Random rant

Random rant

A Story by Broken Wings

This is going to be like nothing I've said. Would've never seen myself saying this but you know lets go for it right? So apparently I'm stupid, dumb, idiotic, etc. and the dickhead of a guy says I need to stop being stupid. Sorry if I'm not the smartest person. Anyways that's not even the worst part. Said dickhead broke up with me for my worst enemy. And just grrr.

Yea sorry there is no point in this but there ya go guys hah.

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men are dicks, because they have dicks. men are p*****s, because they love said extremity. women i know little enough about to add to this remark/review as i'm not one, just thought i'd share.
p.s. you're not stupid, ignorangt perhaps as the word is used, for it has been used to describe me as the definition goes saying is simply means unknowing or unaware of certain facts as of yet, though it still sounds offensive. nonetheless, you're not any more stupid than me. in fact i find you quite clever.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Broken Wings

9 Years Ago

Only at times.

9 Years Ago

I feel the same way :( lol=:)
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Leave it to the internet to be the best place to vent to strangers. It's somehow comforting, like it releases the built up tension. I was in a similar place about a year ago, girly. HE's the stupid one. Keep your chin up and good luck. =)


Posted 9 Years Ago

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Broken Wings

9 Years Ago

Hah thanks

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Broken Wings
Broken Wings

Minot , ND

Hey umm I'm courtney. I'm one of those that no matter how many times you tell her she's pretty she won't believe it. Well on here no one knows me so I can put my heart out there. I feel music, writing.. more..