give
to her young, selflessly
letting them suck
away all her being
until there is nothing
left but a shriveled figure
that is her remnants.

© 2014 King Wolfe (Dylan A. King)

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enjoyed the imagery and contrast from the softness of the begining into the harshness of the end...good read

Posted 9 Years Ago

King Wolfe (Dylan A. King)

9 Years Ago

Thanks You
So simple and so amazing. Beautifully written

Posted 9 Years Ago

King Wolfe (Dylan A. King)

9 Years Ago

Thank you
Very lovely... what a secret can be, what it can hold. Many of these things you mention make me feel this particular secret is some love held close, waiting to be discovered by the careful observer. Not the type of secret that destroys, but the type that when revealed, is beautiful...

Posted 9 Years Ago

King Wolfe (Dylan A. King)

9 Years Ago

Thank you very much

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Last Updated on March 8, 2014
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King Wolfe (Dylan A. King)
King Wolfe (Dylan A. King)

Stokesdale, NC

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