I wrote this when I felt empty

I wrote this when I felt empty

A Poem by The second One

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I feel empty

I discovered that my life sucks.

I recently discovered it

Right now I have vacation

It’s terrible

Not that school is so much better,

Definitely not, school sucks.

But hating is still better than what I feel right now:



All I have to do at school is sit down and listen

There is no time to think about my empty and meaningless life.

And all I want is just to get rid of this empty feeling


I feel like nothing

I live my life day to day

Trying to ignore how meaningless and empty my life is.


I don’t feel like doing anything right now.

There’s nothing I want to do and nothing I don’t want to do

I just want to forget

I just want to forget how I am just another unique figure walking this earth

And I just want to forget how my life will be insignificant and long

And I just want to forget the fact that I’ll have to go on like this

And I just want to forget that my life is the same, every day is the same: always

And now I feel better.

I want this to never end

I want this to go on forever

I want my fingers to keep writing, to distract me from my empty and meaningless life!

I want to fill my head with words! With thinking about grammar rules and other boring stuff!

It is so much better than nothing! So much better than hours flying by without anything!

The world seems better now:

I’ll still be an insignificant little creature on this tiny rock in space,

My life will still be long and boring,

But if I can keep writing,

I can keep the feeling away

I can try to feel important, different and better,

Even though I know I’m not.

Even though my life will still be the same,

Even though my life is empty and meaningless…


© 2014 The second One

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The second One

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Added on October 18, 2014
Last Updated on October 18, 2014
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The second One
The second One

Amsterdam, Friesland, Netherlands

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