A Story by Mehak Mushtaq

Waking up from the dreams that we wish were real is the most heartbreaking thing ever. Your long longed for reality is finally a reality all night long and then, a garbled memory that happens and never un-happens completely. But, what is worse is the doubt that you're left with after being caught up in a mayhem of continuous 'waking ups' from your little actualities. Questioning reality over and over again just because an uninvited knowledge tells you that such an awfully real happiness does not belong to the reality.  Who reads our foolish mind? I don't know but whoever it is, he's a little cruel.


"You, beloved, are dream-like. A beautifully morose dream and I might, for once, doubt that you are but never can I ever doubt that you are for me. But you, darling,  are like a promise of a summer that stays and like a day that never breaks. You are like an early spring in a hot winter morning. Those eyes you have, those lovely green eyes, they are my reality. I think I would have loved them the same even if they were blue* and may be, even more and how I wish I could dare to look into them for a long while. Your laughter does ring a bell almost as if, I have heard you before, not in this time, not in this life. I've felt your heartbeat and it arouses and makes me feel again every good feeling I've ever had. And the best part is to get to have to spend a little part of my life listening to you breathing and falling asleep. That is so much of a blessing, that is so much of everything that it is (so) hard to believe. The day I looked into your soul and almost found my heart there, I felt misfit in my own body. Like, the rest of me either didn't belong with me. I am so, so afraid, afraid that there might be another waking up from this dream but that won't ever stop me, ever, from trying to pull you out of all the mirrors and dream you into life 'cause I am so tied to you that if this is a dream, waking up would mean tearing away the heart from my chest and leaving it there with you."


I couldn't really write my heart out. There's so much that I feel and so much that needs to be explained but I'm afraid I'll stop making sense. 
















© 2014 Mehak Mushtaq

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Mehak Mushtaq

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Added on July 4, 2014
Last Updated on July 4, 2014


Mehak Mushtaq
Mehak Mushtaq

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Assalam-u-alaikum. Mehak, from Kashmir, India. I got introduced to Writer's cafe just two years, ago, I'm 18, now. Like colors, life is an illusion, too. Look inside of you, the devil you hide, the.. more..

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