Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Broken Wings

There are only three rules to this life:
1. Hunt or be hunted
2. Fight or die
3. Watch your back cause someone is always following you.

So Michael and I have been at this for awhile, fighting off the queens people. For some reason they are always after us. They say we possess some type of power, that we're special. But so far me and my partner haven't found anything "magic" about us. Except the fact that we can steal and fight like nobodies business.

Anyways, Michael and I have been fighting off the royal guards for around eight years now. I was eight when I started fighting with Michael, and he was eleven when he started fighting with me. Our journey has been long and and hard, and sadly we haven't come to the end of our journey yet. But I'm sure all this work will pay off.

Chapter one Hope's pov

"Hey let's just stop and take a break for now." Michael said as we kept trudging up the mountainside.

"No." I said bluntly as I kept walking "we need to make it to the top before sunset." I kept walking on.

Soon Michael stopped so I stopped a few feet in front of him, "why the hell did you stop?!" I turned around and glared at him.

"I need a break and I'm going to take one with or without you!" He growled back at me.

"Fine! We'll take a break!" I stomped off and sat under a tree.

"Oh it looks like someone forgot to take her nap." He teased.

"Shut up curly top!"

"Baby face!"

"A*s for brains!"


"Well at least I'm not as dumb as you!" I shouted back

" least I'm not as ugly as you!" He shouted the words and they came at me like daggers. I never thought hearing those words would hurt so much. Sure I knew I wasn't as pretty as the other girls, but was I really ugly?

My head sunk and a tear slowly trickled down my cheek. "I'm going for a walk..." I got up and started walking to the west.

"Wait...Hope please stop...I didn't mean it..." He said in a sweet tone.

"I know...I just need to clear my head..." I stated and walked off.
Michael's pov

"God what did I just do?" I sunk to the floor knowing I had done something completely wrong to Hope. Sure she was being a bit pissy but I still had no right, and how could I possibly blame her for acting the way she does? I mean she has been running and fighting her whole life, and everyone tells us we are special, we have magical gifts, we are the ones to save them all. That's a lot of stress to put on us. I know it's hardest for her though.
Hope doesn't talk about her past often, but I'll go ahead and tell you guys about it.

So she was about two I believe when the queens men took both of her parents. She and her two brothers had been safely hidden in the barn at the time, but she had peeked out and watched her parents be dragged away. She decided then she would free those who had been wronged by the queen.

Her brothers were quite a bit older than her, Tyler was fifteen at the time and her other brother Leon who was seventeen when their parents were taken from them. As soon as the queens men had left she looked at her brothers seriously and said "I am going to beat the queen...I am going to get strong and beat her." Her brothers knew they would have to help her.

Fiver years later she was very handy with a sword and dagger. She knew how to thrust the the dagger and the right angles to slice at with her sword. She was more talented than anyone, but that didn't stop Tyler from doing the unspeakable to her. He actually raped his own little sister, after how much she had trusted him, after how much he knew she depended on him. Leon sadly wasn't home that night, he had went out to hunt.

When he came home he called for Hope, but no answer. He then asked Tyler where she was and he said he didn't know. So he walked up to her room and saw her laying there her clothes ripped, she had bruises all over and was bloody. He could tell exactly what happened. He ran down the stairs to where Tyler was sitting and yelled at him, all Hope could hear was thing breaking. She knew she couldn't stay any longer.

She went to her closet and put her black shirt and put her brown leather vest over that. She then found a pair of her mothers old black leather pants in the closet. She wore them when only Hope was home. She put the pants on and they fit like a gloved. She then put on her boots and tied them up. She grabbed her dagger and secured it to her inner right ankle and she slung her sword over her back. She crawled out her window and began to walk. Not knowing what she was looking for or where she was going.

And that's where I'll stop for now, trust me stuff gets more interesting from here. I faintly smiled remembering everything that happens after that.

© 2013 Broken Wings

Author's Note

Broken Wings
Okay chapter one! Hope you guys like it :3

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Broken Wings
Broken Wings

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