Saving Grace

Saving Grace

A Poem by King Wolfe (Dylan A. King)

A "Guardian Angel"
something that is often rumored in existence,
Do we all have one?

I can say not that i know for sure they exist,
nor can be said they do not,
but I conflict with myself the meaning of some occurrences.

Be it circumstance,
Be it coincidence,
Be it a "Guardian Angel"

It can not be said with any certainty which, or which not
but I believe,
there is a chance, a sliver of a chance,
that there may be truth.

Upon looking at the past,
there have been in my life,
times of sorrow and despair,
when I was but mere seconds from the moment of reckoning,
inches from the grave, 
and I already had one foot in,
and none other than mine.

I was on a path of certain self-destruction,
when I was in a state of wondering if any hope remained.

Was there Hope?
For me…
at the time there was no way to know,
and had there been,
I would`ve been too blind to see the ivory light,
Was there Hope?


Waiting to catch even a glimmer of ivory,

I walked,

I remained,

bound by myself to stay on this path,
what is that I see down the length of my path?
the crossroads?
I knew not my path crossed another at this distance in my travel,
but here it was.
and faintly I hear voices,
and with increasing volume they tell me
give in, 
make a deal, 
strike a bargain,
start over with a new life,
but be cast out of the middle realm and
at length to the pits of hell.

but at a glance down the intersecting path,
what can be seen?
an ivory light!
faint but existent,
a light that was to be seen in the eyes of a helpful soul,
here to steal me from this path of inevitable doom,
leading only to the red hot iron bars of the gates to the fiery hell that awaited,
but at long last I encountered someone 
willing to halt my progress down this "Highway to Hell"
someone who found me,
and saw something in me worth saving,
and reached out to me to make it happen.

Be it circumstance,
Be it coincidence,
Be it a "Guardian Angel",

Few may agree,
and many more will disagree.
but I have found MY "Guardian Angel".

© 2015 King Wolfe (Dylan A. King)

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Added on November 28, 2013
Last Updated on August 13, 2015
Tags: Poem, Life, Help, Despair, Sorrow, Self-Destruction


King Wolfe (Dylan A. King)
King Wolfe (Dylan A. King)

Stokesdale, NC

I am a newly self-discovered poet from Winston-Salem, North Carolina and I created this page to share my work and hopefully become discovered enough to become published, well there you have it the r.. more..