Chapter Six- An Eye For An Eye

Chapter Six- An Eye For An Eye

A Chapter by EncoreDeZiza

There's only one thing Richelle sees: Revenge.


No Rest For the Wicked
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Chapter Six
An Eye For An Eye

M scoffed, turning to Fae, “Can you believe that bullshit?”

“I think it’s cute!” Fae defended, watching the couple as Zane (still shirtless from sleep) flipped a pancake in the air.

“Unbelievable!” M yelled, “I’ll be at the pool,”

“Don’t drown!” Zane sang as M slammed the door behind her.

            M kicked off her shoes, and pulled off her over shirt. It was three AM and the pool was vacant, except for her, of course. She immaturely kicked all three items. She hated Zi, she really, really did. Not because of anything she did, no, it was because around Zi, Richelle didn’t act like she missed Iz. And she practically killed her! M kicked the shoe again, watching it dive into the water. Only it didn’t. There was no obnoxious splash noise, no stirring of the water. Curiosity peeked, M walked over to the edge of the pool, peering over. The face of a young girl popped up from literally no where and M screamed, jumping backwards before laughing hysterically. “I’m so sorry!” She breathed, “I didn’t see you in there…” The girl merely cocked her head to the side, but stayed mute. M mentally cursed herself, Richelle knew sign language, but M never really cared. That was around the time that Jar- She stopped herself. Why was she thinking? She never thought like,….. The sentence died off as she looked in horror at the pool, there were heads lining the side, just watching her, there were nearly forty, just sitting, watching. “I forgot something,” She lied with a nervous laugh, bending to scoop up her shoes. They continued watching as she slipped on her right, then left, fear was beginning to eat away at her gut. There was something about these creatures, these things…

            She turned then, going for her shirt when something grabbed her leg, she hit the cement hard, her head bouncing off the concrete. Not wasting anytime, she rolled, glaring up…. At… Nothing. There was nothing there. She sat up, looking over the pool. All the heads, gone. The room tripled before spinning as her adrenaline wore off, leaving her with nothing but pain. She needed to get to the room. She stood, grabbing her shirt, and slipping it over her head. She stumbled slightly, putting her hand out to reach for the wall she knew was somewhere to her right, but the room began spinning at an almost impossible speed, she focused, knowing it was all in her head. Right, Marzell, just go right. Panic began to spread through the cracks in her walls, Fear only charging straight into the walls, knocking them down. She felt a hot, red tear slip down her cheek as she tried to get down to her knees. She could crawl. That would be- Her thoughts were cut off as a strong, feminine arm hooked her leg, just like before. Exactly like before. Her heart pulsed in her head as she bit her lip. If they, whatever they were, were going to kill her, she wouldn’t scream. She ripped off her shirt and chucked it randomly, leaving one final clue, praying it’d be found while she still could be- But everything in her knew she’d die. She was going to die tonight. Right now.

            The arm jerked and she fell into the water, her eyes instantly burning- extra tender from the tears of blood. But she left them open, she would watch. As she was under, the bodies doubled, tripled, reached up to five times the forty from Land. They all pushed, shoved, and some even killed to get to her, to pull at her limbs. After a while, all M could do was try to breathe, but with no oxygen there was only one thing waiting for her. And she welcomed it with open arms. Laying at the bottom of the pool, the first attacker, the little girl from before, swam right up next to her face, and opened her abnormally wide mouth, revealing no teeth, whatsoever. She then took two fingers, taking out M’s left eye and canceling out part of her vision. She then stuck it in her mouth, and M watched, no longer caring, as she chewed. But part of her was dead, and the eye exploded, letting her spirit leave the earth. But she wouldn’t let go. She needed to make sure they got at least one good eye. They needed something to fight with.

            As she guessed, the girl exploded, as well as all the surrounding attackers, M’s black eyes spiraling to the heavens, and as she floated to the surface, she knew she had to go. So she placed a hand over her eye, using her non-existent energy to roll over, taking a deep breath, that resulting in coughing, hacking, and choking. But only until her eyes closed beneath her hand.


                        Richelle jumped up, screaming. Ashton was on top of her, his yellow eyes full of fear and sorrow. “It was just a dream!” He yelled, trying to over power her consistent screaming, “It was just a dream!”

She jumped, shoving him out of her way, “No it wasn’t!” She said, fear dripping from her tone. Ashton stood, walking over to her and walking her outside.

“We’ll go check on her, okay? Where was she?”






The pool was empty. And it smelled. Like fish. It was beyond disgusting. But when Zi’s eyes fell on Richelle’s weeping form along side the silhouette of a dead body, she felt only guilt for what she’d been thinking. She and Fae exchanged looks of remorse as Ashton filled them and Zane in on her dreaming history. Zi walked over, placing a hand on Richelle’s shaking shoulder. As soon as their flesh touched, Richelle stood, jaw set, and look at the group. “We’re going after the witch. We aren’t stopping till she’s dead. We leave at 4.” And with that, she walked off.

“Richelle-“ Ashton began, probably to tell her that it was past four,

“An eye for an eye!” She yelled over her shoulder as he hurried after her.

“Left the whole world blind,” Zi finished, looking back at Zane and Fae.



            The car ride was quiet. So quiet. They’d been driving for thirty six hours. The backseat seemed vacant without M’s constant complaining, the car itself seemed smaller, the stiff, unmoving air around them, suffocating to Zi’s very soul. No one had a said a single word in thirty six hours. Zane slept off and on, but Richelle remained awake, furiously driving, paying way too much attention to the road. Ashton didn’t sleep either, constantly awake, worrying, reading directions. The story was that they’d become ‘official’ on their date, but now it was barely shown,  shot down when brought up, and shoved off to the side like an old tethered rag. That, for some reason, was more sad than M’s death. It had been revealed by Richelle that the witch was, in fact, one of Zi’s former character’s that she’d tossed aside, but then that was all that was said. The occasional ‘sorry’ ‘mhm’ at gas stations or rest stops, but other than that? Not a sound. The radio wasn’t even playing in the background. It’d gotten so bad that Fae went and got her own car, following closely behind. Waiting.


            Zi’d been sleeping lightly off and on for a few hours before Ashton loudly declared they’d made their stop. “We’re stopping to get pop, anything with life, really.” He added, opening his door. Zi groaned before disgracefully falling from the car and onto the pavement.



“We’re getting pop,” Ashton scolded, but you could hear it in his voice. The fear. “What kind of pop would you like?”

“Rum.” She repeated before turning on her heal and offing. Probably to go find some. Ashton sighed. Zi forced a tight smile and looked up to see a red-headed beauty walking around with some guy up her a*s. “Where are we?” She quizzed.


She beamed, pulling back and shoving the cart full force. The woman innocently sidestepped, looking at some pasta, but the man had been looking at her and was caught off guard by the nearly full cart that just smashed into him. He gave an ‘oomph’ before bending over the cart, gripping onto the handlebar. Zi ran over immediately, “I’M SO SORRY! OH MY GOD!”

“Are you okay?” Zya asked, laughing hysterically at the unfolding scene before her.

“IT WAS MEANT FOR HER, I PROMISE!” Zi justified, waving her arms around frantically.

“Ziza?” Zya asked, Zi stood, forgetting the injured male.

“In the flesh,” She flashed a smile.

“Oh my God! Did you come to do my car?” Zya asked enthusiastically as she drew her older sister in for a hug.

Zi laughed, “No. I came to kill a witch.” There was a long silence as Zi scolded herself for opening her mouth, Zane, Ashton, and Fae emerged, Zane prying the male from the cart before distastefully tossing him aside as Fae took the wheel. “Well anyways, gotta go!” Zi dismissed, feeling beyond awkward. Without waiting for a reply, she shoved the cart and the group out into the store.

“What just happened?” Ashton commented as Richelle appeared from no where, adding her precious rum to the cart.







            “Anyone mind telling me why we’re here?” Zi pushed, stretching from her long nap.

“The witch’s here.” Richelle spat. The car became stiff, quiet.

“Ah, I see,” Zi murmured. “Where are we staying?”

“We’ve got a log cabin,” Ashton informed, “It’s next to a camping site; the witch is believed to live on the other side. We go in, we observe-“

“And then we burn the b***h.” Richelle confirmed. Ashton’s jaw clamped shut, Zi rolled her shoulders. The tension was getting slightly too stiff to bite, so she did what Zi did best, she opened the door and jumped out.


            To say surprise, was a definite understatement. Not because she jumped, no, Zi did stupid s**t all the time, but she was talking about Zane. Zane who’d so willingly leapt forward to try and catch her. Zane, the heartless, cold, thoughtless slayer, the man who rejected his own son, had tried to save her. Granted, she was the woman who gave him life, but it didn’t matter, not to Ariel. In her eyes, she had compition. Zane had to go.







            Three days. They’d been here three days. Richelle could feel it. Feel the witch, watching, practically breathing down their backs. She’d killed six innocent people out of pure paranoia. They only had a day before the locals tracked her to her very location. “…….Another one,” Ashton said, breaking her from her thoughts.


He sighed, “This anger is unhealthy. It doesn’t even count as anger anymore, it’s-“

“Cold- blooded vengeance.” Zi provided, Richelle glared fiercely at her and Richelle shrugged.

Ashton gave a sad nod, “She’s right, Love. Look what it’s done to you…”

“An eye for an eye,” Richelle spat, quoting herself. “That was my promise to M.”

“She wouldn’t want it,” Zane put in. “Not this way.”

“Who’s side are you on?!” Richelle yelled, jumping to her feet and slamming her hands down on the table, “We’re in this to win.”

“We’re trying to make the situation right,” Ashton corrected, “No one’s winning anything.” There was a silence, “Or operating out of blind rage.”

“I’m not enraged.”

Ashton drew a heavy breath, “When was the last time you looked at me?”

She cocked an eyebrow, “What is this?”

“The last time you actually looked at me, name it.”

“Right now.”

“No Richelle, looked.”

“Ashton…” She pleaded, desperation clear in her voice. It was her only emotion in days, but just as quickly as it came, it was gone. Her jaw set and she stood up, as stiff as a wall. An old, cranky, cement wall. “I don’t have time for this.” She growled through her teeth before turning sharply on her heal and stomping off. Ashton’s jaw flexed, he let out a long, heavy breath, bending his head and closing his eyes. Fae and Zi shared a look.

“I think FeeFee needs out,” Fae whispered as the crème colored cat jumped onto the wooden table, purring and rubbing against Fae, who’d taken marvelous care of her while Zi ran around like some crazed animal.

“Yeah…” She sighed, “I’ll take her. She can go in a bush or something, we wont be here long enough to buy cat litter.”  Fae nodded solemnly, Zi stood, Zane on her tail. She turned back on him, cocking an eyebrow as she scooped up FeeFee and held her to her chest. “What?”

“I’m coming,”

“I’m not stupid, I can walk into a yard.”

“You jumped out of a moving car today, that was pretty stupid.” She rolled her eyes before turning her back on him and walking out.

            She lowered FeeFee to the ground before letting her go; the cat meowed, rubbing against her legs before trotting off to a nearby bush and squatting. She was quite smart, actually… “How long have you had her?”

“Oh, about seven years. I’ve left her several places, she always finds me.”

“She’s really intelligent,” Zane commented.

“Thanks,” Zi replied, grinning. FeeFee looked up, meowing, Zi, stupidly, meowed back. Suddenly, FeeFee reared back, her back arching, ears flattening, hair-rising, she hissed at Zi before bolting out of the yard. “Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding me!”

“Nope,” She jumped at the deep, smooth voice to find none other than Hale. Hale. Her stomach twisted as she took him in. He was perfect, from head to toe, one of the characters she’d created. His black hair was tussled perfectly from bed, he wore jeans too low, exposing his bright red boxers, he wore a white dress-up shirt that was fitted on the arms and shoulders, while lose and open, she might add, on his stomach. He flashed her a wide smile and she felt her cheeks heat. She returned the gesture and that’s when she noticed something was missing. Richelle and Zane. She began looking around, before taking a step forward. She screamed, jumping out of her skin, as she looked down at Zane’s bleeding body. She opened her mouth, but found she was pulled to Hale, who covered her mouth. “Shhh,” He soothed, “You’re gonna be fine.” She focused on regulating her breathing, trying not to bring anyone else out here, he could and probably would kill them too. In a heartbeat. “I’m going to remove my hand, you need to come with me, quietly. Can you do that?” She nodded. He slowly removed his hand and she screamed, bolting for the door.

            She reached out, so close to the knob, but he body-slammed her into the porch, she sucked in a breath at the force of his block. He held a gun to the back of her head, putting his hand on her back and pushing her down the steps, and down an old, nearly covered, sand path. There was a little cottage there, and she swallowed. He was taking her to the witch. Directly to her. She’d probably eat her or something completely outrageous like that…





            “I’ll kill you!” Richelle screamed, her voice growing horse. “I’ll f*****g kill you!” She coughed then, blood spewing from her mouth.

The witch laughed, turning around in her desk and cocking her head, “I’m sure you will, sweetie. Took you a while to find me, huh?”

“Where are the others you filthy piece of s**t” Richelle spat, specks of blood flinging from her tongue as she spoke.

“Oh, they’re waiting.” She just glared, far from in the mood. “We need a decision, Richelle. Are you going to end up with Ashton or just ignore him when other matters surface?”

“What sick f*****g game are you playing?

“I don’t play with my food,” The witch informed, winking. The attic door opened then, revealing a devilishly handsome man, he was carrying a woman, in a white gown, over to the window seat and placed her down. Once she was situated to face Richelle’s general direction, he moved. Richelle’s posture stiffened, her chains rattling. Zi. “Or maybe I do…”

“If you even think about touching her…” She growled at the man, feeling her eyes brighten with the unspoken promise and her new-found adrenaline. “I’m coming after you, all of you.”

“You’ve been coming after us,” the witch pointed out, “How’s it worked for you?” Richelle tensed, breathing heavily from her nose. She needed to get a grip, Ashton was right, he was always right. God, she was an idiot. “I can see it in your eyes, you’ve decided.” The witch prodded, “What’s it going to be?”

“Go to Hell.”

“Mmmmm,” Zi groaned, slowly coming to consciousness, “Where-“ She stopped, her eyes zooming in on Richelle, they quickly snapped around the room, taking in their surroundings, weapons, exits- survival. 
”Ms. Blackburn!” the witch cheered, bowing at the waist, Richelle and Zi shared identical ‘What the f**k’ faces. “I’m so glad you’re here! Can I get you anything?”

“My friends, would be nice.” Zi spat, sitting up, she jumped at the shadow of the super tall dude. “Hale,” She breathed, he turned his head, waiting. “You’re so much better than this.” Zi encouraged, “Let us go. Do what’s right.” Hale’s jaw flexed, but he didn’t speak.

“You’re not a prisoner,” The witch informed, true confusion written all over her face. “Really? Because being ‘walked’ somewhere at gun point, having my friend killed, and another kidnapped… It all feels like a kidnapping...”

“I would never!” The witch gasped. “You’re a guest!”

“Am I?”

“Yes, of course! An honored guest!”

“Then do me a favor,” Zi instructed, standing.

“Yes, of course,” The witch gushed, “Anything!”

“Kill yourself,” Zi ordered, making Richelle smirk smugly at the shocked look on the lunatic’s face. Zi grabbed a sword conveniently hanging on the wall and swiped it through the air, Hale ducked and it struck the wall, she jerked it out, but he was already behind her. She swung, and he caught her arm, “I’ll help you.” He whispered, making the hair on the back of her neck stand. Still, she nodded. She ran forward, swinging at the witch as she backed up, away from the sword, still in shock. Hale got to work on the chains, Richelle just starred at him, like he’d grown a third head.

            She was freed, but refused to leave unless she was with Zi, suddenly the witch’s voice bellowed, making the room shake, “ENOUGH.” Zi’s sword caught fire and she dropped it as it began to melt and mold. She desperately looked back up at the witch, “You have taken my hospitality and thrown it back in my face,” She stated, “None of them saw it coming,” she chanted, “Full of grief from Richelle’s outburst, they didn’t smell the smoke or hear the crackle of flame lick up the wall-“

“What are you doing? What is she doing?!” Richelle panicked, stepping forward, Hale threw out his arm, blocking her.

The witch talked over them, “Fae was the first to notice, the gentle roar of her stomach summoned her form her thoughts, she stood, heading for the fridge, when she smelt something funny, peculiar, turning she jumped into Ashton who spat out a curse before spotting the wall. The fire had grown; smoke smothering the two as the fire reached for the table, it caught instantly. Ashton began to panic, running to the sink to grab a bottle of water, the container was white and unmarked, but he hadn’t the time. He popped off the lid and splashed it onto the wall and table, most dripping onto the floor. The smell of gasoline burnt the hairs on their noses; they looked at each other with nothing but fear as the fires raged.”

“NO!” Richelle yelled.

“Ashton panicked; Richelle would know what to do,” He thought, “Richelle always knows what to do. He turned to Fae, grabbing her arm as the fire blocked their exists.”

“NO! YOU F*****G-“ Hale blocked Richelle again, “Go to him. Stop it,” He whispered, “You can stop it.” She bolted down the stairs.

“’Jump!’ Ashton yelled over the crackle, “GO!” He shoved her out and Fae stumbled, fire licking up her arm. She swallowed, looking back at Ashton. He just shooed her away, so she went, bumping into everything, only spreading the fire, she finally reached the porch, her breathing ragged. Oh God, oh God, oh God. No, no. It couldn’t end like this, witch or no witch, this wasn’t right, this wasn’t just- Her thoughts were interrupted as the fire hit electrical wiring and it blew.

            “Richelle seemed to evaporate from thin air, “FAE!” She screamed, Fae coughed but pointed into the building, He was dead, he had to be dead. “GO!” She yelled as Richelle stalled, glancing around the smoky yard, it was difficult, the smoke was thick and black, she couldn’t even see Fae, but she could feel her. Ashton, she couldn’t feel Ashton. Her gut dropped and she charged into the fire, “ASHTON!” She yelled. If he was dead, so was she, because the witch was right, she had made her decision.” Zi nodded at Ashton, who moved with silent grace to her other side. “She blinked through her tears, glancing around the area cautiously. The fire had transported her into what seemed to be a meadow. Her eyes didn’t remain on the scenery for long, she’d spotted a young woman next to the water, and made her way over, ‘Excuse me? Have you seen a tall man? Blonde hair, green eyes?’ she asked kindly, trying to show approximately where Ashton’s head would be. The woman shook her head before turning to the water and smiling. Another arm came up, and she grabbed it, heaving up a random man. Richelle turned away, confused and flustered. She froze then when she spotted Ashton watching her. ‘Ashton!’ She celebrated, running up to him, ‘Oh God, Ashton! I thought I’d-‘ Carefully, he pealed her off of him, his formally green eyes completely yellow, his face began to twist, mold and melt. Richelle just watched horrified. “Do I know you?” He asked, his voice much higher on the word ‘you’. Richelle’s mouth dropped, it was her. The girl from the water side. She turned, but two bodies were floating in the water, she looked back at female Ashton before running to the water, bending at the knees and flipping the female body over. She sucked in a shocked breath, it was her. Richelle. She was looking at her own body… She reached for the other one, just to clarify, make sure it was true. Unfortunately, it wasn't her hand that reached out, but a big, masculine one, startled, she fell into the water, flailing her limbs as the water closed in, she could sense it, death. She began screaming, “ASHTON! ASHTON!” But he wasn’t there, only a stranger. A woman, who cocked her head robotically before walking over to the waters edge and kneeling, she just watched, calmly, as Richelle was carried down stream, the currents seemed to get stronger, louder, more powerful. Dread settled into the pit of her stomach. Waterfall.” The witch smirked then, looking to where Zi had stood moments ago, “’You see what happens when you mess with the script?’ the witch quizzed-“


“She was cut off as Zi’s metal bat collided with the back of her head,” Zi’s voice boomed throughout the attic, the witch spun, but the bat hit her, as promised, sending her falling limply to the floorboards. “Hale didn’t hesitate to toss the propane,” She added and he did just that. “The witch didn’t finish the story, she didn’t make a single sound as she watched Zi grab the Zippo, she didn’t move or make any snarky remarks, she just lay there, waiting for death.” She smiled down at the witch, who was paralyzed, before nodding to Hale who walked over and grabbed the laptop, showing that it was typing everything that was said, it had it all, beginning to end. “’Game over’ Zi informed before dropping the lighter and bouncing back.” Hale headed to the stairs, and Zi followed, “As the wooden floors caught and the room lit up, two silhouettes, male and female, descended the stairs, barely making it outside of the building before the whole thing blew.” With that, she gestured for Hale to shut it off, so he did, saving the changes, and then they looked at each other, and took off running. Finished, they reached the bottom floor, inches from the door. They took a moment to glance at each other, giving each other encouraging looks, they ran for the flaming door.


© 2013 EncoreDeZiza

Author's Note

Okay, so, that's it. I'll be posting the Sequel: Burning Inside the Black soon, and then eventually I'll get to my Bleeding Roses series which is more humor, and fantasy than anything. It's about a band. It's super cute. Lol, and it's my baby, so be nice. Especially to Zane because he is mine and he is sexy. lol- and thanks for reading all the way to the end, you are seriously an amazing creature.

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